There is only one man in this world who does not love ambiguous

Girlfriend small fennel night to call, she was on the phone head broke down in tears:
“I quarreled with my boyfriend, and I went out with pajamas and slippers, and even the wallet had forgotten, and now I was drinking the northwest wind on the street! Can I live in your house tonight?
I quickly said: “Well, you hurry to make a car to my house, I go to the door to pick you up, the fare I help you pay.
Put down the phone, I hurried out from the bed, rummaging through to find that long to the ankle of the blue and blue down jacket, then rush to pick up the wallet, sprint speed to the cell door toward the door.
In the cold of the night, waiting for fifteen minutes, the fennel from a yellow and green taxi in the panic down, his face tears, eyes are swollen swollen.
I ran quickly, put the down jacket on her, pay the fare, arms around her shoulder, slowly go home
Along the way, we are very understanding, no one speak. I just clutched her cold hand tightly and wanted to give her some warmth and strength.
Back home, I directly to the whole body cold and cold, lips frozen purple fruiting into the bed, gave her a cup of hot milk, holding the hot milk that moment, fennel could not help but burst into tears, Soybeans big tears like a broken line of beads, Pata Patai fall into the milk cup.
I clutched her tightly and asked, “What happened to the end? Is not that immediately going to get married?”
Small anise edge crying that she accidentally see her boyfriend old Yang’s cell phone text messages, he actually sent to the first love message: “I’m sorry, I could not help but start to miss you.
The most disgusting is that the cheap woman also returned the message: “I also miss you, my dear!”
Then, she spent a afternoon time, the two slut WeChat, microblogging and QQ turned overturned, the dog men and women actually interact more frequently than her. This is clearly offended before marriage!
I suddenly stopped the furious anise: “not right! Lao Yang’s first love is not you fennel? From high school has been catching up to your university graduation, you are really hurt the sea, the sun and the moon can be Kam, can not casually Derail it! ”
Small anise evil said fiercely, I also recently learned that he was chasing me before, but also crush on a green tea bitch, that woman is particularly cold, has not taken care of him, so I turned back to catch me. Lao Yang said that since the high school group announced the news of our marriage, the green tea bitch began to find a variety of reasons hook him.
I could not help but comfort the fennel, it is estimated that the old Yang is to make up for the puberty before marriage regret, talk about the show, playing ambiguous only, will not really cheer!
Small fen eyebrows looked at me: “Do you think playing ambiguous, chatting is not betrayal? This is clearly the spirit of derailment! You do not often say that the affair is like a cockroach, you caught one, there are thousands Hiding in the corner, so an infidelity is not.

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I laughed and said: “Honestly, I am also very opposed to ambiguous, but ten years of feelings, you really easy to put it? In all fairness, old yang to you really want to wait for Lafayette nothing. And he broke up, find one, you can be sure he will be 100% loyal to you?
Small fen staring at a pair of innocent eyes, face disappointed to ask me, is this the world is not absolutely loyal to the feelings of a good man, for the beloved woman refused all the ambiguous it?
Honestly, it is difficult for me to answer the question of fennel, because I am not sure whether this world is in the end,

 Ambiguous and IQ also have a relationship?
The final fennel or Lao Yang broke up.
She blushed to me that she was a stubborn girl who had a feeling of being reluctant to your eyes and could not be in her eyes. She can not stand any form of betrayal, even if only ambiguous
She believes that the world must have a man like her, like the feelings of loyalty.
She vowed to wait until that refused for her all the ambiguous man.
But this world, in the end there is no ambiguous men do not play it?
I do not know.
I am a very real person, the hearts of a question, we must understand clearly, will let go.
So with this problem, I went to ask a lot of men. They have said that in their eyes and chat with the girl, not derailed, so most of the time, they will be the name of “friends” under the banner and the girls who talked about their lives, talk ideal, revealing the voice. Once found by his girlfriend will be confidently said: “We are just friends, chatting a day only, and consequently did not do.
In fact, there is no pure friendship between men and women. The friendship between the opposite sex is above the friends, lovers less than the ambiguous state.
When I cast this question to the female friends, they immediately opened Tucao mode, vocal opposition to the various ambiguous behavior of men.
Say that rabbits do not eat nest grass, but the ambiguous object of men are often friends circle of women or female colleagues, and their usual ambiguous trick, usually step by step. From the microblogging, friends circle interaction to the night to chat, and slowly feel that meet each other, have a good impression, especially talk to, in the end, each other photos, voice and video, and finally developed into underground or artillery.
If the beginning of the chat stage was found by his girlfriend, they will be very innocent, friends circle a zan, WeChat chatting day only, as fuss, on the line on the line?
But some men are particularly cheap, do not give their girlfriend comment point zan, and never in the circle of friends and microblogging published girlfriend photos and any information, but hand cheap to go to other women attentive zan, comment, WeChat early in the evening please please.
What is this ambiguous?
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Like that network hot words that show no love is to give others the opportunity to stay.
When the man in the friend circle pseudo-single, nothing more than to the side of the single women issued an ambiguous signal: “I single, seeking contacts!”
Women are a kind of natural lack of sense of safety of animals, if you really fall in love with a person they will become sensitive and suspicious, tentacles, jealous, a little bit, a little hypocritical, they can not wait for all the women of the boyfriend phone directory As imaginary enemy, anxious to delete all of them were assured.
But the world really have a man in order to give each other enough sense of security, and the phone address book in the women all deleted, into the opposite sex insulator it?
Have! Estimated not on earth, you can go to Mars on the luck.
In the earth, 10 men, 7 silly, 8 stay, 9 bad, there is a love for everyone, so that the eleventh man is definitely “Mars man”!
Fortunately, go round, turn a hundred thousand back, the fennel really met a “Mars man”, and the other is still a handsome gold tyrant.
No wonder there will be psychological experts say, the higher the IQ of the couples on duty, the higher the loyalty. According to the research survey shows that: IQ of 100 or more people out of the rate of only 10%, while the IQ below 96 in the derailment rate reached more than 70%.

Because the IQ of men are mostly mature and rational, standing on the other side of the problem, so they can resist the temptation of the outside world.
They look at the problem is comprehensive, far-reaching, they will weigh the risks of affair and the impact of life, because they can better control and restrain their ability.

I only have to leave your stubborn, but did not forget your strength.
Fennel and her “Mars Man” is known at the party of friends.
At that time, small anise free romance did not take long, the mood is particularly low, in order to let her out of the pain of romance as soon as possible, a friend told her to go out happy.
That friend meeting is in a very style of the cafe, we went to know later, the boss Mr. Wen is their high school alumni, high school science and technology, high school after graduation directly went to Canada to finance. After returning home, opened a theme cafe.
That day, the companions of the sisters on Mr. Wen showed great interest, enthusiasm and he chatted about high school when the interesting.
Only the silence of the fennel, has been lonely looking at the square outside the fountain on the square in a daze, her frowned eyebrows seems to be filled with thoughts.
Mr. Wen to see the sad look, do not make the powder of the fennel, the heart can not help but burst into layers of waves.
To be honest, fennel is not the kind of amazing beauty, but quiet and elegant, intellectual full, faint eyebrows in the white skin against the background is fresh and pleasant, belonging to the kind of very beautiful temperament beauty.
Oblique shot 45 ° sunshine, gently sprinkled on the side face of the fennel, all this, the beautiful like a picture, so that Mr. Wen intoxicated.
Mr. Wen side casually replied to friends of the problem, while pretend to use inadvertently with the light watching the fennel.
All this, little fennel did not notice that her thoughts have long been flying to high school during her hot pursuit of the old Yang who, when the old Yang was so good for her, then every time she rushed Help her work, put a little penny filled with love words covered her desk.
University, the two off-site love, Lao Yang almost every day to give fennel four or five hours of telephone, for which he every day to live frugally, a month of food costs compressed to 100 dollars, the rest The money is brought and the fennel pot talk porridge.
University of a graduate, in order to be able to and fennel together, Lao Yang to test the small fen home of civil servants.
Later, small anise can not stand the boring life of small cities, want to go to Beijing Kaoyan continue to study. Lao Yang did not say anything, quit the work of civil servants, followed by a small fennel to Beijing, every day desperately overtime, and strive to make money for small fennel research.
Fennel really can not figure out, born honest old Yang, how could other women say “I love you”, he loves himself, how and other women will play ambiguous. Also made such a disgusting photo.
The thought of here, small anise nose sour, can not help but red eye socket.
In order not to be seen by others, she quickly bowed his head, picked up the phone, made a circle of friends: I only leave your stubborn, but did not forget your strength.
All this is Mr. Wen panoramic view.

