Why the star derailment is a very unwise choice

Not the moral trial of the devil.
Only from the perspective of economics to analyze the derailment.

First of all to clear the two premise is:

1, people are derailed impulse.

There is a Phillips effect in biology. Speaking of biological to sexual maturity, will have different sexual impulses.

How does it mean?

The 30th president of the United States Calvin Coolidge, once to bring his wife to participate in livestock farms.

During the visit, Mrs. Coolidge asked the farmer, “How can you produce so many eggs with so little cock?”

The farmer said: “The cock has to perform dozens of duties every day.”

“Please tell Mr. Coolidge!” The first lady replied with emphasis.

After hearing, the president asked the farmer: “Every rooster is serving the same hen?”

“No,” the farmer replied, “there are many different hens.”

“Please tell Mrs. Coolidge,” the President replied.

Coolidge effect from this.

In other words, the mammals regardless of the male and female, in the new mating opportunities come, will instinctively want to rush.

Of course, especially male animals.
2, as long as it is not born ugly or physical inconvenience, everyone has the opportunity to derail.

Contemporary society is 99% of the behavior of people, providing the opportunity to achieve.

For example, in the mating of such things, as long as you are willing to travel, the journey, and single traveler to talk a few words, the opportunity will be generated.

Otherwise, in the office, see the pleasing colleagues in the body, more investment in some time, money and attention, will get the appropriate opportunity.

More simply, the point of social networking APP, you will see a large group of men and women with similar wishes, waiting for a voluntary cooperation.

You can pick a few, exchange information with each other, to discuss cooperation, to achieve mutual intention, you can finalize the cooperation, location and time.

In other words, in the moment, the derailment cost is small, the opportunity is more.

Once the party in the marriage can not meet the other side of the sexual needs or emotional needs, the other party may be to the “free market” to seek supply.

Sexual trading is not legal, then secretly carried out. That is, about guns.

With feelings, evolved into derailment.

As mentioned above, would you like to avoid derailment?

Li Zongsheng in the “more recent trouble” to sing the answer: “This matter, basically, it is difficult.”

In recent years, the probability of derailing straight up, star Ye Hao, ordinary people worth mentioning, many people are outside the marriage, to find another sex or love.

Somebody asked, “Why is it that somebody is not derailed?”

The answer is simple: for this part of the people –

1, derailment cost too much, he can not pay.

This cost is: moral cost, money cost, time cost, attention cost …

2, the derailment cost too heavy, he can not afford to bear.

This price is: husband retaliation, public opinion condemnation, children alienated, the cause of decline, the reputation of corruption, commercial value dropped significantly.

Economics tells us that people are rational animals.

Only when the proceeds> cost + price, talent may invest.

But unfortunately there is an irrational factor in making decisions.

The more the decision is emotionally related, the more obvious the irrationality will be.

It will lead you to be too subjective, emotional, a blind eye, to enlarge the desire to meet, ignore or ignore the risk.

Take Bai Baihe as an example.

As a popular female star, she wants to derail, of course, has a natural convenience.

A, more options.

And service quality.

And the attitude of initiative.

From the star to the prime, from the net red to male model, from Meng uncle to small fresh meat, are placed in front of her. As long as she is willing, at any time and one of them can roll sheets.

This is the number of N multiple human sexual partners amazing reason.

Such as the Rolling Stones bassist Bill Weiman has more than 1,000 sexual partners; Jack Nicholson lover at least 2000 or more; Charlie Sheehan and more than 5,000 lover had a relationship; and the former NBA star Chamberlain’s companion number Is astronomical number: more than 20,000.

Fame and wealth, are aphrodisiacs.

As long as you stand in the clouds, want to become a pillow people flocked, countless.

B, low cost

Bai Baihe young and beautiful young and popular, derailed unknown small meat, not only do not have to pay the cost, do not have to waste too much time and energy to take care of each other’s feelings.

Economic costs, time costs and attention costs are the smallest.

And the relationship with the line actress, small fresh meat know the opportunity is not easy, naturally with the full, hard service, call it, that is to move, live good sticky people, save the worries.

This cooperation, for both people, are win-win.

In order to maintain this relationship, the two will work closely with each other to reduce the risk and prevent all emergencies that affect cooperation.

And Zhang Aiping because of perennial and net red (Wang Rui Er), female star (Qin Lan, Tong Liya, Ni Ni, Tong Yao), rich woman to deal with, also understand the entertainment, anti-detection ability should be good.

“There seems to be a paparazzi!”

“Curtain tightened not? Well, stay you first go, I go with the assistant, these days do not meet, pretend not to know!”

“My day, little friends, we were photographed, how to do? Nothing, tomorrow’s winding microblogging that we are talking about the script … …”

Tacit understanding.

Happy cooperation.

So, the two people so continue to collaborate. If there is no Zhuo Wei event, this relationship will wait until the marginal effect of diminishing, one side of the boring, decided to let go, be considered the end.

C, high income

From the video, Zhang Aipeng sexual characteristics prominent, even in the pool are not affected. Plus regular fitness, muscle and strong.

Which can be derived from the relationship between women, the two sides should be very high degree of pleasure.

The fit of the body, the pleasure of the body, is only one of the proceeds.

For derailed women, in addition to sex, love is just needed.

They need to be seen, are concerned, are favored.

Yesterday’s swimming pool play, today’s touch buttocks to kill, you can see Zhang Aipeng white lily Chongni.

Swimming never leave Bai Bai He ten steps away, swim for a while, immediately came to her side;

When she was playing the phone, he stayed beside watching her;

She stood by the water when he played the water ballet to please her.

And when the white lily pushed him, he will take advantage of her hand; when embraced, Zhang Aiping will pull her into the pregnant; speak, did not forget to touch each other.

These small details can be seen Zhang Aipeng sexual experience.

Male rich sexual experience, will be transformed into women from the heart of satisfaction.

And this satisfaction, but also because of taboo was enlarged. If the freshness of love is 10 stars happy, derailed happiness to 20 stars.

Happiness makes the day of derailing like gold.

Let them dazzled, can not see the heavy price.

The cost of exposure is amazing:

If the ordinary people derailed the price is found, is the spouse retaliation, the child was injured, divorced, the property split when 10 million, was accused of several people, the occasional uneasy conscience and so on.

Female star derailed the price is 10 times, or even 100 times.

After the exposure, the family rupture, people set disillusionment, fans change the heart, greatly reduced the commercial value, advertising decline in the amount of advertising, film, movie box office or ratings fell, notice reduced, or even zero, performing arts will suffer huge losses.

In today, microblogging hot search on the emergence of the second largest hot spot is: Zhang Bi Chen to help singers exchange white lily.

Female star’s economic benefits, and its people are closely related. Once the collapse, the opportunity and money will be damaged.

White Bai He starred in the film “kidnappers” are being released, the city industry inspirational drama “Surgery” will be launched on April 17. Because the derailment, the effect will be greatly reduced.

The endorsement of the ad, including the Tita (Titus) watch, Ashley, Jun Le Bao milk pure yogurt, GAP, natural hall, Jiang monkey biscuits, etc., may face the substitutions or claims compensation for the outcome of liquidated damages The

See these news, is simply for the white lily heart.

2006 into the entertainment circle, finally popular over half the sky, and now 10 years of suffering a loss, everything must start from scratch.

Even from the bottom.
White lily do not know the price of this?

of course I know.

So many predecessors died on the beach, how can we not understand “Lei Chi can not, marriage is not derailed” truth.

However, in the hearts of the derailors, this probability is underestimated.

There is a concept in economics that is obsessed with small probability events.

For example, many people have bought lottery tickets, although the win may be minimal, your money 99.99% have to go back, but still some people feel lucky, that will be the fate of care, the results again and again to the wrong direction of investment.

White lily event is also true.

When the temptation is large enough, the resistance is small enough, she will be too confident that a small probability that everyone in the entertainment business is something, as long as I am careful, caught my probability is almost zero.

Probability is underestimated, naturally only see the proceeds, do not see the risk.

But in fact? Billion people staring, exposure probability is small? Do you want to laugh at me!

The results, after derailing, the whole people know, back to the days of lack of surgery, alas.

Entertainment is this place of great concern.

Line of stars have tens of thousands of people staring, every move, can lead to butterfly effect. This high degree of concern is a double-edged sword, it will be realized as a huge economic benefits, will also lead to the risk of numerous attacks.

Therefore, if the star is smart enough, it should understand: to give up part of the proceeds in order to maximize their own income.

