A trader will never see never tired, always treasure the article

An old text, very classic:

Trading the way,
Just easy to fold.
Only to Yin to soft,
Can only vertical and horizontal world.
The world is weak as water,
Then good water.
Equal to a small loss,
Plus large and small profits, accumulated several times.
Do not appear big loss is very simple,
To survive as the first principle,
When there is a danger that hinders this principle,
Abandon all other principles.
No matter what you used to,
How many have 100% of the outstanding performance,
Now as long as the loss of a 100%
You have nothing at all.
Trading the way,
Keep undefeated,
Attack the enemy.
100 million loss of 50% has become 50 million,
500,000 to 100 million to 100% profit only Caixing.
Every success,
Will only make you take a small step.
But every time it fails,
But it will make you a big step backwards.
From the first floor of the Empire State Building to the top floor,
Take an hour.
But jumped from the roof,
Just 30 seconds,
You can go back to the floor.

In the transaction,
Always have things you can not think of,
Will make you a loss.
Need to stop the most simple way,
Just ask yourself a question:
Assuming that there is no position yet,
Whether it is willing to buy at this price.
If the answer is no,
Immediately sold,
Without hesitation.

Contrarian operation is the beginning of failure.
Should not fight against the market,
Or try to beat him.
There is no need to be savvy than the market.
When the trend comes,
Should be followed.
When there is no trend,
View of the static.
Waiting for the trend finally clear,
Do not start too late
This will lose a small chance,
But won the security of the funds.
Your goal must be consistent with the market,
Adapt to market trends.
If you are consistent with the market,
Profits from rolling.
If you look at the wrong trend,
You have to use the old and reliable umbrella – stop single.
This is the relationship between trend and profit.
Trader the success of the two most basic rules is:
Stop and hold.
on the one hand,
Cut off losses, control passive.
on the other hand,
Earnings trend is not finished,
It is not easy to play,
To make full profit growth.
Long on the market,
Most stocks can not be afraid of being temporarily quilt.
Because the next wave of rising will soon get rid of,
Even profit.
At this moment,
Buy also want to know how to sit still,
Regardless of wind and waves, is like a stroll.
The key to trading,
Is to continue to grasp the advantages.

Quick claims,
Is an important principle in short market transactions.
When the position suffers losses,
Do not increase the risk and then stroke.
In the short market,
Do not lose or lose or win.
Do more wrong,
Less less wrong,
Do not do well
In an obvious short market,
If you are afraid to suffer a small loss and refused to leave,
Sooner or later will suffer heavy losses.
A struggling stock in the long-term downward trend,
It is right to sell at any time.
Even if it is sold at the lowest price.
Passively hold it to the bottom of it,
This view is dangerous,
Because it may not be at the end.

Learn to let the funds in batches.
Once the first entry position loss,
The first principle is that it can not be overweight.
The initial loss is often the smallest loss,
The correct way is to play directly.
If the market continues to be detrimental to the first entry position,
Is a bad deal,
No matter how high the cost,
Immediately claim compensation.
Hope at the bottom or head to get a person,
Always get hot potato.
Bear market down on the way,
Money can not win.
Institutions are often more ugly than casualty.
Small capital is not necessary for strategic Jiancang,
Do not need to prepare for the next year unknown market ahead of time.
Do not need and the main difficulties in the end.
A clear downward trend,
20-30 points of the small rebound,
It is not worth the excitement and participation.
Do not have to do something.
Action is not necessarily effective.
Sometimes do nothing,
Is one of the best choices.
Do not worry about missed opportunities,
Good hunters will be good to wait.
In the absence of great opportunities,
To be as quiet as a stone.
The way to trade is,
Patiently waiting for the opportunity,
Patiently waiting for the most favorable risk / reward ratio,
Patiently grasp the opportunity.
Bear market
There are always some institutions,
Holding someone else’s money,
Even if only a few million hope,
Also desperately looking for opportunities to struggle,
In order to break through the difficulties.
We are holding their own money,
To be particularly cherished.
Do not go blind to the bottom,
Do not blindly fry the bottom
To know,
Bottom and top,
Are the most easy to lose money in the region.
When you are confused,
Do not make any trading decisions.
Do not need to barely trade,
If there is no appropriate market.
There is no chance of winning a higher chance,
Do not reluctantly approach.
Stock market such as the battlefield,
Money is your soldier.
In the right direction,
Can be calmly put into combat.
To win and then fight,
Can not win before the war and then win.
Speculative core is to try to avoid the uncertainty of the trend,
Only bet on the obvious rally.
And before there is a considerable grasp of the action,
Give yourself to buy a insurance (stop bit out of)
To prevent their subjective mistakes.
make a deal,
Must have the ability to re-secondary,
Including capital,
Confidence and opportunity.
You can be defeated by the market,
But must not be eliminated by the market.
We came to this market is to make money,
But this market is not a full cash dispenser.

Into the stock market,
Is to rob the people who are ready to rob you at all times.
Stock speculation about the timing and skills,
Opportunity is not every day,
Even if there is,
Not everyone can catch.
To learn to analyze their own good at grasping the opportunity,
To their long, attack the other short.
Have the opportunity to fishing a ticket,
No chance to wait and see.
If you do not know what they are good at,
Do not act rashly.
With the crocodile swimming risk,
Be cautious in the market.
make a deal,
The most taboo use of pressure funds.
Once the funds have pressure,
Mentality will be distorted.
You will be because of the normal fluctuations in the market and panic out,
And even after the discovery of their original in a very favorable position.
You will be subject to the use of funds by the time,
In the absence of the opportunity to desperate,
The final full disk are lost.
Money management is a strategy,
Trading stock is tactical,
The specific price is fighting.