Man, style, fashion, alone one person, male color, male male, BL, Europe and the United States, tough guy, masculine man

Does the man refuse all ambiguous to die?
Since then, Mr. Wen has often invited various fennel for various reasons to go to his cafe to attend various classmates. In fact, only three or four people each time a small party only.
Fennel never thought that this handsome subordinate brother and what their own disputes.
Until one day, small fennel found that good classmate party, in fact, only two of them. Mr. Wen hastily find an excuse to say: “We are all about it!”
When Mr. Wen carefully to the big white people exposed voice, the small fenyi righteously refused his confession.
Feni know, around the gentleman around the Yingying Yan Yan there are a lot of them ring fat Yan thin, dressed up every day gorgeously dressed, begging handsome multi-gold Mr. Wen more glance, a lot of opportunities to marry giants.
Mr. Wen as a result of work, often attend some entertainment, inevitably have to contact some of the enchanting sexy girl, and Mr. Wen friends circle of rich children, many are harem three thousand. This makes the small fennel is not a sense of security, as the saying goes, near the author of the red ink near the black. This is often walking in the river, how can not wet shoes?
After the friend was informed of the reasons for being rejected, Mr. Wen and the fennel for a very deep conversation.
Mr. Wen to his small fen talked about his childhood, in his memory, the father is always endless entertainment, every night drunk drunk home.
The mother alone is muffled all day long, often secretly crying.
Although the father of the cause more and more successful, but accompany them less and less time, which makes him very eager to warm the family.
From the sensible, Mr. Wen secretly swear, if married after a child, must be accompanied by family, to love and children enough love and security.
So, when he first saw the gentle and kind of fennel, the bright sunshine sprinkled on her, so that his heart was very warm, as if to see their own home, waved in their own. That is, at that time Mr. Wen in the bottom of my heart that this is the rest of his life with the other half.
On the fenyi worried by friends with bad, Mr. Wen vowed to say that he is a friend in the circle is a heterogeneous, never and those who have ulterior motives to play. He knew very well that the real girl was lying in bed at night, or chasing the TV series, and occasionally slept. Who will and a group of big men in the entertainment place to laugh ah!
Over the years, he looked around friends, every day in a different woman around the shuttle back and forth to enjoy the left side of the right to hold the blessing of the people, but in the end but playing with fire self-immolation, wife lover every day a variety of tear, No peace. Finally, physically and mentally exhausted, to grasp the bad balance, in the end to the basket of water a blank, and even hard business business has also been affected, from the cause of slump,
Mr. Wen foolishly said to the small fennel, in order to advise the brothers back to the shore, he also deliberately studied the face and men and women get along the feng shui.
Say that men are afraid of the wrong line, the woman afraid to marry the wrong Lang, in fact, men are more afraid to marry his wife! A good woman can be three generations, when a man began to derail, and bad women playing ambiguous time, that is, when he began to run back.
Finally, in order to let the small fen thorough peace of mind, Mr. Wen to the phone address book all the women are all removed. Fennel know, both moved and surprised, could not help but ask him, why do this? Really willing to give her a small tree to give up the whole forest?
Man, style, fashion, alone one person, male color, male male, BL, Europe and the United States, tough guy, masculine man

Mr. Wen said firmly: “love a person will give her enough sense of security, since I am determined to marry you, then the other sex does not have any meaning to me, since they will only keep you catch, It is better to remove all, so that you peace of mind!
“I really decided to marry me?” I said, “I have a lot of shortcomings.”
Mr. Wen said with a smile: “Although the shortcomings of your body as the stars, but kindness this advantage is like a beautiful sun, the sun came out, the stars are gone.
Now, the fennel and Mr. Wen have been married for seven years, with a five-year-old lovely daughter, seven years, Mr. Wen for the small fen turned off all the unnecessary entertainment, concentrate on doing a good job.
Mr. Wen’s good buddy children often jokingly asked him, men refused all ambiguous will die?
will not.
Will live well

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The high salary was scary, and the huge civil service ended up with the richest dynasty in China.

As the richest dynasty in Chinese history, the Song dynasty began to respect the scholar’s fighters from the founding emperor Zhao Kuangyin. During the Song Dynasty, the civil service team mighty, the treatment was so absurd – the prime minister’s monthly salary of about 600,000 yuan, the wages of low-level civil servants also reached 25,000 / month! Welfare is not to say: basic necessities of life are almost all taken care of. Not only that, retired veteran cadres actually can “promoted”!

But is that really okay?

From the mysterious rules of Zhao Kuangyin

Chen Qiao station soldiers changed two years later, one day, has been expensive for the emperor Zhao Kuangyin ordered, people in the temple temple of a chamber in the legislation set up a stone tablet.

Chamber of Secrets were sheltering tightly, the key by the custody of the person, usually no one inside the entry. Only the temple held a sacrifice or the new emperor ascended the throne, only to allow two people to enter the watch: one is the emperor, one is the lead eunuch.

More intriguing is that the lead eunuchs allowed to enter the chamber must be illiterate – can not literally!

People guess, this piece of stone must be engraved with what can not tell the secret.

Until the Jingkang change, the Jin people occupied the Northern Song Dynasty capital Bianliang, open the mysterious house, the mystery was opened – this piece of high seven or eight feet, four feet wide stone, engraved with such a three Words:

“To protect the descendants of Chai, do not kill the doctor, do not add farmland Fu.”

► Zhao Kuangyin Jiangshan is captured from the hands of Zhou Chai, according to the general law, should Chrysler fooled to avoid future trouble, but he is very interesting, not only do not do their own, but also ask the children to take care of the whole;

► A Wu Wu Zhao Kuangyin, carry forward the “ancient prisoners” of the “fugitive”, respect for the intellectuals;

► Let the people recuperate and not compete with the people.

Later, this monument is called “vows”, these three words known as “Le stone three ring”.

Zhao Kuangyin’s central idea is: I have put aside the world, you do not have to do these people toss, and are safe and secure production, engage in construction it!

Song Dynasty civil servants of the beautiful era of this start.

Officials are arrogant and dare to provoke the emperor

Zhao Kuangyin when the emperor, like to take a slingshot bird.

Once, the old Zhao is playing in the head, a few ministers said there is an urgent need to see, had to put away the slingshot.

However, he heard the fire: you say that thousands of urgent, can report are some small things, but also delay I fight birds!

The emperor was angry. According to routine, under the people who must quickly kneel down apology, slow a beat may be moving head! But the Song Dynasty civil servants do not follow the common sense of the card, as the lead brother of the long-term “Chongni”, they are cattle, dare to talk back:

“Chen thought that these things are not trivial, at least worse than the birds, right?”

Old Zhao this anger a channeling three feet, do not speak, easily picked the edge of an ax, with the ax handle destroyed the minister of the two teeth.

The minister did not call the pain, immediately lying on the ground to find teeth. Found, directly into the pocket.

Zhao is still not gas: “You hug a tooth to do, do not want to leave evidence to tell me not?”

The man who was playing full of teeth to find teeth, calmly replied:

“I will not tell you, but I will take it to the historian, and they may have written you into my book.”

Old Zhao ignorant, not only hurry to apologize, but also reward a large gold and silver cloth to comfort.

In fact, not only the emperor of the emperor had a good respect for the intellectuals, and his successors were very good at it.

It is easy to be an official

In the Song Dynasty, want to be an officer is easy, a lot of opportunities.

Tang Dynasty Zhenguan officials of the total number of about 7,000 people; Ming Hongwu period officials are more powerful, but only about 3 million people.

Song Taizu, the total number of officials is about 5,000 people, Song Zhenzong increased to more than 9000 people, Song Renzong when there are more than 17,000 people, to Song Huizong, up to more than 48,000 people!

The number of officials increased significantly, which means that the imperial examinations move.

Tang Dynasty about a year to enter the Jinshi more than 30 people, the Ming about 100 people / year, the Qing Dynasty less than 100 people / year.

How much is the Song Dynasty? The two Songs in 319, total enrollment of 115,427 people, an average of 361 people each year!

Some of the emperor put the admission criteria put a wider, such as Song Taizong, reigning 21 years recorded a total of about 10,000 people, an average of about 500 people each year.

In other words, in the Tang Dynasty, would like to test the official officer, must be admitted to the top 30; living in Song Taizong period, as long as the test into the top 500 on the line.

Not only that, the Song also engaged in a “trick”, used to take care of those who did not try long, the saying goes is “dwarf pull a big one.” Through this channel to become Jinshi, as many as 50,352 people, an average of 157 people per year. Moreover, the court of these pull out of the “big” is very good, the same treatment with the general Jinshi.

Some people say that tens of thousands of officials of the team, not too much ah!

Here is only the “official”, not including “official” and “service”, in ancient times, these three are strictly different:

▷ “official” is the court registered senior civil servants, must be investigated, the imperial examination and other “right way”;

▷ “official” is not the grade of civil servants (“water travel” in the charge of the Song Jiang, infantry all the first Wu Song, charge of the class Dai Zong, infantry all thunder, imprisoned Yang Xiong, horse soldiers are the first Zhu Tong, are Head Li Yun, six cases of Confucius Pei Xuan, who are the identity of “officials”);

▷ “service” is lower than official, usually in the official office to do some chores.