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Allow to be disappointed and hopeful

I was a child, often misunderstood, but also know that is not good enough, unable to argue with others. So, I often fantasy, one day, there will be a person no longer let their own disappointment, I will not let people disappointed.

However, time flies past twenty years, this day has not come yet

At that time of their own, love and hate clearly, stubbornly thought that if you want to be good to me, it will not let me down. The same if I really willing to Hello, even if I make every effort, will also make you satisfied.

I will put their own disappointment, attributed to each other’s heartless, the other’s disappointment, due to their own reluctance.

At that time I think, if they are very disappointed, the relationship naturally came to an end, it is difficult to renew the front. I think all of all, as long as their willing to work hard, the results will be satisfied; if the results unsatisfactory, it must be their own efforts.

Do not see their own limitations, naturally will not understand the hardships of others. Until the age of the rampage, know how to smile and bowed his head, only to find two simple truth: I try to do the best, still someone disappointed me; know each other in the effort, I will be disappointed The

I finally understand: disappointed, and good or bad does not matter.

Can be turned into a deep despair, I want the perfect world was instantly disintegrated, the heart has a small voice to ask yourself: I can not let people disappointed, can not find their own people do not disappoint, people and What is the meaning of the relationship between people?

The proximity of the relationship is often starting from disappointment

08 years, I love, boyfriend is my current gentleman. One morning, there was one thing, Mr. was very angry, nausea do not speak. I knew he was disappointed with me, and my heart was disappointed with myself. I secretly conceived, and perhaps our relationship is over.

At noon, Mr. sent a text message: come together to eat it! I received a text message, completely shocked, for a small temper, I will not be so give up.

I think he must wait for us to calm and then mention, but since then, Mr. did not blame me, did not ask me any explanation.

When he did not ask me to be responsible for his disappointment, not to blame my fragrance, my heart was unexpectedly open to him. From that moment on, I wanted to cherish each other, because he made me understand: a real mature people, not because of disappointment and blame each other, but will not easily give up feelings.

Until today, I am still very grateful to that lesson, Mr. let me know: the original, disappointment can be accepted by their own. Our relationship becomes deeper, and I started the real growth.

After that, whenever I encounter very disappointing things, can not suppress the inner anger, want to blame others, or because I let others disappointed and feel remorse, I will think of years ago that scene, the truth is always Imperfect, and experience gave me the answer: to allow disappointment, the relationship is close to hope.

Disappointment is the only way to mature

After I started as a consultant, I sometimes found that the relationship was getting better, but the next time I was suddenly wrong, I asked my teacher: I found that I was not wrong, why suddenly changed?

My teacher said: disappointment, is the beginning of the growth of the place, accepted it, you mature.

At this time, I realized that a consultation relationship, like any other relationship, if enough real, often neither so good, nor so bad.

It is like the beauty of the flaws, if directly removed, jade will no longer exist, but you can through the emotional grinding, it becomes transparent and bright. The initial relationship of each paragraph is a piece of jade to be polished, only you put the situation, will really belong to your own.

When I accept the disappointment, with their own imperfect, to meet more imperfect relationship, I no longer feel that they should be someone else’s life is unique in that person. If I can be understood, I am very happy; if not understood, I also accept. Because, I finally understand, disappointed often, without sentimental.

Perhaps, you and I have the same, will not be happy to meet, one day, there will be a person no longer let me down. But when you love, children, parents, friends, these closest people, are one by one another disappointment, you may blame each other, I love is not good, the child is not good, parents are not good, They do not understand me.

So you will still have a fantasy for a stranger or a new relationship, and then one day you will find that you are still very disappointed … …

There will never be a man who will never let you. Sometimes you will let yourself down.

When a child begins to accept the disappointment of the parents, no longer complain that they are not good enough when the child grows up;

When a man or woman, began to accept the disappointment of the partner, no longer try to change each other, the relationship is near;

When you accept your own disappointment, no longer blame or fight yourself, you are mature.

Disappointed, is the place where the growth began. Is not only the way, why should the left to hide the right possession; both life homework, why should not perfect sad; since can not refuse, why not start from this moment, accept it, walking in the self-growth on the road.

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People are divided into 9 layers, which layer you belong to

A social structure composed of cognitive ladder How high are you thinking about, and at which level you are at?

This cognitive ladder, probably divided into nine layers:

The bottom of the cognitive, ignorant of the people, always be exploited and unable to protect themselves

These people in the play, is a factory staff! They had to hold factory shares, factory demolition land resumption, land prices rose to 10 million, the workers are so happy that they made a hair – can never think of the workers of the shares, by the master through the capital and power double Operation, all taken away!

Workers are anxious, organized to protect the factory, against the demolition – the results of ignited gasoline, burn their own bad miserable, hospital no one to intervene (the film at all levels of officials, full of words, but no one to the hospital Have seen them!)

These workers at the bottom, have no ability to protect themselves! In order to survive had to go out on the street to sell it early, the film said they were urban management chase, and some one hit the bus, died death!

– this is the background of the more realistic portrayal of the community whether there is conscience, depends on whether or not to treat these people. Is the person at this level the ability to see if he can get out of this level!

Cognition of the second level, the wind factory union chairman Zheng Xi Po and the demolition

This level of people, slightly more than the bottom of a little bit – but only to the bottom of the bitter and hurt, self-awareness is ignorant! So their cognitive characteristics, is faint, joy and anger with the territory!

Furious, joy and anger with the environment – for example, the union chairman Zheng Xi Po, has been to retirement years, the greatest wish is to hope that his son promising, good sponsorship at his own expense poetry collection! And his son, but in racking their brains, want to pull money from the old man’s hands! A family living in the muddle confused, each calculated, moody!

Is the mood with the environment to turn over the change of Zheng Xi Po, actually dare to re-start with the workers – the reality is the game! But the film and television drama, what strange things will happen!

And Zheng Xipo at the same level, there are demolition team! This group of people in the hearts of the ignorance and fear of the workers, see through, so fiercely to bully – but they do not know who they are, so the upper level of a pattern of change, the group first succeeded first caught stand up!

Cognitive third layer, grass-roots boss Tsai success

Cai Chenggong has extraordinary generals, but the play actor broke: he is a person who lost at the starting line, playing the little father regardless of the mother regardless of poor academic performance and non-stop repeat!

Although he with his boldness and courage, and simply kill the blood of the road, from the grass to become more than a thousand people entrepreneurial rate! But the business confinement, dark die sets, Rao is Cai success three-handed, and finally was plot!

After the plot of Cai success, fleeing Beijing to send a small help – hair is the hero of the play, but he sent the gift, whiz the threw out!

A mustard root, also with the Beijing official set of friendship?

Carrying the pig also can not touch the temple, which is the bottom of the small boss of the general sorrow!

– the most painful Tsai success, he obviously was plot, but all this is no evidence!

He can only say that he knows the fact that only that will go to prison!

– he tried to make it clear how he was involved in the plot, but was a small hero of the show: just say the truth, do not say your imagination!

– Note that this is the highest value of the play lies, you can distinguish the imagination from the facts, how to distinguish between others in the words of the imagination and the fact that this is whether you can jump out of the bottom, into the economic freedom of the key!

Cognitive fourth floor, the sale of nothing more than human, business is nothing more than human nature

The red top of the play female high school piano, is the representative of this understanding! She started with a poor family woman, attack the city, from scratch, sitting nearly ten billion assets!

She should be everyone’s favorite, tricky master!

She opened the government business channel, let the bank to the wind factory boss Cai success slow loan, forced Cai to the factory equity to do the mortgage, in her here by bridge loans! And then let the bank break the loan, Cai success abruptly collapse, more than a dozen billion of the land, all owned by the high Xiaoqin!

Knife head licking blood, tiger mouth teeth, little girl love this one!

– in reality such a businessman, everywhere! But the real master resource operation more meticulous, will not let anyone grasp the handle!

Cognitive fifth floor, insight into the image of the elephant, the platform is more capable

Recognize this level, they have a skilled social management capabilities, to be a secretary to mention!

The male pig feet in the play at this level, as well as the Public Security Bureau of the Secretary Zhao Donglai, as well as the anti-corner of the bright spot of the Bureau of the Secretary!

This level of human resources, they know people, human nature, but the way of thinking, so that they can only from the local point of view, the overall view to be improved!

Cognition on the sixth floor, on the peep Road, down the common people

People who have been communicating with people at this level for a long time will find that their context is mild and their eyes are calm, and the subordinates are accustomed to the instructions, and their instructions are superb: what is the first, what is the second, what is the third?

They are proficient in science, know a starting point will cause people what kind of riots, know where the pit!