In ten transactions,
Even if the six transactions you failed,
But as long as the loss of the six transactions,
Control the loss of 20% of the total principal of the transaction,
The remaining four successful deals,
Even with three small profits,
To fill the entire transaction principal 20% loss,
Left a big profit,
Will make your income is not low.
You can not control the market trend,
So do not need to control their own situation in the waste of energy and emotions.
Do not worry about how the market will change,
What to worry about is how you will respond to changes in the market.
It is not important to judge right or wrong,
The important thing is when you are right, how much profit you get,
When you are wrong, how much you can bear the loss.
Before admission,
Stop and think about it,
Think about how many professional skills to support their own in the market,
Think about their own mentality can be tolerated ups and downs of the big wind and waves,
Think about whether the limited funds in your pocket have to deal with unlimited opportunities and losses.
Stocks such as the sea, safe to safe.
The wreck of the sea has a pile of navigational charts.
The most important transaction success factor,
Is not used in which set of rules,
But in your self-discipline.
Time to decide everything.
Life is not just a strategic battle,
To some extent also the time and life of the competition.
Baptist live for 10 years,
Every year even if only 5% sustained profit,
The total growth of its wealth,
Also enough to proud of the world.

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You are pursuing the “efficient”, in fact, murder your “thinking.”

Efficient, in this era, is a sought after by countless words. Including myself, also used many times.

But are you efficient and effective?

Or how can we achieve real efficiency?


A few days ago with friends to eat, he was promoted to director, his men with a bunch of people. On the table, he complained to me: he actually does not agree with the CEO of certain policies, but there is no way, can only be arranged, the heart is also some confusion.

I said: why do not you come up with a better plan, to propose to him?

He said: how can time ah, too busy, every day to deal with too many things, there is no extra energy to think about.

too busy.

This is this year, do not know the first few times from the familiar people mouth, say the words.

I have done in two industries, namely digital marketing and the Internet. Do things very different, but have a common: fast.

In both industries, time is measured in minutes. I still remember the internship, go out to see a customer, a taxi back to the office, to the higher level report, he said dissatisfaction: not that 5:00 will be able to come back? How late 10 minutes?

Later, after a variety of projects, job hopping, transfer, from the morning two points by the phone wake up, and later to their own two two o’clock to the subordinate, the location changed, but the state of work remains the same.

I have recruited many people, inside, there are many people very good, but dry dissatisfaction with the probationary period left. When they leave, they always say:

L brother, I like this company, but it can not stand such a fast rhythm. I feel like a machine, turn a non-stop, a little rest time are not.

Not only they have this feeling, but also myself. Chat with colleagues, always feel that he seems to have been here for a long time, but back to a look, only a few months Well.

Finished a project, will be the whole group of jubilant, ran out to eat, sing K, play table games. And then there will be colleagues feeling: finally ended, always feel that we are busy for several years.

How long did it actually be? Just two months only.


This is actually a state where many people are in: you never have a chance to focus on one thing.

You have to hold a lot of tasks at the same time, each task requires you to follow up, report, check. You may have to talk to four or five people at the same time, and even, you have to put their information in the notes, otherwise it is easy to forget who is who said something, need to follow up what.

Your brain will never be empty for a moment. Even at night to sleep in bed, will not help think of work.

Before chatting with friends, he asked me to recommend a task management software, I recommend a list of ticks (not advertising, familiar with my people know that I used ticking for many years).

He said, I was using the ticking list, but it was not enough.

He said, he sent a screenshot of my list of tasks, I see: just “today” column, there are more than 20 tasks, at least five or six small projects.

I asked: so many tasks, deal with it? Just take a lot of time to organize and record it.

He said, yes ah, but there is no way, do not get today, tomorrow will only be more. It will never be possible.

This is the time, a kind of helpless but not consciously gesture.


What are the consequences of this multitasking? Is the destruction of the depth of thinking ability.

When we are busy with multitasking, in fact, we do not know that we have become a slave to work (or mission).

In short: multitasking work will distract our energy distribution for each task.

For each task, we tend to “do” rather than “do” – because there is no time.

This consequence is slowly becoming mediocre.

After resigning, in a few leisure nights, rethink the past a lot of practice and found that many times, we are actually with the inertia at work.

What does it mean?

With the improvement of work experience, for many problems, you will subconsciously produce reflections:

In the past are doing so, this time to do it

And then you do that.

But in fact, is this really the best way? Is this the same situation as ever? There is no better way, or that the question is not really need to solve? Is it a fake proposition?

No one will think. We all want to, and quickly finish this matter, and then start the next thing it Time is so tight, do not waste too much time on it.

As for the direction of the wrong, the strategy is not appropriate, this is not what we really need – often we were ignored.

But in fact, the lack of deep thinking, is the right decision taboo. A person, a team can do to one thing, two things, but can not guarantee that you can always do for everything.

And when we do things with inertia, these environmental factors and conditions, it is easy to be ignored.

In fact, all things are done 70 points, far less than one thing to do 80 points, other things to do 60 points.

And even one thing to do 100 points, other things to do 40 points, 50 points, it may be better than 70 points – in business, 70 points and 100 points gap, perhaps not 7:10, but 7 : 100, 7: 1000.

There are very many excellent team, their staff are very high quality, the product direction is right, but why failed? It is because they do everything right, but all are very mediocre.

“No mistake” is the practice of large companies, but when you are a personal, or small team, you have to stand out, to stand in the spotlight, the only way is to do in a certain direction to do the best – – not all things are done.

Very often, this is the case, the reason is that we leave ourselves to focus on thinking about the time, it is too little.

We are too “efficient”, but it does not mean that it is really “effective”.


After figuring out this, I took such a way:

Leaving a golden time every day, without any trouble, nothing to do – even if there are many things not done, do not rush to start, but calm down, quiet meditation.

In meditation, I will follow these steps to think:

1. complex disk

What did i do today?

What is the progress of each project in the near future? Is it advancing in the intended direction?

In the implementation of the project, what problems encountered, were caused by what causes? How can you avoid it?

2. strategy

What do I do next?

Through these things, I want to achieve what kind of goal?

This direction is the best? Is there any other direction?


How do i achieve the goal of the second step?

How to break down this task into a small task, respectively, should be completed at what time?

What information need to know, when do I need to determine this information?

Often, these problems are hard to get all the answers at once. I will open Onenote, will think of the various points down, draw a hierarchical map, constantly revised, adjust, organize their own thinking.