Song Dynasty, a large county, but four or five “official”, a small county only two or three, and officials, servants are dozens or even hundreds of people ranging.

According to this ratio, a little count down to know, the Song Dynasty civil service lineup mighty!

Too much
How is it done?

Want to be too many people, and the job is limited.

Song Dynasty all official positions are granted, often a few people at the same time guarding a position (unlike some dynasties to implement the “out of the system”, that is, a post only the location of the people left behind the people can make up), officer Do not know what to do, this phenomenon is very common in the Song Dynasty.

As a result, the court thought of additional posts,

Song Shenzong when an official called Wang Gui, his whole work is: on the temple waiting for the “imperial edict”, the emperor made a decision to “collar imperial edict”, after the DPRK told the following people to do, called ” ” Therefore, people sent nicknamed “three purposes”.

Additional job can not solve the big problem, then add institutions.

Since the Wei and Jin Dynasties, the basic structure of the central government is “three provinces and six systems”, the Song Dynasty on this basis, the new Privy Council armed forces, but also set the Secretary for the world tax.

More local institutions. The beginning of the country is only equivalent to the provincial level of the 15 “road”, then gradually increased to 26, each additional administrative area, it is necessary to add a team.

“Road” at this level of the team, respectively, set up to appease, transfer to, to raise the punishment according to the police, to mention the regular level so that 4 sets, each other level, divided soldiers, wealth, justice, rescue.

Moreover, the assessment of officials is also very loose.

Every 4 years assessment once, as long as qualified to be promoted. Song Renzong later changed to 3 years, which means that we promoted faster.

The treatment was so absurd

Song Dynasty senior civil service wage level is generally 6 times the Han Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty 10 times!

We look at their income structure, generally divided into three parts:

Release form
Basic wage
Kind of welfare
Aya, cotton, silk, Luo and other things
Living allowance
Lu Su

In addition, each month can also receive the amount of different “meal supplement” and Chaihe, hay.

For example, the basic salary of the prime minister is about 300 per month, the welfare of Linga 40, silk 60, cotton 100 two, Luo 1, plus grain 100 stone.

According to the Song Dynasty’s general price conversion, his monthly income of 500, that is, 500,000 money, at that time can buy a good rice 120,000 pounds.

According to the current slightly better rice prices (10 yuan / kg) calculation, the Song Dynasty prime minister’s monthly salary plus benefits, about 600,000 yuan today!

The level of relatively low officials, treatment is also quite good. The lowest level of basic salary of 20 officials, equivalent to the current monthly salary of 25,000! The other two gaps are not big, only about 4 times the difference.

Not only in the reign of high salaries, after retirement, these veteran cadres can also receive full wages!

And, festivals, the relevant government departments have to come home condolences, are not empty to go, to take the “year-old”.

In addition, the Song Dynasty has an unprecedented “retirement cadres promotion policy”: officials can also be at home after retirement and then promoted. Of course, is not a real job, but disguised retirement benefits.

There is a man named Zhang deposit minister, retired fifteen years, from the “retired ministerial minister” was promoted to “retired ministerial minister”, take the minister’s retirement salary.

High salary raised a “corrupt heaven”

In accordance with the “high salary and honesty” of the truth, the Song Dynasty officials holding the unprecedented, after no one to the high salary, honest and honest seems to be natural.

However, high salaries did not stop corruption, corrupt officials.

History of the famous Song Dynasty big corrupt officials such as Ding said, Wang Qinruo, Cai Jing, Qin Hui, Jia Sidao, Tong Guan, Gao, Zhang Jun, Liu Guang Shi … …

Looking through the “Water Margin”, we see that the corruption of the Song Dynasty has been deep into every corner of society, there are big greed, under a small greed, people complain to the point where they can not suppress.

Wait until the reign of Emperor Huizong, corruption has become a common phenomenon can not help, Cai Jing, Wang, Tong Guan, Liang Shicheng, Li Yan, Zhu Jian, Yang Jian, Gao and other corrupt officials overbearing, can not be.

Song Ren Li Xin concluded: clean officials accounted for only 10%, the remaining 90% are corrupt officials.

Song Dynasty has become a “corrupt heaven” – “high salaries” of the negative textbooks.

In fact, scared to death of contemporary high salaries, but to help up the officialdom of extravagant wind:

► poor scholar born Lu Mengzheng, when the high officer later, like the chicken tongue soup, drink a soup will kill hundreds of chickens;

► a generation of the name of Kou Zhun, at every turn at home banquet, seats must use a special giant candle, bright like the day;

► Hanlin Bachelor of Pu Mengzong, his family meal, often also to kill ten pigs.

Rich and busy officials, often poems Fu “sun happiness”, one of the most famous works is Mr. Ouyang Xiu’s “drunkard Pavilion mind.”

Efforts to collapse the finances and strength,
Officials are afraid of death

Easy to test, easy to get office, work leisure, welfare is also so incredible!

If you can through, I also want to return to the Song Dynasty official.

However, this is not good for the country: the money is not enough money to spend money.

Song dynasty was very rich, the court’s annual revenue peak has reached 160 million, about 160 million, the average annual also about 100 million.

Note: the middle of the Tang Dynasty is prosperous, but the financial income is only 3000 to 40 million two, the Ming Dynasty bank less, often only a few million two.

Song fiscal revenue growth is also very fast, but then no official team expansion and official income growth rate.

The early years of the Song Dynasty, Song Renzong reign (1022 – 1063) fiscal revenue of only 39 million or so, when the official pension expenditure accounted for about 1 / To the Song Shenzong period (1067 – 1085) fiscal revenue increased to more than 5000 million.

However, the national fiscal revenue to officials to pay wages are not enough, this time the official pension expenditure is 80 times the early Song Dynasty!

How to do? The court finally found a way to money: printing paper money!

“Cross” is the world’s first paper currency.

At the outset, the court had stipulated that the period of circulation of banknotes printed was only two to three years, and all of the settlement was due, and the reissue was required and the circulation was limited. Also provides a corresponding reserve system, to ensure that the “child” can be freely convertible.

Later, the court is getting worse, the deadline, the quota and the reserve system, and so on have been repeatedly broken – paper currency depreciation again, a large number of private abandoned, the Chinese people’s great financial innovation was so strangled.

Song is also the practice of the recruitment of soldiers, the sergeant also take wages, which makes the financial worse.

When the Southern Song Dynasty, vice president of the Ministry of Personnel Fang Yue issued a sigh: “the cost of food ten times in the past, the cost of Paul Lu hundred times in the past!

And the high-paying civil servants and generals immersed in the vanity and luxury of personal life, greedy dead and dead, when the population is less than the Song Dynasty several times the Western Xia, Liao, Jin and other countries from the soldiers come, they will only chatter to persuade the emperor Compensation sums.

The richest dynasty in Chinese history was so alive that it was eaten and alive.

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Are your focus on the place? To pay attention to your deal instead of your money

“I can not learn to learn to swim because I can not head buried in the water, always can not overcome the kind of water did not head fear, even if I know every technical details of breaststroke. In fact, very simple, as long as the head buried in the water , The body will naturally float up, and then do the breaststroke action, will be in the water smoothly ahead.
When I went to school, the teacher told him the truth of what he said above, “beyond the device.” He said when we taught us to throw the shot. He said, you do not care too much about the existence of shot, do not be too deliberate pursuit of throwing shot how far, you only pay attention to the correct throwing method, do every action should be done, shot will naturally be the most farther. Little story, big reason. Do not be too concerned about the gains and losses in the futures trade, but should pay attention to the transaction process, as long as each transaction details can be perfect, making money is a natural result.

In fact, almost every investor has to look at the market but missed the experience of the market, maybe later will say: I see more accurate, if I do, will certainly make a fortune. There are a lot of people have had a huge profit to understand the experience of Trader, but when they really take real gold and silver combat, the results are often not satisfactory. Look at the market, the actual difference between the actual manipulator and real combat is that, because there is no real or not real combat, so there is no worry about the loss of money, there is no psychological pressure. On the ground along a one meter wide road and the road to the 300 meters high altitude walk, feeling and difficulty is definitely different.

Money does not make sense for the importance of man. Investors involved in futures trading, in addition to some hedges, there is a big reason for speculation, in order to profit. This purpose is reasonable and lawful, nothing wrong with it. But if the futures trading, too much attention to money rather than the correct trading methods, the results are often counterproductive. It often leads to erroneous methods of operation, so that we are increasingly alienated from money.

1. Do not operate as planned, premature. Sometimes more than the loss of some investors feel fear is not deep stuck, but when the market when some floating surplus. Goodbye, pick up the basket is the dish, the two birds in the forest as a bird in hand, these proverbs so that investors can not calmly face the profit, often choose to quickly put off the profit position, and with a large The business is gone.