They are less words, there must be in!
The play of the Public Security Bureau Qi Tongwei, the provincial procuratorate president Ji Changming, secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang Shili are at this level! So they some people want to go to a layer, some people want to peace without retirement, each have their own choice!
Cognition of the seventh floor, exploration dead, life without sleepy

Play the most distress Dakang secretary, is this type! They think of all, others in the eyes of the dead, fall in their hands will be salted fish. Such people in politics high-profile, low-key business.

If you are in politics, even if only in a small town, will be the first time up to listen. If you do business, their money will not be less than Ma, but declined the scenery of Ma!

What they are best at is to start social capital. They can use someone else’s money, to do their own thing, but also to bring a rich return to each other! So they most like to say dedication, that for the sake of others!

In the business world, a person came to this step,
You can comfort this life, wash sleep!

But in politics, there is still a long way of power,
Continue to challenge their lives!

The eighth layer of cognition is not made,

Drama in charge of political and legal committee deputy secretary Gao Yuliang, is such a person! He was originally the head of the college, out of school into politics, happy to achieve the aspirations of life, want to make things, already done! To settle the people, long ago get on the ground!

Worth the peach and plump world, the disciples of the door High teacher back to nature, just want to find hundreds of thousands of confidante, lying in the land of pink and green, enjoy the enjoyment of life!

Such people are highly suspected gods of the horizon, had to glimpse the wisdom of heaven, but can not tolerate the red temptation, reduced to dust for the demon. In reality they have wisdom, but also popular, live thieves cool friends But the film and television drama, this kind of monster must be received!

The work of the cognitive ceiling: insight into the insightful, deep and deep

– had to complain in a low voice, the highest awareness of the play provincial party secretary Sha Ruijin, the performance is just a Secretary level!

Although the screenwriter would like to take out such people’s cognitive bottom, and even participated in provincial and ministerial level meetings! But the problem is that the screenwriter was allowed to participate, must be a business work conference, simply can not reveal the real strength of the provincial leaders!

Provincial leaders, their vision of the vast, clear words, often with a shocking effect. Control the overall situation is their daily work, and they are familiar with the details of the people, and then complicated situation, you may say that three days and three nights did not make it clear that he does not exceed five words, you can speak clearly!

See big and far away,

Above the ten words of the mood, 36 years old if you can reach, it is worthy of their own ambition!

Summed up the net drama “the name of the people” in the nine cognitive level:

The bottom: no clear people, I do not know people I do not know the world do not know things, life hardships, in vain to exploit and unable to protect themselves!

The second layer: faint people, the heart with the territory! Their vision is too narrow, and no goal, no progressive consciousness, always muddle, anxious is silly, afraid of is a coward! They always have deep doubts about human nature, do not understand how people are now!

The third layer: to distinguish between state of mind and reality! This is the core of American primary education, but also the gap between the rich and the poor! Once you have a clear distinction between facts and opinions, to distinguish between opinion and subjective emotions or imagination, this person has a sufficient social adaptability and development ability!

The fourth layer: business is nothing more than human, business is nothing more than human nature, wealth is nothing more than resources, but the operation of success! To this level of people, have a clear sense of resources, since the platform, skilled operation. Basically food and clothing without fear, but always confused about the world!

The fifth floor: insight into the image of the elephant, seeking better than seeking people! Such people are platform people, believe that the platform is the ability. And they can get the platform and let the platform expand self … Unfortunately, they must be trapped in the interests of the platform itself game, which makes them every day with Zhang Houiang face, every person said that happy!

The sixth floor: on the peep Road, down the common people. These people have a composite platform, than the fifth floor of the platform is greater, so their overall view of the more grand! They have the resources, has been able to solve any problems, but the platform pressure constitutes a dead end, put them firmly imprisoned!

The seventh floor: this layer of people to explore the world, life without sleepy. They insight into the reality of uncertainty, good at breaking, like breaking But as the play of the play, the great wisdom, difficult for ordinary people understand. So the people around him, will be driven by human nature, surrounded by a circle, a mind to kill this heterogeneous!

Eighth layer: out of human nature, not for the sake of. Such people, have realized the reality is nothing more than human nature, they will not move because of a finger, and aroused the rebound of human nature! Only need to speak a few words, you can urge things toward their own expectations in the direction of development. But their only enemy is their own, no one can beat him, only he himself could not understand their own, off their own!

The top layer: Regression platform, or can be called platform upgrade transition, this platform is only ecological type of society.

The difference with the eighth floor is that people living in this level, has successfully defeated the self-weak nature, the same ability to behave, different value orientation, so in order to do see the big line,

This world is like a big classroom classroom, where your knowledge at the level, where the results, ranking also in this position!

Nine layers above, still have high Taiwan! Jiuyuan under, still ditch ditch!

If the world is competitive, then the competition is cognitive!

Cognitive – first you know how much, then how do you look at these!

– no right or wrong, heart is right and wrong!

Everything is nothing but human nature!
Know people know the world governor, view the mountain view of water view the sea view of the wind!

You may notice that the so-called nine-layer cognition,
But the free combination of three dimensions.

The first dimension is the breadth of time and space, this is called big, big situation big vision large pattern big insight!

The second dimension is the depth of the world, this is far away, how much knowledge of the law of society how deep, how far can be out!

The third is a repeat of human nature, the white prime minister know that according to the sword, from the heart of the belly. Feng Peng is to mention nine thousand miles, thick makeup wiping the total affordable. Life is nothing but a self-protagonist of the film and television drama, your knowledge at which level, you are what role!

If you do not like the current position, do not like the role of the present, it is necessary to learn to their own cognitive upgrade. Xi Jia Nianhua and laugh, back is the other side! Cognitive upgrade is just a turn of mind.
Open your eyes and look around the vast world. Look at the sky to see the wind watching the water to see people from the local vision out of the law into the depth of the law.

Open heart, release that messy mood! Know ourselves know that know the people, from the Yu Yu out of the miscellaneous, overlooking the human nature that forever and desolate!

Eight thousand four thousand magic door, but the heart of compassion. Sooner or later you will beat the hearts of the weak and fear, so that this beautiful and extraordinary world, become your life stage!

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Your taste exposed your class status

Taste really can reveal your class status.

The upper class to the main cattle, the lower class to salty, repeatedly simmer stewed low nutritional food.

With the middle class, high cultural capital and economic capital is not high class, such as teachers, bread, dairy products, sugar, non-alcoholic drinks a higher proportion of higher economic capital, cultural capital is not high commercial employers, Bacon, appetizers and pastries, the proportion of high taste.

“Taste” really exposed your class status.

France’s most influential mentor, philosopher and sociologist Bourdieu argued that the modern industrial society is divided into three classes: the dominant class, the middle class and the lower class.

The main difference between each social class is the total amount of capital occupied.

He divides the resources and powers that people can actually use into four categories: economic capital, cultural capital, social capital, and symbolic capital.

Economic capital refers to the production of goods, services, money and material information.

Most of the material forms of capital are economic capital.

Cultural capital refers to cultural goods that are conveyed by educational action, including habits, attitudes, language, style, educational level, style, way of life, and the way people treat people.

Cultural capital can be transformed into a qualification certificate, education diploma and other forms.

Bourdieu argues that there are three forms of cultural capital.

The first: the form of body, associated with their own, such as a person by the education, with the cultivation, knowledge of the acquisition.

The accumulation of such cultural capital requires personal input, such as the time of investment, learning diligence, etc., “ten years of cold window bitter” is the best expression of cultural capital accumulation.

The second: the performance of cultural goods or cultural goods.

Such as painting, tools, machines and so on.

It is connected with the economic capital, can be passed, presented to others.

The third: cultural capital is institutionalized form, this cultural capital is the system, institutional arrangements, such as school education, such as education, qualification certificate procedures and so on.

Social capital refers to a lasting network of interpersonal relationships owned by a person.

This network of acquaintances is a real or potential resource, and everyone familiar with each other in the network can mobilize that resource.

Symbolic capital is also called symbolic capital, refers to the use of symbols to occupy the different forms of the other three kinds of capital legalization.

The following figure is a detailed outline of the dominant class, middle class and lower class status:

The first dimension is the amount of capital and the total amount of capital.

Bourdieu often use the vertical coordinates of the total amount of capital, the highest in the top of the capital often refers to the high, which is not only the status of different class differences, but also can be a way of life, life status , Even the diet, food, clothing, music appreciation have produced a social space.

The second dimension is the composition of capital.

Bourdieu often uses abscissa to represent different aspects of capital types.