Perhaps the result of thinking will overturn some of the conclusions yesterday. This time, it will re-open yesterday’s notes, to review and contrast, and then modify the results to write down.

Finally, I will leave a few questions and put it in a note called “Focus” – they are the most important questions that I need to think and deal with.

This is the focus of my work and thinking the next day.

In short, let yourself slow down, calm down, do not always obsessed with the “implementation”, but concentrate on thinking about the direction of the forward.

Tried for a while, began to feel, although still being pressed by many jobs, even more than before the resignation, but the heart calm a lot.

Many things that can not see before, but also suddenly become clear up.

You will find that you know exactly what information you need to get the information and information so that it is really “used by me”.

In fact, no matter how complicated the external world, how complex information, many times, unlock the troubles and difficulties of the key, in our hearts.

Only to abandon all the interference, face to heart to think, to be able to find it.

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The most beautiful volume of the first and the opening of the collection

As the saying goes, the ancients have realized that reading and writing have a close relationship. Good text, good sentence read much, much more accumulation, thinking to expand, knowledge can be rich and wide, write articles to come in handy, literary and artistic!

Then the following, please parents to follow Xiaobian together with the seven “reader” the opening of the card, and give the children a collection of it.

“Readers” first issue of keywords – met

Program Title:

The reader is to read aloud, in my opinion can be divided into two parts to understand, reading is to spread the text, and people is to show life, will be worthy of respect for life and worthy of attention to the perfect combination of text is our “reader” The

How long have you read aloud? For a long time Because many people feel read aloud, it is the student of things, or it belongs to only a small number of people.

Read aloud belongs to everyone.

Program opening remarks:

Hello everyone, I am Dong Qing. Today, the first time the reader program is to meet with the audience, so the first issue of our topic, also deliberately selected – met.

Throughout the ages, there are so many too many words that describe all kinds of encounters. “This is the sister of the sister, I have seen.” This is between the gem and Daiyu, when the first meeting to meet with joy “Fortunately, tonight, how are you?” This is the “Roman Holiday”, Anne princess muddleheaded meet; “met before you, I did not want to get married, after you, I did not want to marry And other people. “This is between Qian Zhong and Yang Jiang, decided to meet life.

So, as if it were a magical arrangement, it was the beginning of everything. Also hope that from today, “reader” and everyone’s encounter, let us between each other, feel more beautiful.


Readers first season first phase, our keywords are met, because in a sense. All the world, are met, like cold meet warm, there is rain, spring encounter winter, with the years; days meet, with eternal; people met people, with life. So what will happen when the “reader” meets you?

“Readers” the second issue of keywords – to accompany

Program Title:

Why is it a companion? In fact, each of our key terms of choice, is very cautious. Sometimes for a key word will be repeated discussions for a long time, but the companion is the first to determine the keywords, and never changed.

I think because it is warm, it means that in this world someone is willing to give you the best things, that is time. Of course, companionship is also a very common word, day after day, year after year, to the last companion has become a habit, like our readers, Zheng Yuanjie, Joe hazel are talking about their own, between husband and wife Parents are accompanied by children.

In this episode, the most touched me is Yang Naibin, a child who lost his hearing in eight months, in order to be able to make him like a healthy person to grow. His mother, on the first day of his elementary school, became his classmate.

So, I think the companion is also a force. In this world no one is an island, lost companions, but also lost the meaning of survival, so I hope this period to accompany the subject of the program can also bring you a good companion.

Program opening remarks:

“The grass, the knot of its seed, the wind, the leaves that shook it, and the two of us stood and did not speak.” In the poem of Gu Cheng, the companion was so simple and beautiful.

And in each of our lives, will encounter a variety of companions, such as this moment, between you and me is a short companion; for example, our student age, and our classmates, that is A few years of companionship; there is a companion, life is bound by the blood of a lifetime accompanied, that is, we and parents, and children between the companionship.

So, below, we have the first guest …

“Readers of the third language” third topic – choice

Program Title:

Survival or destruction, this is an eternal choice of questions. So that in the end, we become what kind of person, may not be our ability, but rather our choice.

Choose to be everywhere. Facing the sea, spring bloom, is the choice of Haizi; people are not born to be defeated, is Hemingway’s choice; people inherent death, or heavier Taishan, or lighter than the feathers, is Sima Qian choice.

In this period of our program, you will see is that Xu Jinglei chose the challenge and change; Yale village official Qin Yuefei chose the field of hope; red ribbon principals Guo Xiaoping, chose the care and watch; the most touched me Mai Jia, who had rebellious him, now face the rebellious son, chose to understand and tolerance.

Choice is again and again self-remodeling process, let us continue to grow, and constantly improve. If life is a constant journey of choice, then when the thousands of sails read, and ultimately left, is a piece of their own unique scenery.

Program opening remarks:

The subject of our episode is the choice. People in this life, how many times to face the choice, small today we eat something, big to some critical moment in the decision.

One year, a French newspaper held a prize contest, which has a question is, if the Louvre fire, you choose to save a painting? In the end, the answer to the gold medal was that I chose the one closest to the door. So that choice is a kind of wisdom, and our life is also the result of choice again and again.

“Readers” the fourth term – the gift

Program Title:

In this world, how many kinds of love expression, there are many kinds of gifts.

Parents are selflessly foster care; experience after the growth of suffering; continue to learn the accumulated wisdom, this is the best gift.

Like the Nobel Prize winners cut by M. Milos, written in the poem “The Gift”: it was a happy day, and I strolled through the garden, and for the world I had nothing to ask for. This is a gift that the poet presents to his heart.

In our program, I was most touched by Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management of Zhao Jia and Professor, although he has left the world five years ago, but he sowed under a good seed is left to The best gift of all the children in this world.

With pure heart to create, to find, to sentiment, you will have their own gift.

Program opening remarks:

The subject of our episode is a gift. Gift, how beautiful a word.

Looking at the stars, the earth is the gift of the universe to the human; bow staring, a flower leaves, is the gift of nature to the world; the child is a gift to the parents; friends are accompanied by a gift; memories are time gifts.