2. Violation of operational principles, failed to stop quickly. The shrinking of funds on the book will undoubtedly bring huge financial pressure on investors, in the face of losses, some investors often take ostrich policy, especially stock investors, as if not to sell the stock, has been holding so many stocks , Will not put the deficit into a real deficit. But this operation in the futures market is completely unreasonable, the city’s daily settlement system and the margin trading system and the characteristics of the expiry date, not only will continue to reduce the amount of books, but also does not allow you to have been unfavorable Position.

3. Do not operate as planned, due to fear of frequent stop loss. The loss of money will make the previous blindly arrogant investors to the other extreme, that is timid and sensitive. A little bit of trouble, a little bit of the price changes make the psychological pressure on investors heavy, thus forgetting the target price stop, blind stop. In fact, the market volatility is normal, the main intention to suppress the price of technical stop to stop the price of the situation everywhere.

4. Do not operate as planned, because greed missed the best playing time. Constant profit will make people smug, and missed a relatively good playing time, but fell into the “profit so much did not out, and now profit so little should continue to hold” the vicious circle, until the profit of the transaction Become a loss.

From the above four incorrect methods of operation, we can see that there is one thing in common, that is, not according to plan operation, too much attention to the money. So is there a way to make us forget the existence of money, only the profit and loss as a change in the number of symbols, profit and loss points increase or decrease it? Most people really hard to do. However, although we can not forget the existence of money in the transaction, but we can take the method of its weakening, will be more attention on the correct trading methods.

When you put the idea more on the transaction, it will naturally weaken the concern for money. Here are a few important steps to overcome this problem:
1, develop a strict trading plan: plan your deal, trade your plan. There is no difference between planned deals, impulsive transactions, and gambling alone. And do not comply with the transaction plan transactions, the results better than no planned transactions where to go, and even increase the development of the transaction plan cumbersome, the standard is not thank type. The correct approach is to develop a trading plan and trade in strict accordance with the transaction plan.

2, to develop a strict market principles: everyone will have their own basis, some people like to chase sell into, as long as there is a breakthrough or break down to establish a trend to catch up with the market position; some people like bargain-hunting top , That the price is too high or too low to sell the top and bargain-hunting; some love to inquire about the news, or listen to the recommendations of others to do a single. This is no problem, as long as you can verify the correct method and continuous profit can continue to use, and insist on using.

3, to develop a strict appearance principle: whether it is chase sell down or bargain-hunting touch the top, must be in advance to develop a stop and stop the target price. When the price appears contrary to the changes in the principle of our market, no matter how much loss, should stop out, and can not have any luck and wait for the psychological. Likewise, once the price reaches our price, the bag is safe. Perhaps this is not in line with the “let the full profit growth,” the precepts of the city, but the market is uncertain, we do not know the market in the end is to adjust or reverse, according to their own appearance principles only profit, the results will always be better than blindly waiting.

4, if you really feel stop more difficult, you can take the size of the way to narrow the position. This can be a certain extent to reduce the loss of psychological shock to the trader.

5, if it is afraid of Ta Kong Quotes, lest did not maximize the benefits and premature open, you can profit earning the first half profit, so that the other half profit “full growth.” This is a compromise and compromise on the principles of trade, although not the most scientific approach, but can reduce the degree of damage to greed and fear.

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No basis for the transaction is in gambling!

When we look at the static chart, most people can see clearly. With the weekly cycle to see the weekly chart, with the daily line to see the daily chart, with the time-sharing period with time-sharing map. Casually open a subject, can see very clearly – up or down or shock.

We use the IF weighted chart of the weekly chart to illustrate:

In this IF weighted weekly chart, look at the static history of the chart is very easy to see, I said is to see the track has been completed. Of course, each person looks at the same chart to see the trajectory is not necessarily the same, but no matter the same or not the same, there will be an analysis of the conclusion. For example, I see this picture, will come to what conclusion?

In my analysis system, this weekly chart tells me – from a technical point of view, IF weighted index weekly trend is currently in the upper (3836.2) (2668.6) two horizontal lines within the box. This interval is called the shock interval, although the width of this interval is relatively large, but in any range of this trend I will see it as a shock interval within the trajectory. Then, in this large interval, I also see a 2717 low focus on the upward trend of the upward trend.

This is the result of my analysis of the IF-weighted weekly line – a small uptrend in a large shock interval. Control the static chart, the conclusion I think there is no problem. Can be compared with the static chart obtained with a clear expression of the text analysis, basically even if you can see the market. Of course, different people from different perspectives will have different conclusions. Conclusion There is no standard answer, you can have your conclusion, I can have my conclusion, because the analysis of the use of different tools, it is possible to draw a different conclusion. And, it is also important to analyze the conclusion is not the only condition for determining the success or failure of the transaction. Why? We often say “look at the market, wrong trade”, this sentence is the expression of this meaning.

Some people may have doubts, since the look of the market will be wrong, that look useful? That is to say “see the market” is meaningful? I think that of course is meaningful. What is the basis of the deal? Should be based on our analysis of the market, such as the above chart, my analysis conclusion is “inter-range shock within the small rising trend”, then the operational strategy must be based on the conclusions of the analysis – large interval shock Is a fact based on the fact that you can develop a strategy of high throwing low suction; small rising trend This is also a fact, based on the fact that you can also develop a bargain strategy. So in the end is a large interval strategy to obey the inter-regional strategy, or vice versa? Then you see what you want to bet on the profits of the paragraph.

In other words, the trading strategy that the trader makes must be based on what he sees and is considered to be clear. There is also a question to be explained: the same analysis of the conclusions in different people’s thinking, the resulting operational strategy can be different. Some people’s ideas are “homeopathy”, some people’s thinking is “extremes meet”. These two ideas on the basis of the same analysis of the conclusion is entirely possible to make the opposite operational strategy.

This example is to explain: “see the market is the basis for the development of trading strategies step”, the development strategy is also a step in the transaction process, to the final through the strategy to make money, there are several steps in the middle, which is why It is not necessarily the reason for doing the right. Because there are a lot of steps, you are one of the steps is useless. But “see the market” is the basic steps, we often say do not know when not to do, that is the meaning, not clear means that can not do trading strategy, no strategy is equivalent to the operation of gambling, although there are strategies Not necessarily win, but if the strategy can be copied, then the probability of winning the same strategy will be much larger.

Trading is a probability of the game, we are nothing more than to strive for their own strategy in the long cycle of a sample to have a probability advantage of things, as long as you can do this has a great win.

“See the market,” the importance of the fact that needless to say, traders are aware that there is no basis for the transaction is difficult to copy. Earned also earned the muddleheaded, loss also loss of unknown so, is a lot of traders so far can not be the reason for the winner.

Learn to do the technical analysis of each subject, write down the analysis with the text, and make a trading strategy on this conclusion, which is the first step to complete the transaction, the second step is to start using your Strategy for real transactions. The second step in the first step is gambling, the odds are too low. So, the first step to do a good job, the analysis to do solid, it is possible to ensure that the second step to win a higher probability.

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The worst in marriage is never derailed


Occasionally see a live version of the emotional program.

A couple of feelings of dissatisfaction, breaking the marriage in the lens of ten years of marriage.

Woman eyes and tears, crush to speak their own Biequ: fall legs still insist on work, with a baby, men never care about family affairs, but the next class to eat, push the bowl to play the phone, there are physical needs to climb On her bed, under the bed to see her as nothing, in addition to daily necessities, two people almost zero exchange.

Man cold face response: old lady wife, what can be said?

The woman looked at him and was speechless. And then turned to the male mediator, would like to discuss a reason.

Unfortunately the mediator apparently stands the man this team, almost slightly rap: Do you want to divorce for this? What is the reason? I told you that your husband is good, make money more than you, and honest, get off work home, now get off work to go home how many men?

Woman blunt, reluctantly theory: but I think marriage should not be so … …

The mediator interrupted her: you were too hypocritical.

Woman said: but I am not satisfied, the day was particularly depressed.

Mediator loudly: it was your problem!


I see here, sigh.

In fact, admire a woman can bravely say the phrase “I am not satisfied.”

This sentence may hold back in the hearts of many people, but few people dare to say. Because the results come out, most of the same as the woman, was reprimanded, was ridiculed, was hard to go back.

So, can only be suppressed, make do with, pretend everything is very good.

Just, is not really good, the heart knows.

Friends have said that she was a colleague behind the knife, forced to resign, and my heart is dark. Home with her husband said, people look disgusted, give her a “not because of your own stupid?” She cut the food, rushing tears. Lost in the workplace she had nothing to say, but the intimate love of the cold words, it is sad.

I also remember that there are several families out to play, the road to turn over a very high wall, other people are her husband turned over to pull his wife, and the friend’s husband, his body jumped on the big move The.

Friends wearing a skirt high heels, behind the call, to pull me a ah. Her husband can not hear, farther and farther.

She had to curse the “deaf” side, while the hand to someone else husband.

I think her husband is not deaf, is deaf.

His heart is not “hearing”, can not receive her signal, can not catch her needs, naturally can not give her to respond – she does not help pull a helpless, she can not give comfort when she is depressed, even her Despair but also step on foot.