Even the same class of people, their possession of various types of capital is not the same, some groups of cultural capital higher, lower economic capital, while others are the opposite.

Bourdieu often uses the left quadrant to represent the cultural capital of the high economic capital of the lower group or the way of life, with the right quadrant that the economic capital is high and the cultural capital of the lower group or the way of life.

The third dimension is the change of the first two in the time dimension.

Can be used in the social space has occurred and has not yet occurred in the track show.

On the one hand, he is more to use intergenerational relations to express the third dimension, such as the impact of family background;

On the other hand, he used the position to rise, stagnate or fall to show this diachronic dimension.

The following figure is Bourdieu ‘s sociology “montage”, showing his understanding of the social space in the class structure, from the way of life, life characteristics, life taste, life content and other aspects of the class to make a distinction between the nuances.

The first dimension and the second dimension are displayed on the abscissa and the ordinate.

The third dimension refers to the three trends of ascending, stagnation and descent.

How to judge a class status is rising or falling it?

Bourdieu According to a certain period of time a career of employment figures rise and fall to judge.

If the number of employed persons increases by more than 25%, the occupation is considered to be on an uptrend, and if the number is less than 25%, it is defined as a stagnant state, indicated by horizontal arrows.

Bourdieu also believes that taste is a symbol of the class and signs.

The taste of the upper class is different from that of the lower class, and the ruling class belongs to the “free and extravagant taste”, which is characterized by a direct material requirement and a simple art form.

The ruling class has a legal taste, manifested in music, painting, literary works in all its aspects.

There are two branches of the dominant class, representing the two extremes of the dominant position, one for the representatives of the intellectuals, one is represented by the business owners;

Bourdieu called the taste of the intellectuals “the taste of the left bank”, the taste of the industrial and commercial owners called “right bank taste”, the former like modern, contemporary works, which prefer classical, sacred works.

In contrast to the upper class, the petty bourgeoisie, the petty bourgeoisie, the craftsmen, the small businessmen, whose status is based on the possession of some economic capital, they occupy little cultural capital, cultural taste is not high.

In contrast to the bourgeoisie’s comfort, self-confidence, elegance, and freedom, the petty bourgeoisie is unnatural, bound, resigned and passive.

Of course, there are differences within the petty bourgeoisie, the so-called new petty bourgeoisie – cultural media workers and social medical workers, is rich in cultural capital, their taste and small businessmen are different.

The working class “popular taste” emphasizes direct economic necessity and material needs because they have the pressure of economic life, pay attention to reality, simple, despise decadent art form, more materialized interactive way, closer, do not care about each other Close, outspoken, do not pay attention to etiquette.

This difference is also reflected in the diet.

As mentioned above, the vertical axis represents the total amount of capital, the upper and lower low, the abscissa indicates the capital type, the left is the high cultural capital and low economic capital diet, the right is the high economic capital and low cultural capital diet.
It can be seen, the high total capital of the upper class, the diet on the beef, fish-based, and the lowest total capital of the lower class to eat are those salty and fat, taste heavy, simmer stew low-nutritious food.

The same is the upper and middle class, there are differences in the performance of the abscissa is that the cultural capital and economic capital is not high class, such as teachers, their diet bread, dairy products, sugar, non-alcoholic drinks a higher proportion.

And those with high economic capital, cultural capital is not high commercial employers in the diet, wine, bacon, appetizers, pastry, the proportion of food is higher.

At the same time, the difference in eating habits is also reflected in the cooking time.

The manual workers spend most of their time cooking, and the other classes are much less.

Different classes of different dietary structure, but also reflects the different classes on the body, the concept of body is not the same.

For the working class of men, they pay more attention to strength rather than physical, so they choose cheap and nutritious food.

And professional and technical personnel tend to be light, is conducive to health, not fat food.

Taste really can reveal your class status.

Extension: upper society people holding people, the lower society people step on (depth)

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Any one society, the development to a certain extent will be layered. What I want to discuss with you today is: What is the fundamental difference between different levels of society? Is it an order of wealth?
No, it’s a more subtle thing.
I divided the society into three levels, the upper, the middle, the lower:

1, the upper class

The upper echelon is composed of big entrepreneurs, politicians, investors, rich second generation, stars, celebrities, etc. The biggest feature of this group is that people are good at marriage and join hands, for example, we often see such news: The entrepreneur married a star; a star got a primitive stock of a business; a rich second generation with a net red together and so on;
Why the upper class of people always hold each other?
In the upper society, the first person is scarce, and then all of us fame outside, basically heard between each other, if you want to know who went to inquire about what the results are all clear, so everyone attaches great importance to their own The fame.
Second, everyone in the upper society has a lot of resources, we all understand the truth: to have their own resources to change the hands of others in the hands of resources, so that the resources can be revitalized, their control of things more and more , So the upper class people are happy to share.
Again, although the upper class of social exchanges are basically belong to the interests of exchange, cooperation is conditional, but because everyone has a certain background and strength, so we formed a mechanism of mutual checks and balances, under normal circumstances Few people are willing to make “out”, “take big risk” thing, who will account for others to lose their own hard to lay the country?
So, although in the upper society between people and ultimately, false and false rifle, but at least seemingly “you respect me a foot, I respect you ten feet.” If one day two people to the edge of the non-turn, it will not personally come forward to solve. In short, the upper class of people always try to maintain a style.

2, middle society
Middle-level society is composed of executives, white-collar workers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, etc. groups, this group should have enjoyed a comfortable life, but we generally anxiety. On the one hand high on the price, the impact of the huge Internet so that they do not have a sense of security, on the other hand real estate rich, the Internet makes wealth and so the wave of wealth and let everyone around the corner, so the biggest feature of this group is waiting for help.
Why are middle classes equal to each other?

First of all, the middle class of people to change the fate of the best way is to start, almost everyone has a business plan, but entrepreneurship is a certain risk, and their living burden (such as mortgage, living expenses, health reserve ) And so on, which makes it difficult for them to lightly battle, so everyone is waiting for a faster, more appropriate, more secure opportunity.
Second, entrepreneurship needs to find the right partner and partner. But in fact, the middle-class society, the most lack of people is the trust, which is mainly due to the traditional business of the extensive and bottomless competition led to the results, the final heart to the back, everyone is at risk. In fact, the middle class has a lot of talent and potential people, but we always can not open arms embrace each other;
Therefore, the middle society is the most embarrassing class, they can be on, but to face the pressure, risk and suspicion,
They are also eager to change and create, but it seems to have been waiting for the opportunity to attack, but how can the world specifically tailored to us the opportunity and people?

3, the lower society

People in the lower class, I do not want to use the profession to divide, it will be considered discrimination. I think the lower society mainly refers to those who do not have the means of production, only rely on the labor to sell their livelihood, they live in the cracks. They often do not have culture, do not care about dignity, let alone self-confidence. What is more important is that they tend to be ruthless, preoccupied with each other.
Why are the lower classes stepping on each other?

First of all, before 2000, the tube on the “constant constant who have perseverance,” this sentence is not just talk about it. A person must have a certain wealth and assets to have their own principles and positions. When a person is alive for the mixed food to eat, exhausted all day, often also wandering in the grid, crime, and the edge of life.
Secondly, they are always comparisons and precautions, always afraid of others than their own good. They do not worry about those who have nothing to do with their own success, but always concerned about their own people succeed, which makes them germination jealousy.
Even, they will secretly calculate you. You are in the clear, he is dark, they will provoke you not happy for fun. What about the poor? Everybody is a vulnerable group and should help each other.

This is one of the most fundamental differences between the upper, middle and the next three societies:
People in the upper class, everyone is staring at each other’s strengths;
Middle society people, everyone is waiting for the benefits of others;
People in the lower class, everyone is waiting for someone else’s joke.

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How to control emotions!

People always have low mood ——– perhaps because of a person, perhaps because of one thing, people can not let go for a long time. Emotional depression, both affect life, but also affect the daily work and study. When you feel that you are being troubled by some problems, try to do the following way, maybe you will be helpful.

1: transfer your attention

When people ‘s emotions are at low tide, they are not interested in anything. Always thinking about those sad things. So, in order to get rid of this sentiment, first of all should let themselves not always think about these issues, divert attention. Sometimes, something is something people can not change. Since it has become a reality, do not always think about how to make it become nothing, try to accept, to face the reality.

A person can not change the world, things will not change because of you. What we can do is to adapt to this world. The so-called natural selection of the object, the survival of the fittest, want to make their own happy, first of all to make their own not so extreme,

Do not always dissatisfied with the reality of the living situation, do not always and others to compare. Your life should have your wonderful. Sometimes, happy life does not pile up with a lot of tickets.