That in our today’s program time, let us go together to open a different color, but also full of emotional gifts.

Before the start of the fourth period, “Lang reader” also recorded a section of the tidbits.

Dong Qing said:

Twenty-one years, it seems that should be a certain time, I finally have such a chance to do a file you want to do the program.

Thank you to my parents, they let me know that we do not just rely on eating alive, in addition to eating, we also need other things to nourish us, so that their growth, growth, become more perfect.

Reading is to let us meet a better oneself. “Shepherd’s Fantasy Journey” There is a saying: When you really want to do one thing, the whole universe will be together to help you.

“Readers” fifth issue keywords – first time


Program Title:

Our term is the first time, people in this life, to encounter a lot of the first time.

Like this memory, let me remember as deep as Liu Zhenyun, for the first time to the “Anhui literature” contribution, got more than 70 dollars royalties, flee to ask her girlfriend to eat.

Xu Jingqing for the first time in the Great Hall of the People, owned a concert belonging to his own, but he waited for the day for thirty years.

Wang Xueqi twenty years ago for the first time when the director, but the film photographed the last left three people, let him tears.

It was very valuable and memorable for the first time because they meant our growth.

Like the writer Wang Zengqi said, people first, often need courage, but for the first time will often have unexpected gains, because it is to explore, is the challenge, is the opportunity.

So, if your life, can have more first time, but also means that our life, the richer, the more colorful.

Program opening remarks:

The key word for our program this day is “first time”.

Our life, will experience many of the first time, memorable and valuable, it means that our growth.

In fact, think about it, everyone is the first time in their own life is not it?

This can not go back to life on the road, it is many can not be copied for the first time, let us from yesterday to today, to the future.

“Readers” sixth issue keywords – tears


Program Title:

Why is my eyes often with tears? Because I love this land deep.

The choice of the standard word, first of all it is the emotional tension, I hope that all the audience in hearing the keyword, there will be very rich life association – no matter who you are, no matter where you are, whether you are doing What, for example, tears.

This episode, Zhang Jiamin is a fight against breast cancer and twenty-three years old lady, she said: she used to do everything now, is to raise his head, let the tears flow down; director Lu Chuan is a tear Very low people, love tears, so sometimes, he will resist the tears; Siqin Gaowa, a person has been in the story of his tears in the outstanding actor, this time in our scene, she shed Every tear, belong to her own.

Tears are colorless, but it is clear and has the richest color of life.

Program opening remarks:

The main word of our current program is – tears. When it comes to tears, what would you think of?

weak? Tears are sometimes weak, sometimes strong; sometimes repentance, sometimes tolerance; sometimes shy, sometimes courageous; sometimes failure, sometimes successful. Just like everyone, are crying to the world, and when we want to call the curtain, it will be in others tears in the same farewell.

Today, let us in a crystal of tears, to feel the most real life mark.

“Whisper reader” Seventh term keywords – farewell

Program Title:

Farewell is a mood, farewell is also a decision.

South of the geese is a cold farewell to the north;

Autumn leaves are good summer farewell;

The rainy season is a farewell to the drought;

Rainbow is a farewell to the wind and rain;

After the heavy water of the mountain is the lost farewell to the lost;

“Breeze blowing Liu flute sound residual, sunset mountain outside the mountain;” sea confidant, horizon if the neighbors “is a bold farewell;

Every farewell, there is a story, or passion burning, or poignant moving, or thrilling.

Farewell is not forgotten, but turned, farewell is not to give up, but the beginning!

Program opening remarks:

Hai Zi said: “We eventually have to travel, and ultimately have to bid farewell to their own tender, farewell is the road to the growth of the ascetic.”

“Shanmeng Although, Kam book hard care”, which is Lu You and Tang Wan between the heart of the farewell farewell.

“I and who do not fight, and who I disdain, my hands baked the fire of life heating, fire wither, I am ready to go,” This is Mr. Yang Jiang calm and transcendent and the world farewell.

In this episode, let me remember is the writer Cao Wenxuan, he told us and his hometown and his father’s farewell. Let us seem to understand a truth “literature to write a hundred years on a thousand years, in fact, is an article: death from death.”

Farewell is the end is the beginning, is the pain is hope.

Face the farewell, the best attitude is to bid farewell!

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To condemn the upcoming French general election in the Netherlands, will seriously underestimate the risk of the election of populist parties

In mid-March so far, the sprint stage of the French election situation changes. Before the Dutch election was shocking gratifying results, after Le Pang polls support the continuous decline. European populist tide seems to be declining, the market for the French election is also increasingly optimistic. We believe that in the economic, political and historical dimensions, the Dutch and French populist forces are disparate, and the Dutch general election is not a reasonable reference for the French election. On the other hand, due to the existence of the mainstream information error enhancement mechanism, the recent Le Pen support rate is more likely to be the illusion of mainstream polls. The French populist forces did not appear a substantial recession, there is still a high probability of copying the US election “N” type reversal. The current market may have fallen into a blind optimism and systematically underestimated the real possibility of Le Pang wins. With the election approaching, we recommend that investors still need to maintain a high degree of vigilance.

Dutch election is not populist “weathervane”. At present, the market optimism about the French election first from the Dutch general election surprise. With the victory of the Dutch right-wing Liberal Party in the general election on 16 March, European multinational bond yields fell and accompanied by a stronger euro, indicating that market concerns about the spread of European populist forces began to digest. However, we believe that the Dutch general election is not enough to become the benchmark of the European populist forces. Based on the following three dimensions, the differences between the populist forces in the Netherlands and France, the Dutch presidential election to speculate on the upcoming French general election, will seriously underestimate the risk of electoral party victory.