But he did not think this is a problem, just think the husband and wife should be so, their own money to raise the family even if the end of the points, the other needs of his wife, are hypocritical.

Friends said, now have to give up the efforts to communicate with her husband, every time there is something to say, are forced to hold back, because it is very clear that nothing more than a indifferent cold response, will only make themselves worse.

“As the days of the stones that breathe with the blocks, the days are dead,” she said.


I understand her feelings. This kind of “deaf and dumb” type partner, really annoying.

Some men, in the community playing Ma Yang whip, both ways, ears six eyes all eyes, the brain whizzing.

Can be a home, in the face of day and night accompanied by his wife, they immediately turn off all communication, IQ fell sharply into a deaf and blind and dumb living creatures. She said what he could not hear, what she did he could not see, she wanted to know what he did not say.

So, described as the gas will be panting, is also appropriate.

Women in marriage, usually have higher spiritual needs than men.

When she said, “I raised the orchid opened”, in fact, with the man to share the joy, hope men can praise a “nice”, rather than casually ridicule “that broken flowers should have thrown.”

Indeed, no love, no interaction, no expression of love, the days can be too.

But that is the dead, will heart died.

If she is looking forward to the emotional exchange, spiritual interlocking all strangled, will inevitably feel hard.

This is not hypocritical, is the objective existence of feelings.

If the phrase “I am not satisfied” in the heart thousands of turn, but can not speak, it is easy to become a resentment, turned into hostility, unstoppable rushed out to make the relationship worse.

Men do not know the woman again and again again and again behind, the accumulation of how depressed, depressed, depressed, just think she was picky, gloomy impermanence. So more want to escape, want to become a stone, do not listen do not see do not say.

Malicious cycle, the marriage gradually stiff.


Often hear the couple quarrel, the woman said tired, man frown: who is not tired?

Woman on the resentment, began to nagging their own every day how much heart to do, how many things to do.

Men are tired, think this woman is really annoying.

But if there is a choice, who is willing to show a cheer all day?

She was so annoying because you did not hear her heart.

She said tired, in fact, made a desire for your thoughtful signal. You just back to a “hard you”, she flew all right.

But you just lean with her hard, top she was filled with resentment.

Obviously a recognized, a sense of pity will be able to happy question, but must not be made into the pimple, how silly ah

And if you are tired, you can say that she is willing to share what you can.

Closely related to the two people, mutual care, Baotuan heating, this is not the meaning of marriage?

In fact, two people can form a husband and wife, at first most of the love and cooperation. You are willing, I am willing, so only life together. And, must also hope to be together.

But why so many couples, through the more bitter the worse, from the close to the fall apart?

The problem is not the time to spend love, but in the process of dissipation of love, you did not establish other emotional links.

The reason why failed to build, because one or both sides closed the heart of the channel – you said, I do not listen. I want, you do not give it. So you grievances, I upset, although the relationship tied together, the heart is drifting away.


Husband and wife live, like playing two feet, your left leg and my right leg tied together, in the long years to move forward.

During which the two will have different ideas and needs, I am tired to take a break, you need my leg dress medicine, I would like to see the scenery here, you want to speed up the speed of catching others … … this form, the exchange Is extremely important, if one of them is deaf and dumb and blind, can not hear the other that tired, do not see each other injured, where they want to go do not say, just self-care head, the other will be so strange, two people Can be a harmonious tacit understanding to the end to blame.

Any long-term relationship, if you want a solid good, there must be a premise: take care of each other’s wishes.

I am able to send out the information that you know to try to receive and respond positively. In this way, we can in the long cooperation, always know each other, help each other, each other to accommodate, even if the road is far away, is still concentric, willing and common.

And if you are a deaf and mute partner, the marriage is good, it is broken more than half. Even if it looks like a family of three neat, three meals a day placid, behind is barren, but also dry, but also empty.

You can stand in a hunt, “I do not bet on prostitution is not evil, good enough.”

Her heart is “you are deaf and blind and dumb, I have enough.”

A good marriage, really do not buy a house a child is perfect. Spiritual satisfaction, is the measure of the quality of marriage standards.

We often say that companion is the most lucrative confession.

The so-called companionship, not like a piece of stone keep on the side, but I win when you give applause, I am depressed when you provide comfort, I am cowardly when you are much encouraged.

And then you give me, I will double your return to you.

Happiness is the beginning of this way.

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Dear, there is no hail of bullets outside, please do not self – attack

There is a consultation, the other is a 20-year-old girl, looks very comfortable people.

She is very serious with me, said: “teacher, I think I look particularly good.I my skin is not good old pox, his eyes are big but no god, face too round too big with a cake like, legs still so Rough, and will not make – up, as long as others looked at me and I think the other side certainly think I am ugly.

I carefully looked at her for a moment, in any case can not put her that person, with the front of the girl equate.
After the consultation, I repeatedly think about her appearance of their own evaluation, suddenly remembered many years ago.

At that time I just started to do personal growth counseling practice, once do not know how to chat, just like the supervisor talked about the personal appearance.

I told the supervisor said: “I have always felt very ugly, myopia, small eyes, collapse nose, big mouth, poor skin, legs do not look good, the proportion of body is not good … …”

I breath blablablabla finished after their own also stunned: my God, my evaluation of their own is so poor and harsh. These evaluations did not want to want to fall into the brain are blurted out.

Supervision let me think about what parts of their own body is satisfied, I thought for a moment, is still helpless shook his head.
After a few weeks, arrived in the consulting room, the governor looked at me and said: “You are very beautiful today’s card, the whole person is also very spirit.” I was talking about the mouth, but my heart was thinking: This is certainly not true.


Not just the appearance, admit that they are good enough for many people is a very difficult thing.

When others show praise and appreciation, some people feel the anxiety and fear is far greater than joy and excitement.

Because they have a voice to remind yourself: TA is not true to me, so TA recognized the real time of my, certainly not so say.

G is such a person.

To pay a good boyfriend, but G always feel that he fancy, is his own family conditions, and their own in front of him to show the well-behaved and look like, and not like the real oneself.

Whenever a boyfriend expresses her liking, the first reaction in G ‘s mind is always “Please do not let your eyes open, how can i say you are so good.

With “I am not good enough” this belief, G effort to do a lot of things to please boyfriend:

Learn to do boyfriend like to eat the food;
In the boyfriend a month before the birth began to carefully prepared a gift;
Obviously they are too sleepy also insist on chatting with her boyfriend;
Boyfriend did not want to say a little like a thin sister, she opened a crazy weight loss model … …

There are similar circumstances there Zheng Shuang.

Usually understand the good girl image of her, in the participation of a file variety show, the father advised her not to deliberately lose weight, has been very thin.

She was out of control and crying: “If I become a big fat man, will the audience like me?”
For them, giving love is much easier than accepting love.

When others show good, they will not consciously limit their own to accept, in order to avoid and their negative understanding of the conflict.


Whether it is Zheng Shuang, G, counseling room girl, of course, including me, and perhaps also include you, there are such problems have a profound reason.

First to date back to the early and parents or one of the attachment relationship.

There are three attachment relationships in psychology:

Safe attachment:

This child is very comfortable with the attachment of the parents, the dependents are more willing to take the initiative to explore the new environment;

There will be some frustration when the dependents leave, but when they come back they will be very happy and can be calm soon.

Avoidance attachment:

These children are not interested in the dependents.

Although the dependents leave the room when they cry, but when the dependents come back they do not feel happy, always turned and cried to crawl.

Contradictory attachment:

These babies do not want to leave the dependents at first to explore the new environment.

Later, when the dependents leave, they will cry;

The dependents can not calm down when they come back;

But when the dependents want to get close to them, they show both contradictory and intimacy.

Those who think they are not good enough to form a avoidance attachment pattern in childhood.

In the process of interaction with parents, the need for attachment is not met in time, or the parents have taken a negative, blow, question, indifference and other treatment (think about whether your parents always remind you not to be proud to tell you where you look good To always pay attention to the image).

In adulthood, childhood unpleasant emotional experience to promote their simply shut themselves up, take the initiative to avoid each other’s show and love.

Second, it is based on the cultural context of social comparison.

In the traditional aesthetic standards, the thin is the United States.

Standard oriental beauty face is also mostly big eyes high nose white cherry mouth white skin.

Therefore, not only passers-by, including the stars are also invariably toward the aesthetic standards of this unremitting efforts, every three out of a time to change the face of the face of the apple is not common.

In terms of character, gentle, thoughtful, sensible, good to get along seems to get more people’s favor.

After these standards are internalized, many people in interpersonal relationships that show that will be more popular.

But also feel that their original character or appearance than social and cultural requirements of the ideal standard; on the one hand, in the pursuit of this idealized standards while strengthening it, and further produce their own negation.

How to change the “I am not good enough” cognitive?

Through the self-acceptance to enhance each other’s respect for us and love.