2: learn to be tolerant

Tolerance is a virtue, a redemption of the wrong person, and a sublimation of his mind. Do not always think of how the other offended you, how much damage or loss to you. Think about each other is not worth asking you to go so angry. He is intentional or unintentional? On weekdays to be how you? Give each other a chance, is to give yourself a chance. For some people, forgive, far more effective than punishment. Perhaps just a moment of mistakes, perhaps just flashing the twists and turns. People always make mistakes when the people do not be too harsh.

Do not always think that Jiangshan easy to change, the nature of hard to move. Sometimes, as long as there is confidence, people can change. Perhaps for friendship, perhaps for love, and perhaps for the family. Use the development of the look of others. Especially for those who love each other. Maybe you can not tolerate some of the other problems, if you love each other, give him the opportunity to change. However, the strict requirements of each other at the same time, but also strict demands on themselves, for some of their own can not tolerate the other side of the problems, as to be corrected. Never be strict with others, more than to be. This will make the other sad, disappointed.
3: contenter Changle

The pain you are now suffering is not meaningless. People will run into a lot of pain, this is what we can not avoid. Pain can make people decadent, but also can stimulate people’s morale. Pain hone the will of the people, so that people will not easily be defeated by difficulties.

The pursuit of perfect life, is everyone’s dream. However, this perfect really exist? We exhausted life, just to pursue that perfect moment, it is worth it? Everyone has shortcomings, everything will be inadequate. Look at people to see things, first see its beautiful side, if you think this person is worth you to pay, I think you can tolerate each other’s shortcomings. Do not always look on the ugly side of the eyes, so you can never find happiness, never have a good mood.

4: learn to control yourself

People are bad thoughts, perhaps just a moment of thought, do not have for this evil and panic. The thought of man is complex, not only good. Sometimes some evil thoughts, but also can help people vent their hearts dissatisfaction. Such as being bullied, you can imagine his painful meal and so on. This is possible, the key is to be able to control their own evil thoughts, so that it does not go about their own behavior. So evil is not terrible, as long as the use of properly, but can help people ease the pressure.

5: correct face reality

Do not always fantasize about what’s going to happen. This is not the world of fairy tales. The world is real, it is cruel and beautiful. Often the more ordinary things, the more able to bring people shocked.

Never put your happiness on someone else’s pain. That kind of happiness will not be long, and soon will be replaced by endless pain. The real happiness is from the heart.
6: learn to self-resolve

People always have a low mood, whether it is because of love, or because of friendship, or other factors, so that you suffer, so you can not find the fun of life. First of all, do not give up the desire for good things and the pursuit of hope there will be power. Secondly, if you really want to get rid of the current predicament, it must first dare to face difficulties, blindly escape, will only make their own pain more long way.

When you are not satisfied with the matter, to learn to do a few more deep breathing, try to make themselves calm down, then you can find the most trusted friends to talk; if you do not let others know, you can put the TV volume zoom , To shout or curse his people; can also go to the wild to get some freshness, those who are not happy for the sake of time to go to the back, until the sort of mind to decide again; or let yourself do more work, listen to music, transfer their attention Force and so on.

In short, no one can not avoid life, but as long as you are a brave man, a person with a noble sentiment, a person who can treat themselves and others, a person with confidence in life, a large number of people, In the face of adversity … … then, your eyes will be a bright sky! There will be a better mood.

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Where does the gold come from?

For decades, gold and other heavy metals have been considered supernova eruption, but many researchers have recently questioned this.

Historically, there is a lot of bizarre absurd interpretation of the question of how “gold is on earth” or “how to get more gold?”. For example, the people of the Inca Empire (the ancient empire of the South American continent from the 11th century to the 16th century) believed that gold came from the tears and sweat of the sun gods; Aristotle thought that gold was a hardened water Solar water penetrates into the depths of the surface when the change; Isaac Newton also wrote with the Holy stone preparation of gold formula; even, Green fairy tale dwarf demon can be rotated by straw to get gold.

Modern astronomers also have their own theory, the result is relatively clear: about four billion years ago, in a known as the “late veneer” (late veneer) period, embedded in a small amount of precious metals (including gold) meteorite fall to Earth on. But the most essential question is, where is the gold in the universe coming from? , This is still an unsolved mystery.

For decades, more and more people have begun to believe that the supernova eruption has produced gold and elements in the periodic table after several lines of heavy elements. However, with the simulation of the supernova model to enhance the level of the majority of the gold outbreak simulation process performance more like the ancient alchemist set. Perhaps new discoveries (which are considered very difficult by traditional research) can answer this puzzle!

In the past few years, the new theory quickly detonated the research circle. Now, many astronomers believe that neutron stars have collapsed and collapsed to forge the heavy metals in the universe. There are also some people think that although many supernova bursts can not produce these heavy metals, but still some special supernova can do. In order to resolve the controversy, astrophysicists began to spare no effort to collect evidence from the computer simulation of the model to the deep sea manganese nodule gamma ray detection. They want to observe a very rare universe of metal to end this argument

Supernova problem

In 1957, the physicists Margaret, Geoffrey Burbidge, William Fowler and Fred Hoyle presented a set of Theory, can explain how stars produce and destroy almost every element of the periodic table [1]. This means that humans (at least the elements that make up our body) were stardust and, of course, gold elements.

Anna Fribbel, an astronomer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said: “The problem has been a long time, and the secret of Stardust has been around for a long time.

The Big Bang produced hydrogen, helium and lithium. Then, the stars use these elements to gradually synthesize the heavier elements. But this process to iron after the stagnation, because the iron element is the most stable element, the nucleus than the iron element charge is very large, it is difficult to gather together, so that the synthesis process of energy input is greater than the energy output.

In order to make the heavy element more stable, you can use neutral neutrons to bombard the iron nuclei. Newly added neutrons tend to cause nuclei to be unstable, in which case the neutrons will decay into protons (which also release an electron and an anti-neutrino), and the net increase in protons leads to new Heavy elements appear.

If the neutron velocity captured by the nucleus is slower than its decay rate, the process is called slow neutron capture, or is called the S process, such as the formation of strontium (Sr), barium (Ba) and lead (Pb); if the neutrons are captured by the nucleus faster than its decay speed, the process is called fast neutron capture, or called the R process, such as uranium (U) and gold (Au) and other heavy element.

In order to get the elements of the R process, Bobby and his team realized that you need to meet the following conditions: First, you need a fairly pure neutron source; then, you also need a heavier ” (Such as iron nucleus) to capture these neutrons; finally, you have to put them in a hot, dense environment (density can be too high). Of course, you will hope that everything will happen in the explosion, so that the product will be scattered out, and can be detected by.

For many astronomers, a special kind of material to meet the above conditions, that is supernova.

The mechanism of the supernova is like this: when the high-quality stars of their own nuclear slowly synthesize the heavier elements to the iron element, the synthesis will stop, the stars of the ball rolling, about a sun-quality stars will collapse Shrink the radius of only a dozen kilometers of the sphere, followed by the core collapsed into a very high density of stars, it will produce super planets outbreak, it produces and radiant energy up to billions of light years away.

It seems that supernova has all the necessary conditions. In the process of star collapse, the protons and electrons at the core are very close, and then the neutrons are produced, and the nuclei are transformed into the embryos of neutron stars. Coupled with the rich iron content, heat is also sufficient, resulting in hot will last for nearly a thousand years, and continue to spray energy to the space until exhausted.

By about 1990, the computational model began to produce more specific images. Half a second after the collapse of the mass of the mass of the stars, the neutrino storm will last for nearly a minute, and some of the neutrino storms that contain a large number of neutrons will scratch the iron core that can be used as a “seed”.

Astronomer physician Thomas Janka (Thomas Janka, Germany plus Hing, Max Planck Institute) said: “find hope! I think it is nearly 20 years to explain the formation of R elements of the process, the most interesting and most The way forward. “And now there are still many people agree with this view. Astronomical physicist Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, University of California, added: “If you now open a textbook, it will tell you that the R process will appear in the super planets Outbreak.

But with the supernova model more and more complex, but the situation has become more and more bad. For example, the temperature of the neutrino storm does not seem too high, the speed of the storm is too slow, so that too many species can not capture enough neutrons to form uranium-like elements, and neutrino can also Sub-conversion into protons – it means that the neutrons can participate in the less.

This makes theorists reexamine the most critical point in the supernova model – the super planetary outburion does not seem to depend on the neutron star’s R process.