First, the Dutch economy is much better than France. The deterioration of the income and employment problem of the residents is the necessary economic condition for the intensification of social fragmentation and the expansion of populism. For the small country rich in the Netherlands, these two conditions are not mature. From the perspective of income, the relative growth rate, absolute level and fairness of income of Dutch residents are better than the European overall level (see photo). 2014-2016, the Netherlands economic growth average of 1.84%, compared with the euro area, Germany and France were higher than 0.22,0.19 and 0.80 percentage points; the Netherlands per capita GDP than the euro area, Germany and France, respectively, higher than 9326, 2808 and € 7235. 2008-2015, the Dutch Gini coefficient is long lower than the EU, Germany and France. From the unemployment point of view, 2014-2016, the French overall unemployment rate is always around 10%, while the overall unemployment rate in the Netherlands from 7.90% high continued to 6.74%, residents employment has been significantly improved. For the key youth unemployment problem, compared with the EU and France, 2014 to the Netherlands, the average youth unemployment rate was behind 8.64 and 12.89 percentage points, which effectively limit the development of radical groups. Therefore, regardless of the overall European or neighboring France, the Netherlands have to resist the economic advantages of the populist forces, it is difficult to reference the benchmark.

Second, the Dutch and the law bear different geopolitical costs. Britain’s return to Europe shows that geopolitical factors are an important driver of the current wave of populism in Europe. In the perspective of European geopolitics, the role of the Netherlands and France is very different. According to the theory, the EU’s security and stability can be regarded as public goods. As the core of the European Union, Germany and France are the main producers and cost bearers of this public goods, while the rest of the Netherlands and other countries are high-cost, low-cost “Free Rider”. In terms of refugee costs, according to EU quotas, the number of refugees receiving refugees in Germany and France in 2016-2017 accounts for 25% and 19% of the total EU (see photo). This burden is not only much higher than the other members of the EU, more substantial than the total economic output of the two countries in the EU. In terms of safety costs, France and Germany have become the primary targets of the EU, taking on the worst casualties and socio-economic losses. According to our statistics, since 2015, the number of terrorist attacks in France ranked first in the EU, the number of victims more than the sum of other countries, while the Netherlands did not suffer fear (see photo). As a result, with the intensification of geopolitical conflicts in Europe, the French people are increasingly overwhelmed. Compared to the Netherlands, anti-European integration, anti-immigrant populist demands will be more widely and firmly supported in France, and in the general election for the populist party to provide a growing position. The eurozone and the “fortress” of the European Union are more likely to collapse from the core pillar of France, rather than from the Netherlands and other flank countries.

Third, the French populist tradition is deeply rooted. Seemingly diverse, open to France, but in fact the most populist Europe, the most powerful stronghold. On the one hand, France is the birthplace and exporter of contemporary European populist parties. In 1984, the French National Front became the first European populist party to win in a national election. In the 1990s, the party became a model of the European right-wing populist party and actively constructed the European populist network, such as the support of the populist forces in the 1998 Swedish general election. On the other hand, the French populist party has a complete theoretical system, organizational structure, policy program and voter base, to maintain the long-term pressure on the French political arena. In 2002, the French National Front Chairman Lao Lepong had set a record of 16.9% of the history of the vote into the second round of the presidential election. Since 2011, the new chairman, Mary Le Pen, has taken the initiative to uphold the extremist claims of the populist parties, focusing on unemployment and geopolitical conflicts, and striving for workers’ groups, youth groups and the bottom masses. Compared to 2002, this set of “Trump” strategy successfully expanded the French national front of the voter base, to promote Le Pen’s polling support rate was ranked first.

Mainstream information triggers “N” type reversal. Since mid-March, Le Pen’s poll support rate continued to fall, providing an important basis for market optimism. However, according to the British retreat of the European referendum and the experience of the United States, the mainstream information there is an endogenous self-strengthening mechanism, so that systematic errors continue to strengthen. On the eve of the election vote, this strengthening reached its peak, which could lead to the illusion of the populist forces’ “decline” and guide the market to a blind optimism, leading to a “N” reversal of the populist forces.

Mechanism one, the mainstream information to enhance the bias. As we have pointed out in the previous report, since the referendum in Britain in 2016, the mainstream media and authorities have repeatedly failed to judge the populist forces, and the mainstream information has been systematically wrong. The key reason for this phenomenon is that, for populist forces, the mainstream information into an endogenous bias to enhance the mechanism. Ideological level, the mainstream media and authority attached to the elite political model, the exclusion of the “mob” of the potential strength; attention to the total amount of macro interests of the gains and losses, ignoring the structural, micro-distribution imbalance. Therefore, the mainstream information is often misread the bottom of the masses of the appeal direction and intensity. At the tool level, the mainstream media and the authority of the polls there are real errors and turnout bias. Under the weight of the mainstream values, some voters in the polls to hide their own populist tendencies. In voters, voters in the populist camps are often more aggressive and have higher turnout rates. Which led to the mainstream polls to underestimate the true number of votes of the populist party. On the whole, the ideological error of the mainstream information is difficult to get the correctness of the real data, but will support each other with the tool bias, forming a continuous “false closed loop.”

Mechanism two, the populist forces “N” type reversal. Under the above-mentioned mechanism of error enhancement, the closer the election is to the end, the more deviation from the mainstream information and the microscopic reality, the easier it is to form a blind underestimation of the populist forces. Affected by this, the rise of the populist power to follow the “first rise after the fall, the last reversal” and “N” type path. The first step, the early election, unpopular populist political parties sudden emergence, continue to narrow the gap with the traditional political parties, and even to achieve overtake, the market followed by panic. The second step, the mainstream information on the people’s ruling party to judge, “false closed loop” to open. Mainstream errors continue to increase, and reached the peak on the eve of the vote. Therefore, from the mainstream polls, the populist party “by the Sheng turn bad”, the traditional party “victory in the hope”, which led to the market blind optimism. But the strength of the two sides did not substantially reverse the reverse. The third step, the results of the poll announced, micro-reality shattered subjective errors, populist party won the election, the market suffered a major impact. This “N” path is clearly visible in the 2016 British retreat and US general election (see photo). Referendum two weeks before the withdrawal of the European polls began to fall, to the day before the referendum has been 2 percentage points behind, but the final outcome of the referendum to support retreat. The first two weeks of the election, Trump’s polls began to decline, to the day before the election has been significantly behind 4 percentage points, but Trump won the final election.