Increased self-acceptance capacity can reduce the pleasing behavior of “I am not good enough” to deal with different relationships in an equal perspective.

Face the praise of others, first in no hurry to deny and refuse, try to accept which you feel more in line with the part, slowly expand the generalization.

And so one day, others praise you praise your good time, your inner OS is “nonsense, I certainly know that my beauty is, you have vision”, then you have come out of self-denial, gradually accept the world And yourself.

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Your favorite Starbucks has 330,000 employees, nearly 90 billion market value, its founder to “re-start”, the reason is … …

Just two days before Starbucks opened its first store in South Africa, Howard Schultz, as always, communicated with young people who were “green aprons” in those coffee shops. They had 50 people. Shultz, who first arrived in South Africa, thought he would hear about poverty, hard day-to-day complaints, but unexpectedly greeted him with a happy and happy smile in harsh environments.

At that time, he also learned a word that many young people mentioned many times, UBUNTU (Uban), meaning “because of you, me” – in African traditional culture, which represents loyalty and connection.

In the speech of Tsinghua University on 11 April, the founder of Starbucks repeatedly stressed this idea. Those who want to listen to Starbucks shop know-how, or a glimpse of its marketing secret audience will probably be disappointed, in Schultz view, Starbucks shop in the shop, shop design to do are good, but this is the row In the second place.

His story “A story about dreams and responsibilities” has revealed this, this topic so that some people are dull, but also after listening to ridicule the “American dream” of the “spokesperson” and not expected to fill Played the “chicken soup”. Also, Schultz uttered a seemingly unaware of the truth – a lot of business operators know but can not do, but the habit of neglecting – really these achievements have this 26000 chain Shop coffee giant?

There will be a lot of people who do not believe, but Schultz believes. This may also be the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman.

People’s business, not the service business

“At the top of the Starbucks pyramid is not a shareholder, but our employees, the middle is the customer, the bottom is the shareholders.” Schultz stressed in his speech. For Starbucks, the most important asset is the staff who are rushing behind the counter – they call it a partner, because most of them, including part-time staff, can hold Starbucks stock.

This was the plan launched in 1990, when Starbucks ended a three-year loss, ushered in the first profit year, Schultz was able to plan the “coffee bean stock” program made public – to 700 Employees donated stock. Starbucks was not a listed company, the full allocation of the need for special design, but also need to be the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission’s concessions, of course, more challenging is to persuade the board of those who worry about the shares of diluted shareholders, Schultz told them , If each employee can be integrated into the whole, they will be the same attitude with the CEO to treat the company.

It can be said that Starbucks spared no effort to show the business of the “partners” in the sincerity, “Starbucks: coffee, business and culture of the legend” (hereinafter referred to as “Starbucks”) mentioned in these books, the book on Schultz Some of the practices in shop expansion and private affairs are quite weak, but they have to admit that he does attach importance to employees. In 1991, an early employee of Starbucks was suffering from AIDS. At that time, Starbucks did not set up such insurance, but Schultz had pushed the human resources department out of the way, trying to reimburse employees for medical expenses and Medical insurance covers all the sickness of all employees.

Schultz said that both as parents and entrepreneurs, from the first day began to mark their own beliefs hit the child or business – whether or not aware of this, it is unlikely to use an ethics Class to easily change their worldview. When he remembered his start-up, he had the “short-sighted” problem of most entrepreneurs – they were struggling with nothing but one thing that had to be done, that is, to instill in principle.

“Partner” value is the first Starbucks early to mark the mark.

This complex can even be traced back to Schultz’s childhood. At that time the billionaire who built the coffee empire was a helpless 7-year-old child whose father was dismissed by his employer for his leg injury, with no income, no medical insurance, and a family crowded into the government house, His initial imagination of the ideal business, that is, the establishment of a father did not have the opportunity to work for the company: one of them can share the success and wealth of enterprises.

In his view, this is not generous or charitable, but the foundation of business operations. Up and down with the premise, is up and down with Lee. Schultz said that this effect can not be assessed, but the benefits of deep beyond imagination. It is these people to support Starbucks store expansion and performance growth: Starbucks in 2012 when the market value of only $ 273 million, but now the market value of nearly $ 90 billion, Schultz has therefore among the world’s most profitable top ten CEOs The list.

But then Starbucks and the original has been quite different, and the requirements of 330,000 employees and 30 years ago can not be compared – this also to Starbucks and Schultz made a higher demand.

Speaking at the same day at Tsinghua University, Schultz put forward the “Parent Care Program” at the “Starbucks China Partners and Family Exchange”: June 1 to provide comprehensive insurance for employees who meet the requirements. This is a different from the American employee benefits, Schultz said in his speech, “China ‘s young people this and the United States, they are born with a family burden, from parents, and even grandparents.

This will allow Starbucks to increase its annual investment in millions of dollars, but it is equivalent to Starbucks in China’s future development ambitions to buy a “insurance.”

In the context of a slowdown in the US market, China and the Asia-Pacific market were unusually outstanding in the first quarter of 2017, up 17.9 percent year on year, up from 6.7 percent in the world, and in Starbucks’ new development plan The average annual opening of new stores in China is expected to more than 500.

“We are in today’s environment, on the one hand to obtain capital much easier than before, on the other hand there are so many competition, so many noise, so in order to really successful is not easy – win and lose between “Where is the greatest strategy in the world, if the employees lack confidence in the company, the management, the corporate culture and the goals, the strategy can not be long.” Schultz said.

Spiritual leader

Many people say that Schultz’s favorite “chicken soup” speech, the fact is the same, Schultz has always liked to talk about him and Starbucks dream and values, “Starbucks” author commented that this is some cliche, but Schulz Very sincere.

The origin of poverty, hard work, and even the major public lectures and interpersonal communication courses offered by the university, as well as the years of marketing, have made him a fit for the “evangelist” role.

A Starbucks manager once said that in the eyes of Starbucks, Schultz is simply a rock star, some people not only familiar with his writings and almost back to the stream. A Starbucks barista also said that new employees were like brainwashing at the time of training.

Investors are also infected by such a person. Schultz said he had a doctor in the early days of the creation of a cafe, the other did not understand the plan he wanted to show, and he did not drink coffee, but gave him out of a huge check, “I’m investing in your people, not your thoughts,” he said. “Many of the investors are based on the same considerations,” Schultz said. “They believe what I believe because they have not seen such confidence in anyone else.”

Now 64-year-old Schultz is still the case, his stage articulate clear, simple and clear statement, no muddy water feeling, even the courtesy of the “you’re welcome” from his mouth, all seem to mix both refined , And decisive taste.

This is only his side, he has another side: stubborn, strong, if that his passion can not bear to refuse, then his harsh people are not dare to refuse. It is said that he kept dozens of newspapers and magazines briefing on Starbucks, and even invited journalists who did not like him to go home and criticize it.

“Starbucks” that book in order to know the real Schultz, it is better to play a game with him, which quoted a Starbucks staff as saying, “Schultz good, but he is the most I have ever seen Aggressive basketball player “- he was too aggressive.

This is almost certain. Shulz, who came out of the slums, had the kind of bite of the firm, when he was from a well-paid business is almost pedantic self recommended to only five stores Starbucks to do the market, after being refused to Buyibuo For the new business “every day” coffee shop financing; he found 242 of the people, 217 people answered “No”; he was the same as the founder of the new business, And even described himself as a “humble dog with a tail”; and he saw Starbucks in the hands of his successor from the right track, and quickly return to the role of the controller, although many people did not accept, but he clearly Said “the decision is no need to discuss.”

All this can not just hang a sign smile, looks always refined Schultz can do, this “mask” behind, has a more powerful style and more assured, and even stubborn adherence.

This style continues from business to political stance, such as when US President Trump announced the immigration ban, Schultz announced that the next five years will hire 10,000 refugees, and said Starbucks will fully support the Mexican coffee plant By.

Schultz has always had a high level of participation in public policy – perhaps it is a market that covers 75 countries, with hundreds of thousands of employees around the world is difficult to avoid the point, in fact, many of his public behavior is In 1997, a looter shot a Starbucks three clerks, and Schultz immediately announced that all the profits of the store would be donated to a nonprofit organization that was committed to preventing violence.

In 2016, Starbucks, who rarely advertised, published two versions of the advertisements on the New York Times, but nothing to do with the product, every American citizen should be more optimistic, united, humane, fair and responsible To the “American Dream” to build a better country. Many people speculate that Schultz might run for the next president of the United States, he said in an interview with CNN Money reporter, “I never said no election, but now is not the right time.” “I’m still a young man,” he joked.


At least now, Schultz can not leave Starbucks. This can be seen from the reaction of Wall Street, in December 2016, Schultz outgoing CEO news after the announcement, Starbucks shares fell 4%.