StephanRosswog (University of Stockholm University) said: “This kind of nuclear synthesis is so incredible, at first you have other parts of the universe do not have a huge amount of neutron source, although the neutron star has a super Strong gravitational field, but the crux of the problem is – how can you determine that neutron stars can produce something?

Is there any way to let neutron stars crack? One way is to use supernova-level explosion, it seems that does not work If you think and then open a little, can you wait until a super planetary outbreak, and then use it to crack the neutron star?

Neutron star story

In 1974, radio astronomers first discovered [2] a double-pulse neutron star system. In each track, they consume energy, and one day there will be a collision. In the same year, astronomical physicists James Lattimer and David Schramm simulated [3] the case of neutron stars and black holes, but the collision between neutron stars in that era was too complicated As for the calculation can not be simulated.

Although the super-planetary outbreak can briefly illuminate the entire Milky Way galaxy, the neutron star is still difficult to observe. For example, as early as 1054, the supernova eruption produced by the crab nebula was recorded in many places, but until 1968, the neutron star was detected [4] to. Latimer and Schramm argue that although no one has ever seen the fusion of two neutron stars, it is not only difficult to find but also difficult to understand, but this extreme case can explain the generation of R elements.

Imagine the last scene of the combination of two neutron stars, when they become larger neutron stars or black holes, they will be destroyed by a huge gravitational tide, the collision process will also spray a lot of material.

Brian Metzger, a theoretical astronomer at Columbia University, said: “It’s kind of like you are squeezing toothpaste and it will eject something at the end.” Each neutron star will have a tail, The proportion of the child to the proton is close to 10: 1, the temperature is as high as several billion degrees Celsius, and the nucleus formation process is almost one second. Because they contain many unstable, activated neutrons, and finally they will decay into gold and platinum and the like elements.

At least, in the simulation process, they are carried out in this way.

Golden Star

Neutron star fusion and super-planetary outbursts will continue to produce R process elements, but the biggest difference between the two is the amount of production. Supernovae may have the size of the moon gold, and neutron star fusion can produce Jupiter-sized gold (thousands of times higher than the supernova produced), but the neutron star fusion probability is far less than the supernova outbreak. The distribution of elements of this R process can be used as a way for astronomers to explore their origins.

Ramirez Ruiz (RamirezRuiz) said: “R process elements like chocolate, the universe rich R process elements mainly from the supernova, this part is like a cookie evenly coated chocolate, compared to The fusion of neutron stars is like chocolate making cookies, and all of these chocolates or R processes are very intensive.

By looking for the byproducts of R events on Earth and their distribution, they can be used as a means of assessment. After the supernova erupted to illuminate the Milky Way for a long time, the elements that it produced would enter the interstellar dust, and when the dust passed through the solar system, it would fall into the earth as a result of the geomagnetic field, At the office. In a 2016 issue of the journal Nature, it was found that [5] has radioactive Fe-60 elements in the deep-sea shells, which are considered to be traces of supernova outbreaks ten million years ago. However, these supernova bursts do not appear with the R process-related elements. They also found in this [6] a small amount of plutonium 244 (an unstable product of the R process). Metzjie argues that no matter how these overweight elements are produced, they will not be the most frequent in our galaxy.

Not everyone agrees with this conclusion. Such as the team led by Shawn Bishop (Munich University of Technology), who still want to find the radioactive plutonium left over by the supernova on Earth. Recently, their team is looking through the clues of the elements of the R process through substances such as microbial fossils that contain the metal elements they are ingested from the environment and used to prepare the magnetic crystals.

Of course, astronomers can also find from the depths of the universe, “chocolate cookies” footprint. For example, the europium element of the R process has a strong spectral line, and the astronomer can detect it through the gas layer of the star. In the aura of the Milky Way, the lines of these R process signals can be captured from some of the distant stars. Ramirez Ruiz said: “We can find almost two iron content, but the europium content is worse than two orders of magnitude stars.” Because of this, Ramirez Ruiz that the universe “chocolate Cookies “than” chocolate Weihua “more.

Astronomers also find an example that illustrates the problem, and many dwarf galaxies are experiencing the last period of death, and this process may be the process of R. Until 2016, no one observed that any star in the dwarf galaxy had frequent signs of R.

Suddenly one night, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Freibel (Frebel) received a shock to him the phone. This phone call from her graduate student Alex Ji (Alex Ji), Alex Kyrgyzstan has been observed Reticulum II dwarf galaxy. Freibel recalls: “He called me at two in the morning and said, ‘Anna, I found the spectrum out of some problems, there is a star showing a strong europium line’, I thought he was joking, Say: ‘Oh, Alex, you may have found an R-process galaxy’. “In fact, he really found [7]. Reticulum II has seven stars that are synthesizing R elements of the process, very rare things.

New supernova

In order to support the neutron star fusion model [7], everything seems so right. Neutron star fusion is very rare, unlike the collapse of a single mass star, and finally become a supernova, it needs two neutron stars in the double track up to merge, perhaps one hundred million years only once. But the opponents point out that you can not deny its existence because it is rare.

In our galaxy, neutron star fusion may occur once a billion years, perhaps once a million years, a difference of nearly four orders of magnitude. Christopher Fryer (Christopher Fryer, Los Alamos National Laboratory) said: “Those who think that neutron star fusion can explain the elements of the R process used to be a million years to calculate, really surprised me.

When Fryr and his colleagues used the relative compromise frequencies to perform neutron fusion modeling and estimate the amount of R process material produced, they found that neutron fusion only explained 1% of the R elements of the universe [8]. If the real frequency is 100 million years, then the neutron star fusion contribution will be reduced by 100 times. “More people are starting to rethink the question – can the process still appear in other cases,” says Fryer.

So, the supernova burst into a focus. If 1% of the supernovae show nonstandard simulations, they may produce a significant number of R process elements in a “chocolate-prepared cookie pattern”. Nobuya Nishimura (Nobuya Nishimura, an astronomer at the University of Kiel) and his colleagues raised objections in the recent article [9], which, in addition to neutrino, could also explode through stars A large amount of magnetic spray produced, the latter will quickly generate a large number of neutrons, so that the nucleus into some of the R process elements. “It’s not like your tea party,” Fred said, “you just have to keep it for 100 milliseconds!”

Many astronomers believe that this answer will be in a compromise form ended. Moreover, that change may have begun to happen. Fryer also said: “The R process is no longer the previous R process, and perhaps it can be divided into two halves, than the barium light R process elements derived from supernova, and heavier elements such as gold, then from neutron stars The collision.

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Met such a man, would rather single do not marry

There is a tree frog in the Amazon jungle.

Every mating season, the male frog will choose a suitable place to sing, and the female frogs listened to the song the most loud and clear who, the sound rushed to mate.

But things are not so smooth. Female frogs on the way to the male frog, will be a large number of small suitors of the attack.

These little male frogs will not get the favor of the female frog, they want to reproduce the only chance is to attack – to be pursued frog prince after the female frog, suddenly jumped into the people, clinging to it, regardless of case To the more intense resistance are life and death do not let go.

In this way, many female frogs reluctantly accepted the small male frog, with its mating, for its spawning.

Have to admit that the biological rules of nature are strikingly similar, the tree frog deduced, in fact, is a simple and rude version of mankind.

I have a colleague old sister, deeply dissatisfied with the marriage, daily lunch, her eternal topic is scold her husband.

Her husband is nine years older than her, when she was a flower girl, choose a lot, but her husband chase her chase particularly tight, two days a gift three days a bouquet of flowers, love letters written more than she Fast, sweet talk all said.

Insisted for more than a year, and finally touched her, to be exact, is the first to move her whole family. Her mother said, the girls do not figure what the glory of wealth, there is a good man hurt, a lifetime of steady and just heart on the line.

Had the other side of the pursuit of the bombing of the trend, coupled with the family all day 撺 tidbits, then young and old young sister was pretty confused from the.

Do not want to marry after crossing the more Wohuo, at first looking forward to the ordinary little happiness, all the rice and salt to break up, her husband education than her low, make money less than her, Gansha Han nothing, but the sky lying bragging.

The family event is still indifferent, all day to study that stock, but also lost a mess. Sister ‘s mantra is, how do you say that I am so bad luck, let him give it on it.

To tell the truth, every time to listen to old sisters complain, my mind immediately emerge out of the Amazon tree frogs. Oh, perhaps this association is not appropriate, but the truth is like.

Every young girl’s heart, there is a song loud and clear male tree frogs, they are either looking for, or have been on the way to the sound, but unfortunately in the pursuit of happiness on the way, those conditions do not like a small tree frog jump Came out and stopped them.