Our judgment. According to the above analysis, the current market optimism of the two basis are difficult to set up. On the one hand, from the multiple dimensions of view, the French populist power is far better than the Netherlands, the results of the Dutch general election for the French election has no reference value. On the other hand, in the absence of major events in the case of the case, Le Pang recent polls may be lower than the mainstream information bias. The populist forces did not appear a substantial recession, Le Pang Sheng election probability is not really down. Therefore, in the blind optimism of the market sentiment, the French election has a greater probability to repeat the “N” type reversal. We suggest that, on the eve of the election, investors still need to remain vigilant and avoid systematically underestimating the real possibility of the rise of French populism.

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An unfortunate catastrophe is coming!

2017, destined to be an unusual year.

In this year, the global situation wave cloud treacherous, variable after another, whether political or economic, are turbulent, black swan frequent.

Just recently, a war started.

Trump suddenly went to Syria!

According to the Pentagon spokesman, there are currently 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles on the Syrian aircraft, runway, oil logistics storage area, ammunition supply bunker, air defense systems, radar systems to combat.

Have to say, Trump the hands of the successful transfer of the public’s attention, to ease his “through the Russian” and other issues on the plight, and create a tough, agile image, can be described as two birds with one stone.

If Trump’s decision was only a partial war against Syria, then one move (yesterday) of the Federal Reserve was a looting of all the countries of the world yesterday (April 6).

This is the American table.

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve in the “March meeting minutes” clearly mentioned later this year will start shrinking table, and referred to the Federal Reserve officials that the current US stocks unrealistically high.

The so-called shrink table, is to sell domestic assets, and then recover the market circulation of dollars. On the central bank’s functions, the actual monetary tightening is a control measures.

In short, is the ten times the enlarged version of the rate hike!

Interest rate is, after all, policy means, political adjustment is relatively easy. The table is directly adjusted to the central bank’s balance sheet, the central bank’s balance sheet is not a day or two up, not more than a day or two down, once the establishment of the table, then its duration will be longer, the scope of influence And the duration will be bigger and longer.

And Trump’s military strike can ease their own dilemma, the Fed’s table, is also conducive to pass on their own crisis.

If the US table, you can pull high US debt and US stocks, the US high-priced financial assets sold to follow the trend to buy other countries retail, and then wait for the US bond market and the stock market bubble burst, the Fed through the printing and then low Back.

And this, for the other, especially the emerging economies, is undoubtedly a catastrophe!

When the Fed tightens liquidity, the dollar is “less” and “expensive”, global capital will accelerate back to the United States, while emerging countries will be due to the dollar to reduce the debt crisis, and even the currency exchange rate can be demoted The

In particular, China, the United States is China’s most important trading partner, bilateral investment is huge, the economic dependence is relatively high, the Federal Reserve monetary policy is bound to the Chinese economy has a huge spillover effect.

And once the US table, China will bear a huge capital outflow pressure, and the RMB exchange rate, as well as the property market, stock market and other asset prices, will be severely challenged.

At this time the Chinese economy, in the internal and external problems, is facing unprecedented challenges.

Outside, there is a US sharpening, China seems to have to follow the rate hike, take a tight monetary policy.

But the price of monetary policy suddenly tightened is that China can not afford it.

M2 significantly reduced, the RMB suddenly raise interest rates, it will pierce all the high floating in the air of the asset bubble, but also lead to the market “money shortage”, then, the debt crisis will be a large area, a large number of enterprises closed down, the unemployment rate will Soaring

Looking back on China’s past decade’s “money shortage” history, although the background is different, but all monetary policy from the water to tightening, followed the same cycle of economic cycle –

Economic downturn – money flooding – stimulating real estate, housing prices skyrocketed – money out of reality, financial market over – prosperity – real estate investment bottomed out – macro – control tightening – money shortage, debt, stock, devaluation – a chicken feathers.

However, if the continued flood irrigation, relying on investment to stimulate economic growth, the Chinese economy is bound to be more precarious.

China’s money is more and more printed, the current total amount of money has more than the euro area, but also more than the United States. And then such a high growth, will be more than “Europe + America”. In other words, if the Chinese people are holding money for the dollar, not only our foreign exchange reserves is far enough, the world’s dollars are not enough for the!

In the currency under the water, pushing up the bubble of various assets, just real estate, has reached 250% of GDP, far more than the US subprime and Japan crisis level.

While the real economy is more difficult, as a measure of real economic investment is an important indicator of private investment growth in 2016 suffered a cliff-like decline.

It can be seen that the Chinese economy has emerged a serious reality, the stock market ups and downs, the debt market ups and downs, the property market chaos, the exchange rate depreciation is also faster and faster.

April 5, the central bank officials revealed an important signal.

In the Central Party School sponsored by the “Learning Times”, the People’s Bank of China Financial Stability Bureau Lu Lei published a front page of the article, the first disclosure of the highest leadership instructions: to prevent and control financial risks on the more important Position, and resolutely control the total amount of money, find out the risks, focus on prevention and control of asset bubbles.

Combined with Zhou Xiaochuan speech before – March 26, Zhou Xiaochuan president in Hainan Boao speech statement: monetary policy loose has reached the end of the cycle.

This means that China’s economy to take a huge turn!

The central bank floods the end of the era, the management is to change the play, take the “wide financial, tight currency” line, in order to save the real economy, promote economic restructuring.

Standing at the moment, we suddenly realized that everything that happened before was secretly destined to own arrangements. Behind every strategy, have the country’s care and thought.

And we personally, but also to read the national intentions, smooth national strategy, can only be in this troubled capital war, for their own struggle to settle down the house of the fortune.

First of all, why the property market to give up a large killer? Why the state is repeatedly suppressed real estate?

Regardless of the table or interest rate increase, in the short term, for the global risk of assets, will be a challenge. While the adjustment of asset prices must start from the largest exposures.

China’s property market bubble is obvious, but also the most vulnerable to capital breakthrough. It was measured, according to China’s housing prices and exchange rates, only to sell the north of China Guangshen built area of ​​land, you can buy half of the United States.