This fear came largely from the shadow of the last Schultz, and in 2000, when Schultz handed the Starbucks management token for the first time, the latter had grown for several years, but accumulated Deadly development risks, these problems broke out in 2007, when Schultz walked into a Starbucks store in Seattle, found that the shop is not the reason for the coffee mellow, but charred cheese flavor, he knew Starbucks already “Sour”, and he had to leave the years after the re-command of Starbucks.

“We are wrong, we must honestly face.” Schultz said.

He came back to do some of the two “ritualized” thing, one is to require the United States 7100 Starbucks coffee shop closed for 3 hours; the other is the biennial Starbucks leaders from Seattle moved to New Orleans held – a not yet Hurricane Katrina from the rescue of the city, which coincides with Starbucks predicament. There is no doubt that the shop has caused a loss of millions of dollars, the meeting of people and places is also a large project, but Schultz through these actions to show his position and determination.

After a series of initiatives, Starbucks back on track, Starbucks shares in 2011 to return to high points, even better than the record set in 2006. But after this twists and turns, Schultz for Starbucks irreplaceable, even more self-evident.

If the Starbucks plight in 2008 is subject to the global financial crisis swept, then today’s Starbucks facing the macroeconomic situation is also optimistic, due to the impact of poor catering and retail markets, Starbucks Group has cut sales expectations in 2017 fiscal year, How will Kevin Johnson, the successor to the background of the technology industry, continue the future growth of this chain of retailers?

“I do not go anywhere, just at Starbucks,” Schultz said. According to Starbucks, he will continue to serve as chairman of the board and act as executive chairman, focusing on retail innovation and high-end retail growth.

At the end of 2014, the first “Starbucks boutique baking factory shop” opened in Seattle, followed by the second store, will be opened in Shanghai at the end of 2017, which can be seen as a Starbucks high-end efforts, and Starbucks finally Very close to Italy – this market so Schultz had wandered wait and see for decades.

Of course, more importantly, this will give Schultz mouth to provide “the best coffee” Starbucks somewhat with some convincing. Once, Starbucks has attracted the attention of the whole world in a fresh fashion, and has set a coffee boom at what it is, but it is hard to convince those who mix Starbucks and McDonald’s.

From a professional manager’s point of view, this may be harmless, but it has been difficult to accept the ideal of Schultz, who has always had coffee. He has pointed out that the difference between the two, “If I was a professional manager, I look at Starbucks and the market point of view and now will be different.Founder familiar with the enterprise to create each element, we know what is there The ambition of the company, and the creation of what it requires. This knowledge, the understanding of the past, and then the integration of high enthusiasm will be invincible, of course, there are sensitive to the wrong.

He has not forgotten his first experience in Italy in 1983, it is more like a coffee pilgrimage trip, he saw behind the counter and the customer intimate chat barista, see them as creative works of art to red coffee , To see flowing in the coffee shop in the romantic and charming atmosphere – these have also become his future opening of the coffee chain business enlightenment.

“In 2016, Ma was invited to participate in the Starbucks,” he said. “In the year, Ma was invited to participate in the Starbucks,” he said. “If Starbucks had only one day of coffee, then it would probably be the time to go down.” If only sales were left, there were only a few shops left, Coffee, I believe Starbucks will not go too long.

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Sick of it

Recently ready to take home with the family to play in the United States.

However, the idea is beautiful, the operation is too annoying.

The first is a visa. I am a freelancer, the probability of refusal is high. Even if I moved out of the water is very impressive Wang fried, travel agencies still say: “This really can not guarantee … …” suddenly felt the world of freelancers thick malicious.

There is also trouble to prepare the information. Where the signature, where the seal, where to pay, where begging … … I have not much time, so a turn, N things are falling.

The most troublesome is that do not know whether to go with the group, or free exercise.

You know, with the course of course easy, but, there is no initiative, all the spots are catching up, at every turn let you buy buy, do not see anything.

Free to do it, the language does not pass, you can not like a sucker, eat two hamburgers, in the United States on a walk around the street.

So, alas, trouble bothers up trouble …

Of course, the freelance of this identity, as long as I want to end, at any time can.

But English is my sworn enemy, let me hurt my brains.

Before listening to some loaded opponents say that English bad can also travel around the world, you smile and has been polite enough.


2015 in Japan, I went to the supermarket to buy things, the results found that looking for money seemingly wrong.

The clerk is a Japanese girl, laughing Yingying, I also smile Yingying.

But with wool!

She does not understand English, I do not understand. Two people with two deaf children, ah ah ah ah for a long time, red face thick neck, but who can not understand what the other side, anxious my sweat should be down.

Later, no way, had to re-count it again, hey, found missing a count, no problem with the integer, which resolved the embarrassment.

You see, in the supermarket to buy things may be in trouble. If walking around the world, English barrier, difficulties can be imagined.

In case of crime, even told the police fillet case will not.

Met handsome guy, even hook are helpless.

So, I am most regrettable in this life list, did not learn English, forever accounted for the previous one.

After the college entrance examination to cancel English, many parents think that English can learn to not learn.


Do not speak English, the world will close the door to you.

Travel, study, work, circle and personal growth, will be blocked.

The earth is becoming a global village.

Only Chinese, life trapped in the country, can not take a step forward.

Will be free to speak in the world. Spring live in New Zealand, summer stay in northern Europe, autumn play in South America, winter in Hawaii sun. Is there a problem? no problem. Girl my English is good! Where is the chat world.

Hu Ge soon to study in the United States, why he can go! Because he is good in English. And the stars ABCDEFG who, because the language can not pass off, went to nothing Do not understand what to use!

A friend who works in Tencent game, recently immigrated to the United States. A family of three in California to buy a villa, took a green card, I do not know how envious people. He was able to immigrate, in addition to strong ability, high quality, English also help him all the way.

You may want to say: you want to learn English, then now school ah … …

Difficulty, difficult on the blue sky!

A mess of work, mess of housework, messy relationship, messy idea … … will be a little bit to exhaust your time and attention.

Want to learn, powerless.

Learn English, or have to start from the children.

Children’s psychological researchers believe that the golden age of foreign language is 4-5 years old.

Too early, learning ability has not yet developed;

Too late, people’s attention lax, time fragmentation, it is difficult to have effect.

You may be worried: 4-5 years old can learn well?


A study from Harvard University says that children have a natural learning ability that began to develop around them at the age of four. It can be said that almost half of our learning ability was developed before the age of five Perfect up.

But must pay attention to: 4,5-year-old children must not teach. Teaching is wrong, life is difficult to correct; teach bad, life is inconsistent with English.

Good child English teaching, we must do the following two points:

1, to have a good professional teacher. As a language enlighter, English must be pure, the best teacher’s native language is English. Many domestic English teachers bring their own accents, will take the children with deviation. In addition, the teacher also understand children’s education, know the child’s characteristics and nature, standing on the child’s point of thinking, “what children,” “children for what”, “children can accept what”;

2, scientific and happy teaching system. Education is not what I say 1, the child followed to say 1. It needs the whole environment are in the voice: “play together, learn!” Children immersed in this educational environment, culture and knowledge, will be slowly in the joy of infiltration, into his consciousness.

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reading, want to succeed

The day is in the morning, if the morning thing is the most worthwhile to do: that my answer must be sports and reading.

The movement may be limited by the weather, because a haze will stop your morning exercise plan, but nothing can stop reading, it will not only be affected by haze, but also help you open your heart,

Living in this complex world, many people will feel lonely, but for those who have reading habits, this is simply not a thing, they enjoy loneliness, because the independence period is exactly their excellent time to upgrade.

Have to say that this era is rewarding people who love reading.

Friends A, love reading, but also very love to share, by chance, he was a company invited to the book, his program was sold to millions of copies, fame is growing, early this year, he out of his own A book, due to excellent content, quickly became a bestseller.

Friends B, from childhood have read and write habits, has not stopped. After graduating from college, she did not want to be engaged in professional work, choose to become a freelance writer. At first, the house was quite opposed, but later found that she was a month by reading and writing can earn four or five million of income, a manuscript a few thousand dollars. In this way, the family will be assured, and now very supportive of her.

Friend C, before a serious postpartum depression, life is particularly bad. Later, she was accompanied by love into the library, drawing energy from the book. After more than two years of persistence, she gradually came out from the depression, began to work, began to resume social, is said to have admitted to a famous MBA.

I have always believed that learning to use the type of reading can help us to enhance themselves, or even change the fate.

I like to study, had a long time, I was sleeping with the book, half of the bed is the book, half of me, a free study, reading has become my living habits. I remember when I first arrived in Shanghai, I checked the 16 woven bags of the book, the room piled full.

Many people say that they read a lot of books, but they have no use. I think it is not reading useless, but how you do not use it. When reading, in addition to understand the author to write, but also think about how you can do something, how to do it, and then to practice. To develop such a habit, you will find that reading is really useful.

Reading is changing in the past with a lot of people, including myself.

In 2014, I was 30 years old.

I am an ordinary English teacher, the kind of weekend make people make up classes. Like me want to live in the city of rural children, no room no car no deposit no background, near the beginning of the year also mediocrity, it is time to hold back, can only cry one.