In the strong offensive, a lot of people confused, to give up the pursuit of the original goal, half-push half to join the embrace of small tree frogs. This is to join, usually a lifetime to account.

It may not be unhappy, but the risk is steep. Like the old sister this kind of slag man killed life, not a few.

Of course, even if it is caught in the unfortunate marriage, you really can not blame others. Although he was the original shameless pursuit, let you go astray.

But he dug the pit to let you jump, jump into your own choice, who let you dazzled, who let you weak, who let you assertive.

You refuse the poor ability, like those who are hugged in front of the Amazon female frog, do not have to get rid of poor quality male frogs, it can only recognize the bad luck.

Today, regret, often because of yesterday’s soft-hearted, will, passive, guilty two.

A few days ago there is a girl to find me, said she faced two choices: A man good and handsome, she likes the type, but the two contact opportunities, he is also more indifferent to her.

B male is a bit short, no serious career, but also gambling, but she is particularly good, what things are in accordance with her, know she likes a two thousand hand string, he borrowed money to buy her.

She intuition B character is not Kaopu, also refused a few times, but he has not given up, change the pattern chase her. Now she is a little tempted, and asked me, people should choose their own love, or love their own?

I said you are not facing this problem, but how to get rid of slag man’s problem.

He is not a problem, the problem is a young man does not work not to go, go crooked, chasing a girl have to borrow money, this man have any room for consideration?

The girl said, but he was really good to me, that A, I really can not see hope.

I said dear, the world on these two men yet? The vast sea you go to find ah. A is not, and CDEFG it, can not enter the palace, at least there are grass to live, why not go to the ditch ditch jump?

“He is good to me”, which may be the most likely to confuse girls with sugar-coated shells.

Sensual and simple girl, often for the “good” to bring the short and illusory happiness, lost the principle, not the sense of proportion, unconsciously will be physical and mental return.

But he is good to you today, tomorrow is not necessarily, others are not good, no matter how good to you?

Some people like it is usually a good thing, but if it is bad people like, it may be bad.

So, my dear girl, on that you simply do not agree with the negative points of the poor assessment of slag men, do not hesitate to decisively thoroughly, leave no room, ruthlessly refused him, to sweep out your sight, do not let He blocks your way of pursuing happiness.

Today, you stay on the slag, tomorrow who pay for your happiness?

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Inflation is expected to disappear

April 12, 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics released March price data. March CPI rose 0.9% year on year, the former value of 0.8%. PPI rose 7.6%, the former value of 7.8%.
Non-food upstream difficult to reach food fell, CPI rose only slightly. Non-food prices after the holiday season rose (up + 2.3%), but it is difficult to offset the food prices continue to fall sharply (-4.3%), CPI following the 0.8% in February after the low value, The Food: pig, dish two lower, “achievement” inflation in the doldrums. March high-frequency data show pork prices -4.5% year on year, pig cycle continues to fall in the downlink space. CPI pork sub-year-on-year -3.2%, the overall CPI contribution of -0.09 percentage points. Although the environmental pressure is large while large-scale farms exist double column behavior, but the relative increase in supply makes the future pig prices is difficult to substantially upward, while the recent major feed corn and soybean meal prices down, pork absolute price upside is limited. Although the second half of last year, compared to the first half of the pig has come down, but we believe that this year’s pork prices will fluctuate around 14-15 yuan, the possibility of a small upside down, so still dragged down. March fresh vegetable prices fell 7.9%, down 27.9%, the CPI contributed -0.95 percentage points. Spring season dislocation and warm winter together this spring season, fresh season prices ahead of early fall, superimposed last year’s high base makes the March fresh vegetable prices continue to decline significantly. Looking ahead, it is expected that with the gradual decline in April high base factors, fresh vegetable prices year on year decline is expected to narrow, but the overall range is limited. In addition, March fruit and aquatic products year on year growth rate has rebounded, slightly offset the decline in meat prices on the negative impact of CPI.

Non-food: did not appear on schedule obvious upward. March Development and Reform Commission twice lowered oil prices led to CPI traffic fuel items narrowed 0.7 percentage points to 16.9% year on year. Rents fell 0.5 percentage points to 2.8% last month, dragging down the entire living class fell to 2.4% last month. Although the rent began to appear in the first two months of this year, but appeared in March, so there is no clear evidence that high prices have begun to transfer to the rent, follow-up need to observe. In addition, the price of health care (+ 5.3%), education (+ 2.3%), clothing (+ 1.3%), daily necessities and services (+ 0.7%) increased, but limited. On the whole, did not promote non-food than expected.
PPI growth followed by weak, corporate earnings improved or weakened. Commodity up momentum weakened, PPI ring to continue down. March PPI compared with last month fell slightly by 0.2 percentage points to 7.6%, growth of 0.3%. Petrochemicals, March oil prices and oil and natural gas extraction sectors fell by 0.6% and 0.1% respectively, while the international oil prices fell by the same period, and the oil and natural gas extraction industry fell by 0.6% and 0.1% respectively. Metals, the main products such as rebar, plate, wire, angle and other gains were narrowed, ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry fell 3.3 percentage points year on year to 36.8%; non-ferrous metal prices generally fell, the main product electrolysis Copper, aluminum ingots, zinc ingots year on year growth rate narrowed more than 7 percentage points. We believe that the Trump infrastructure policy has not landed, raw material prices are expected to weaken; domestic real estate inflection point or temporary investment in infrastructure investment pressure; CRB index is close to the previous high point, upward pressure gradually, the above factors are constrained Commodity future upside. PPI chain has been narrowed for three consecutive months, we believe that the recent negative probability of a low, but the probability of maintaining a stable price, PPI year-on-year will be significantly down, the end of the year or near 0, the annual average or At about 5%. Affected by this, we believe that the improvement of corporate earnings will be weakened last year, but the growth rate is still positive range. At the same time, although the price center has been uplifting last year, but the future price of industrial products or survival is expected, this round of inventory cycle or near the end.
Unsurprisingly, inflation expectations continue to fall. “Up” point of view or has been falsified. We believe that inflation this year, the market is expected to basically clear the basic can be eliminated, and even stagflation-related views are basically in the next two or three quarters of economic growth is expected to fall before the pressure was falsified. First, the real estate market in the more stringent tightening policies around the background, the future price will appear to a certain extent down, the relevant service industry prices upside down; secondly, although the first two months of this year’s credit scale than expected, but throughout the Year, the slowdown in credit expansion will be a high probability event, the possibility of pushing up inflation in the currency also reduced; Moreover, from the recent social consumer data can be seen, even after the actual price of the cumulative year after year to reach the beginning of the year The lowest point, which means that the terminal demand does not support the CPI rose sharply; Finally, the history point of view, PPI and CPI non-food trend is relatively high, but on the one hand non-food gains and PPI upside down, on the other hand PPI ring to continue Downstream led to PPI high point has been, do not support CPI non-food up.
The second half of the “high point is not high”, moderate inflation throughout the year. Since the end of last year OPEC limited production agreement reached, the market generally raised the forecast for the international average oil price this year, and the second half of the limited production efforts to maintain or strengthen, perhaps the CPI is expected to rise the main factors. But now we believe that oil prices or will not appear more than expected. First of all, although the recent impact of the US war in Syria, risk aversion has led to oil prices rose to about $ 53, but the probability of short-term events; secondly, the European side, Le Pen’s support rate lower, the French election political risk There is a slow release, the German election over the expected results of the possibility is not large, the second half of the occurrence of black swan in Europe the probability or decline; Moreover, the second half of the production agreement is still pending pending, the United States shale oil and crude oil inventory pressure Has been restricting oil prices; Finally, in February 2016 after the oil prices began to rise, the high base of the gradual accumulation does not support the future upside is too large. Therefore, the oil price or will not be to raise this year’s CPI average over the expected factors, even if the third quarter due to base reasons, CPI receding stage high, but we think or only 2.2%, the annual average is expected to be lower than last year 2.0 %s level. Moderate inflation will not be a monetary policy adjustment considerations or constraints.

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The highest emotional intelligence, is full of gratitude to work

In the enterprise, people who know grateful will be more popular. Human resources experts said that many well-known enterprises in the recruitment of staff, the value of not only their professional knowledge, as well as their way of dealing with the problem and into the enterprise speed. In other words, is able to with a grateful heart to practical life, work.

Before his son entered the community, a father told his son three words: “met a good leader, to be faithful for his work; if the first job there is a very good salary, that your luck is good Work hard to be grateful; if the salary is not ideal, we must know how to work in their own skills.