In view of this, China’s unprecedented real estate regulation and control, in fact, is to respond to the US interest rate hike and take a proactive plan to stay for the future to cope with space.

In this case, do not you have to add a lever to speculation?

I am afraid that the past two years, the property market situation will be very dangerous, the policy for real estate speculators who will not be tolerant. Under the strict control, the short term, some hot city prices appear callback is not impossible.

Second, why the new security zone turned out? Why do the stocks explode?

To retain the capital, the long-term course is the development of the real economy. Now the domestic property market is forbidden to keep clinging, then the domestic so much idle money how to do?

At this time, the new area as a long line of large white shares debut, will naturally attract large capital inflows, not only help to support the construction of the real economy, but also help to prevent capital outflow, in order to achieve a virtuous circle.

While the assassination of the concept of shares, then metaphor of the Chinese stock market slow cow market. Previously, in the two sessions, Zhou Xiaochuan president said, “to encourage enterprises to develop direct financing”, which shows that the state is to revitalize the stock of funds to guide the flow of funds from the property market to support the development of physical enterprises.

However, since it is slow cow, it is bound to need enough patience. Especially in the current situation of turbulence, the global market is likely to be violent fluctuations, the decline will be a high probability of events, so the recent honey sister suggested that you still wet storage to avoid the risk.

Third, why do countries want to increase foreign trade, why should the implementation of “one way” strategy?

To cope with capital outflows, there is a need to increase demand for RMB and reduce demand for the dollar. So as to reduce the US monetary policy, dollar liquidity changes in China’s economic and financial markets adverse effects, so as to be able to effectively prevent the risk of capital flows across the market infection.

How can we increase the demand for RMB?

One is to increase foreign trade, the second is to enable the nationalization of the renminbi, so as to allow more countries in the trade settlement using more RMB to reduce dependence on the dollar. And the implementation of the Chinese side of the way with the purpose of this.

Chinese President Xi Jinping in Davos attended the World Economic Forum speech announced that in May this year, China will host in Beijing, “one way all the way” international cooperation forum.

In fact, this forum, but also in the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, shrinking step by step pressing, called on the emerging countries Baotuan heating against the enemy policy. The Fed is trying to give the emerging market a lot of money, and Southeast Asia, which concentrated in many developing countries, the region is the most important object.

Therefore, we can foresee the “one way along the way” plan will certainly be the strong support of these emerging countries, which for China’s foreign trade enterprises is undoubtedly a huge positive, and for our individual investors, perhaps in advance layout ” Plate of the great opportunity.

In this global turmoil, we are like sailing in the sea among the passengers, will inevitably be affected by external storms, personal safety in the country on the giant aircraft carrier. Guoqiang to the people strong, the country can only rich people rich.

Since the reform and opening up more than 30 years, the prediction of China’s economic collapse is always endless, but each time let those who sing a deep disappointment.

Although China is still facing enormous challenges, but we believe that uncertainty is the eve of the opportunity, chaos can only be true heroes, China will be in precarious, tempered forward!

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Market turmoil intensified, next week may be finished lower

A week capital flow, market review and next week investment strategy

One, one week market review

Last week the Federal Reserve interest rate announcement, the future may shrink table, to promote the dollar index rose sharply, while the European and American stock markets strong shock.

By the United States to combat the Syrian incident, crude oil and precious metals this week, a substantial strength, gold hit a new high, other commodities affected by the dollar weakened weak shocks.

Domestic bulk commodities fell sharply this week, the species differentiation was obvious, double coke and thermal coal relative shock strong. Last week, strong performance of colored and agricultural corn were slightly adjusted, especially black thread and iron ore again down sharply.

Chemical rubber and PTA this week, the second bottom, natural rubber on Friday heavy volume limit. This week the international market Australian coal mines affected by hurricanes, coal prices rose nearly 80%, effectively boost domestic bimodal, especially coking coal late Friday night trading a new high rebound, is expected to continue strong shock next week.

Agricultural oil, soybean meal and sugar this week, weak shocks, but the decline in Friday’s slowdown, the market outlook is expected to stabilize the rebound, the proposed short-term empty single leave to wait and see. This week, the performance of the precious metals market eye-catching, by the United States to combat Syria bullish support, prices hit a new high, but Friday night the United States sharply stronger, leading to short-term signs of profit-taking, is expected next week, strong adjustment, The

Last week, both strong rebound in debt, although the central bank this week to continue to net return, but the Treasury bonds out of trouble, the price stabilized rebound, is expected next week, a strong shock, the proposed short-term to wait and see.

By the Aoxin New District approved and planning to stimulate the positive, A-share market, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and infrastructure sector strengthened sharply, driven by stock index futures rose slightly shocks, the impact of early Friday high, the market short-term shocks strong, is expected to fall next week, Short-term more than a single leave and according to the key resistance of a small amount of tentative short.

Second, next week focus on the variety of investment strategies

PTA: Last week, the international oil prices rebounded, the domestic chemical market by the black and metal goods fell to drive a strong shock, some varieties of defensive performance. The new week to see, raw material PX by short covering to lead the rebound, PTA real-time cash flow is compressed to 260 yuan / ton, Yi Sheng’s credit warehouse receipts are more concentrated on the disk to suppress heavier.

But the delivery of warehouse receipts last week continued to flow out, the total volume than the end of March highs fell more than 10,000 sheets to 249,191 sheets, and low cash flow, the mainstream polyester manufacturers supporting the PTA unit has a centralized parking maintenance of the single , Coupled with the upstream raw material PX into the maintenance cycle and OPEC frozen production to extend the expected support for oil prices, PTA cost side of the decline in space is also limited, the proposed PTA futures callback carefully do more.

Methanol market by the mainland unit maintenance and port MTO device in late April is expected to show strong performance, but the methanol plant maintenance and restart the new production capacity is expected to increase the supply of long-term supply pressure, methanol futures performance is very weak, we believe that short-term methanol futures through Rebound this week after the callback pressure, short-term temporary wait and see is appropriate.

Polyolefin market by the installation efforts to increase the demand and the release of demand in the background of high inventory pressure to ease, short-term rebound demand. And from the plate after the point of view, the early main long long has a strong approach, is expected to short-term callback space is limited, investors can respond to a short short-term operation, a good stop.