I read the book told me that I should be out of the comfort zone, I should use free time to participate in learning, invest in their own brains.

This fall, my calorie left 9000, to eat, but also pay the rent, in such circumstances, stunned to pull out the 5000 to learn to speak.

I read the book told me that reading, not just satisfied with reading the book, but also to read “living book” – excellent people.

I set myself a goal: one year to interview 100 cattle people, so that they do not do bottom of the frogs. This year, Cali’s savings was only ¥ 183.08, but I still continue to Sike:

When you have time to put yourself in the pile of books;
Wrote hundreds of thousands of words, signed two books published contract;
My public number “fleeing a cat” gathered 800,000 readers, success among the new list of China WeChat 500;
Met far more than 100 cattle people big coffee;
Online to share, the largest one sold 80,000 copies, the total revenue has exceeded 19 million.
My article spread widely, unknowingly affected tens of millions of readers.
I became a simple book writing executive officer, a line of learning ambassador, LinkedIn Chinese columnist.

I am a swagger of a cat, rivers and lakes called cat teacher, reading this matter, so I harvest too much, and now, I hope to be able to drive more people to join the “scholar” team.

To this end, I am in my community with thousands of people morning reading, the participants in the smallest 16 years old, the largest 58 years old, they are progress every day.

Now, the thing to expand this, so that more people involved. Not long ago, I opened a new WeChat public number – swift morning read. Every morning at 6:30, with everyone reading.

My principle: must be used. Specifically selected for our life and work useful books, by me and my professional team to summarize the essence of its content, to provide you with sound version + text version of morning reading material.

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This 48 interpersonal guidelines will really enhance your social sentiment


The first criterion is:
Do not limit the boundaries.
The so-called boundaries, is clear what is “my thing”, what is “someone else’s thing.”
“My thing”, of course you have to deal with.
“Someone else’s thing”, you do not have to bother.
such as:
You and A relationship, is “my thing”, you have to deal with their own.
However, the relationship between A and B, A and C, A and D, A and E …, are you, are “other things”, do not care too much.


Someone else’s boyfriend, someone else’s girlfriend, do not blind inquire, do not blind interference.
Other people’s family, do not be too curious.
The same, your private life, and not every person said. This does not give you real recognition and acceptance.


If you are a young girl, be sure to be alert to your “good” married men.
If he intentionally or unintentionally filed “marital misfortune”, how far can run far.
The wolf in sheep’s clothing is more terrible than the wolf.


Do not respect, do not require identity.
Your strength is strong, high quality, respect and recognition will naturally come.


Ning and smart people dispute for 1 year, do not quarrel with a fool for 1 second.


There are two kinds of interpersonal relationships, one that keeps you growing and one that keeps you going.
The former is nourishing interpersonal relationships.
The latter is the consumption of interpersonal relationships.
Remember: only the former, is where you should bet on time. The latter can alienate alienated, can be cut off on the cut off.


A last resort, do not borrow money from others.
And if someone comes to you to borrow money, do not prepare him well.


Talk to people, pay attention to listen.
Do not rush to evaluate, do not rush to sum up.
Most of the time, talkers need empathy, not preaching.


Do not expect too much for others.
Do not be strong, lasting, intimate and optimistic about the relationship.
People walking tea cool is the most realistic, but also the best relationship between the state.


The reason why others help you is because you have value worthwhile to help.


“You understand no” replaced by “I understand that no”.
To “how your kind of thing” replaced “how we like it.”
Replace “thank you” with “thank you”.


Seconds back to the mail, information, WeChat people, are very pleasing, will get high efficiency, good attitude, the ability to work strong impression.


A friend is a person who exchanges ideas or interests, not a person who exchanges a secret.


Bad words face to face.
Good words back said.
You must know that your evaluation of people, whether good or bad, one day will be passed to his ears to go.
If she heard bad things, kill your heart.
If she heard good words, life will be grateful to you.


Do not squeeze circles.
To turn yourself into a circle.
This is the highest level of crowded circles.


Do not quarrel, do not shirk, do not shamelessly.
Admit it. Responsible for it.
In fact, I really tried to “replaced” I was wrong, I will make every effort to make up!
To “this is a reason” replaced “Please rest assured, I will bear the consequences.”


And people pay a little slower, and then a little slower.
And a little faster, and then a little faster.


Little boast
A little more self-deprecating.
Most of the time, the words on the concessions = good sense of the increase.


A person 1% of the emotions, can be resolved through friends or relatives.
But 99% of the emotions and challenges, you have to go alone to face.
And this process, called growth.


Away from gossip and rubbish.
No matter how gorgeous they say gorgeous stimulation;
And no matter how much the garbageer behaves.

twenty one

Most of the arguments are meaningless.
Rational and intelligent truth suitors, after all, less.
Therefore, most people will become unnecessary because of unnecessary controversy, no need.
Carnegie said: “If you lose, of course, you lose; if you win, or lose.”

twenty two

If you have to argue, remember the following principles:
There can be antagonistic behavior, but do not have to fight against emotions.
Confrontation is negative, inward, self-destructive person’s anger or sorrow, no benefit to people.

twenty three

Friends circle group photo when, do not forget to put someone else P a P.

twenty four

Do not double the standard.


Group activities, do not put stinky face, do not pretend to be deep or Resentment, do not Missy temper.
At this time, we should be integrated with everyone, with Hey, with trouble, sing together, jump together.
If the day did not feel, or not interested in such activities, decisively refused.
Do not go after the put a “I did not want to come, you have to me” expression. Everyone will kill your heart.


Do not have a good personality.
You will rub someone else’s table, others will be grateful; if you rub someone else 10 times the table, others will form a inertia, someday you did not rub, but he will feel you sorry for him.
Other events are the same.
To please others for the time to invest in their own.
To know, no strength of the time, your pay is doing no power. Others will not be too grateful, only care about how much you can squeeze from here again.


When deciding to help others, do not say too much.
To say: I am not enough ability, not too sure, I can only try to try … …


You are not so many friends.
Do not mention A “This is my friend”;
B is also my friend “;
Mention CDEFG, “Kazakhstan, are buddy, something you despite talking, I can make a phone call … …”
So exaggerated, not only will not increase your value, but will make you dare not trust.


To see what kind of person is a person, there are three ways:
1, look at his closest five friends;
2, to see his native family.
3, to see where he spent time


When you fall into the trough, do not expect someone to come to save you.
In fact, in addition to your own save yourself, few people will reach out.
And this time, be sure to tell yourself: Do not stop. Out of the trough of the method is to take another step.


Those who are keen on collective activities are not worth the deep.


Bag ready at any time a comb, a bottle of mouthwash, a pack of paper towels, a bag of wipes.
Note: the dirty instrument will be instinctive disgust, strong bad breath will make you in the hearts of others impression negative points.


Do not rush to express your opinion.
If you are still swaying, dubious, or conversational content beyond your professional areas and information base, please learn to silence.


A woman sought after by a woman, and can not explain what.
A woman who is accepted by the women, is really a place of excitement.


To exercise the body
Scientific research, people with fixed fitness or exercise habits, the social charm than those who do not exercise 30% to 50% higher.


Try not to lie.
Because, you have to use 100 lies to a round of a lie, the cost is too great.
And the probability of being punished by 100 lies is too high.
Once exposed, credit bankruptcy, not worthwhile.


Criticize the right thing.
“You do not do anything” replaced “This thing you did not do”;
“You this person is a failure, that is, LOW” with “this thing you do very failed.”
“You did not save” replaced “This thing did not save.”


It is worthless to keep the bounds.
The boundary is the door, you do not care, others can come in at any time, disturb and violate your private domain, the door is equal to the same dummy.
The more the limits fall, the more life will fall.


Have to be wrong to say it.
There is injustice to fight back.
Fall in love with a person to recover.


Others self-deprecating time, you want to hold, rather than homeopathy to step on.
For example, some people ridicule, said: “I am so nothing is so poor … …”
You have to say: “Compared with me, you are already a multinational consortium in Dubai!”
Not “you’re really poor”.


People can speak, but look at the object, see the occasion, see friendship.
Object is a friend, is the girlfriend, you can occasionally bluntly.
Occasions warm and harmonious, you can dig dig heart nest.
Friendship to, and can be black.
Other times
To know that most people are disgusting.


Outsiders good 10000 points, as good as 100 points for their families.


Three friends together, two of them not too warm, to take into account the feeling of another person. Otherwise the other person will have a deep sense of being disregarded and neglected.


Never laugh at a person’s dream.


Lie to listen carefully. You will not be bullied, cheated, be disappointed;
Promise to be careful. You will not deceive, deceive, live up to people.


Others help you, must let him know your gratitude. Can return a gift, or do something for him. If not temporarily, in public, he expressed his sincere gratitude.


Treat the waiter, cleaners, cashier, security, take-away brother and other service personnel, attitude to respect.


See useful articles to learn to appreciate.

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