The father is undoubtedly wise. All the young people should be these three words deeply in mind, always bear the principle of doing things.

Perhaps every job can not be perfect, but still want to thank the work environment, thanks to the boss, thanks to every job opportunity, full of gratitude to work. Even if it is at the beginning of others, and not to care about, to actively each task as a new start, a new experience, a door to the opportunity to succeed.

Because every job has valuable experience and resources, such as failure of frustration, the joy of success, the boss of the stringent, the competition between colleagues, these are any of the workers to succeed must experience the experience and must experience forging.

At present, some college graduates in the internship, not work on the first and the boss to talk about the conditions, or in the new job just made a little success, and department heads bargain, it is outdated. They should know how to thank the enterprise training, rather than care about whether to take hundreds of dollars, should be in their own performance, and then to the enterprise to raise a reasonable salary requirements, so that enterprises can have greater development.

Programmer Stevens worked for eight years at a software company, and the company went bankrupt when he was handy. At this time, and coincides with his third son just born, he must immediately find a new job.

There is a software company recruitment programmer, the treatment is very good, Stevens confidently to apply. With excellent professional knowledge, he easily passed the pen test. After two days to participate in the interview, he was full of confidence.

But when the interview, the examiner asked the question about the future direction of the software, he never considered this problem, he was eliminated.

However, the company’s understanding of the software industry so that he refreshed. He wrote a thank you letter to the company: “Your company spent manpower and material resources, to provide me with written examination, interview opportunities, although I lost, but a lot of knowledge. Thank you for your work, thank you!” This letter passed Layers of circulation, and later was sent to the hands of the president.

Three months later, Stevens accidentally received the company’s employment notice. It turned out that the company saw that he knew the character of Thanksgiving, in the vacancies when the natural thought of him, this company is the United States Microsoft. Ten years later, Stevens became Microsoft’s vice president with excellent performance.

In the enterprise, people who know the gratitude will be more welcome. Human resources experts said that many well-known enterprises in the recruitment of staff, the value of not only their professional knowledge, as well as their way of dealing with the problem and into the enterprise speed. In other words, is able to with a grateful heart to practical life, work.

However, there are many employees who can be grateful for the help of a stranger, but ignoring the kindness of the boss who gets along with the morning and evening. They regard all this as a matter of course, as a purely commercial exchange.

The oil king Rockefeller wrote in his son’s letter: Now, whenever I think of the company I have served, I think of my boss Hewitt and Tartre two, the heart filled with gratitude. That work career is the beginning of my life struggle for me to lay the foundation for success, I will always be grateful for that three and a half years of experience. Work is an attitude that determines whether we are happy or not. ”

It is true that hiring and hiring is a kind of contractual relationship, and can there be a grateful element behind this contractual relationship?

It is precisely because we have this job opportunity, only the survival of the material and the realization of the value of life stage; our ingenuity has a budding paradise; our life experience was able to enrich; our ability and talent have To be able to display the opportunity and space. So why not tell the leader and thank him for giving you the chance?

Of course, everyone’s success is inseparable from their own efforts. No matter how your behavior is perfect and wise, you can not help but feel grateful to others.

Think of your own action, which time no one else’s help? It is with colleagues to understand and support, there are usually learned from their knowledge, so that you have the opportunity to become talent and promotion.

“The first step in success is to have a grateful heart, and always be grateful for your present situation, but also to respect and gratitude for what others have done for you,” said Anthony.

A person promoted to general manager by the general staff said: “When I first arrived at this company, just a general staff without any experience, why in just two years was promoted to general manager? This is because, I often work with a grateful heart. ‘Dripping of the grace, when the Yongquan phase.’ It is this gratitude, let me work harder, I want to do my best to return all this. , Life has given me a greater return.

Thanksgiving to work, not just for the company and the boss. Gratitude can bring more gratifying things, this is an eternal law in the universe. “Do not think that work is dull and tedious, and when you are working with a grateful heart,” says Benny Dickert, “it is not virtuous and rewarded.” When people have the heart of thanksgiving, You can easily become a noble person, a more affinity and influence of people, a person with a unique personal charm.

You have to believe: Thanksgiving will open a magic force for you the door, to discover your infinite potential, to meet you will be more, better job opportunities and opportunities for success.

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Do not be silly, 80% of the good job is not on the recruitment site

Work for more than three years, still using the recruitment site job, is your failure
Do not be silly, 80% of the good job is not on the recruitment site
Editor’s Note: This article comes from the WeChat public number “classical ancient Shaoxia” (ID: gudian515), the author of classical, 36 krypton authorized release.

one question

If you find a job, the first step you want to do?

Some people are sure that the first reaction is – to write a resume, and then upload to the recruitment site up. Search for the required posts, and then post everywhere, wait for an interview with the opportunity.

Do not be silly, 80% of the good work is not on the recruitment site. Especially the recruitment of working people.

An observation

The boss is not the same as you. We think about it – if you are a boss, how is your job posted?

The first step, internal promotion

Have a good job, the boss will give priority to enhance the full-time, positive part-time, or overturned before cooperation. In short, the more important positions, the more to control the risk – to see this person worked, know is Kaopu; and this person contacted, that he is loyal.

So in fact your organization every day flying a lot of good career opportunities. There are opportunities for your high-quality social circles.

It is said that Kai-fu Lee just entered Microsoft, one by one please executives lunch, and they talk about life to talk about work, but also for their own brush sense of existence.

A meeting, he suddenly received a message, a look from the same venue in a senior executive, asked him, “you are interested in XXX jobs?” Kai-fu Lee immediately reply to each other, then the other side to propose: “This Position, I think Kai-fu Lee is more appropriate. ”

– not let you meet the phone, is to let you more and high-level contact, they are often looking for outstanding and loyal people.

The second step, find those who can let me experience the people

The boss wants to let him experience your ability to let him know how you are a person.

If you are a designer, mail your work; if you are a programmer, bring your software; if you are a consultant, list your success stories.

“Super individuals” column on the line, I received a lot of lectures, advice, write the book invitation, but also because my work so that more people intuitively understand my ability.

Further, in the Internet age business failure, project failure can not be terrible? In fact, not afraid, the key is to do the process, so that the outside world fully understand and recognize your ability, so we are willing to give you the next opportunity. You do more times, it is difficult to succeed.

A lot of high-quality opportunities, from here to find people.

The third step, I hope I trust people recommend

The boss began to find those who trust their own, professional discrimination ability to help recommend.

For job seekers, you can find someone who works at your target company and find someone who speaks in a professional circle. Let them help you recommend, delivery resume, the opportunity will be much larger.

Recently, when the line is very hot, and the founder Ji 13 chat, he was very aware of the role of social recruitment in the line – not only provide knowledge services, the key is to find a link you want to see the opportunity. Often talk with the experts chatting, if you really good, the other will ask you, “you have not thought about … …” may be a chance – excellent love, recommend to friends is also social money.

But remember that do not come up directly to the job demand – because the direct job, it is in the release of “I was Cock silk, I do not want to” social signals.

Many people want to be a consultant, trainer, or want to do their own knowledge products, will meet me, a chat down, if really appropriate, even if their company do not, I would also like to recommend to friends around.

A lot of good posts have been finalized here.

The fourth step, it can not find, try the headhunting and human resources it

It can not find the right person, the boss only need to use the headhunting and human resources in the major recruitment website published recruitment inspiration. This time you can through the search, see job recruitment.

You think about it, a good job after: internal promotion, personal experience, acquaintances recommended, and finally open recruitment – this time, the real good job has been little, but also in a variety of thousands of people Resume and then filter again, can find you really Amitosu.

Employers ‘thinking and job seekers’ thinking are graphically shown like this:

Do not be silly, 80% of the good job is not on the recruitment site

A strategy

What does this map give us?

1. Select the path

You find the ordinary people’s job search path, and good job recruitment path, almost exactly the opposite. Choose the path, you can almost out of 80% of the people. Most of the victory, are the mental mode of victory.

2. Write resume, do not vote resume

A career development of a good person, should be able to come up with resume at regular intervals in the social media, headhunting where to update the resume, but rarely “vote” resume job.

Because he has been in front of three rounds: endorsement, endorsement works, endorsement of the organization was selected to go away – so we often listen to cattle people said, “I graduated from college did not vote after the resume,” because no need.

3. serious work, good life. Do not donate it.

Power is not Tang donation is “Fahrenheit” a word, meaning: “gifted industry is not white to be donated, it will use a way you can not understand, back to you.”

In an era of interconnection, input and feedback are faster, excellent super individuals can be buried.

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