Shanghai nickel: Shanghai nickel 1709 week down 1.05% to 83970, turnover increased to 98 million hands, positions increased to 40.8 million hands. Nickel trend last week for the rebound resistance. As the demand for the season is not busy, stainless steel prices fell, trading frustrated, high inventory, 300 tons of steel to a loss.

After the rainy season, Suiligao nickel mine shipments lower than expected, domestic nickel ore port inventory continued to decline. High nickel pig iron by the cost of rising production prices and other strong, the North nickel iron plant plans to repair in April; affected by the tension of raw materials, domestic electrolytic nickel production in March fell.

Electrolytic nickel economic advantages to strengthen the spot continued premium. Philippine crackdown on illegal mines in the nickel mine, Indonesia Anta quota lower than expected news to enhance the market supply of nickel concerns about tight.

We believe that the nickel price line is still facing greater uncertainty, but due to strong nickel prices, nickel iron plant maintenance increased, the news side positive, Shanghai nickel short-term fundamentals support strong, strong trend last week, the proposed midline to maintain Wait and see, short-term operation to do more dominated by bargain.

Agricultural products: last week after the first week of Qingming small holiday, domestic and foreign beans market is still continuing the trend of pre-holiday shocks. At present the market has two major negative factors.

First, the USDA latest US soybean acreage this year, compared with last year, a substantial increase, and the rate of increase than expected;

Second, the industry recently raised the South American soybean production is expected in the past two months, South American soybean production has been raised, the market for the global soybean supply is expected to continue to strengthen. This is the main reason why beans prices have continued to fall since early March, and there is almost no decent rebound.

The current US soybean prices have touched the low of the end of September last year, and this price is the US soybean planting cost last year, from the human and production data costs, this year the US soybean planting costs will only increase over last year, so we think the current beauty The price of beans is already at an absolute low level.

However, the market is sometimes irrational, do not rule out the possibility of falling below the cost of the price, but never long in the cost below the current price at any time there may be a rebound. Therefore, we believe that beans in the current price can try to thoroughly, but need to control the position to resist the risk of extreme market risk.

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XiongAn will be a loud slap in the face

This time the concept of speculation that the fire of the fire, did not hold back the attention of a bit, see the details of a very frightened, can not help but anger.
Reform so far, the construction of a variety of new areas have a dozen. Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong, in the domestic demand is extremely strong, low labor prices on the basis of only a few years to be successful, feeling the stone for the economic development to find a bright road. Shenzhen’s success has opened the curtain of China’s reform to Shenzhen as the main body of foreign trade, the Pearl River Delta for the production of wings of the economic new area is still China’s most important production base.

The hypothesis of the market economy is: “rational people to take their own interests to take action.” Shenzhen reform means that people are allowed to get rich in law, the outbreak of the great momentum to make China only three decades, from the bottom of the world economy into the top two.
Thirty years later, in addition to Shenzhen, the successful circle only Shanghai Pudong. Shenzhen rely on Hong Kong, Pudong is dependent on the Jiangnan people over the past century of human accumulation. Shanghai opened a hundred years, a large number of private capital deposition and capital awareness, the surrounding is concentrated after the founding of light industry and service industry. Relying on savings, Pudong can stand out from a dozen circles, becoming China’s second successful circle.
There is only a large cost of land is very low, limited knowledge of the labor force, and in close proximity but touching Beijing, Tianjin. To the production capacity of the big tone, Beijing, Tianjin stripped of the industry, can only be the industry to be removed. Moved to Xiong An, can only be a burden, He hi of the? Although the proposed innovation in the file industry to transfer, but have a high level of knowledge of professionals, such as in Beijing, Tianjin, a living, why power will go to Hebei “innovation”? If it is forty years ago, blood young people may be a “mountain to the countryside,” the slogan from their homes. But as people know more and more proficient today, ask ourselves to give up the high-paying work of the North, the children’s good educational conditions and reliable medical care to join in the revolutionary cause?
The country is the fate of the demolition of state-owned enterprises or can bring some opportunities, but these opportunities and Shenzhen, Shanghai, the opportunity is quite different. State-owned enterprises to see the door are his uncle’s two uncle’s niece’s cousin, and ordinary people have little relationship. But it seems that the development model is a planned economy?
Judging from the comments, Xiong will cancel the sale of commercial housing, large-scale construction of public rental, migrant workers to the male security can be proved by the work of rented low-cost housing.
If unemployed or retired, may also be the lack of rental qualifications, only the back to each home, find the mother, obviously this does not meet people’s inner expectations. The old saying goes: “There are constant people who have perseverance.” The great cause of socialism is by no means one day, and requires a long-standing dedication and relentless vigor. Pointing to a group of precarious workers, it is clear that the completion of the socialist building will be in the foreseeable future. Unless Xiong’s wages can be doubled over Beijing, it is difficult to imagine whether the workers will leave their homes to a place where they can not buy “constant production” eager work. At least, migrant workers are not happy.

These people can always be our society can not look into the lower corner. If they are also eligible to rent low-cost, how to assess their qualifications? After all, they will not for their own social security, health insurance, and even a little bit of sesame credit. If not them, what kind of city will it be? People are hungry eating canteens, bored to the auditorium, weekend group picnic, square dance This scene in the “1984” repeatedly described, of course, 60,70 after no stranger. Only the liberal 80,90 back door will allow the optional power to be deprived.
Understanding the “supply and demand curve” of the reader is easy to draw the male supply and demand curve, flexible demand curve and almost no elastic supply curve will make the real estate prices completely out of control, and even more than the north and south several times. “Part of the market economy and part of the planned economy” model is obvious in the security control, so that the real estate prices there is a complete distortion. (Supply and demand of the article before the turn, although not easy to understand, but can understand the understanding of the majority of the market price of the operating context)Singapore real estate reform before a long time of the rule of law, the control of the power of rent is very harsh. Coupled with the small soil, governance is not difficult. But the land of China is not the case, as long as the power of hand, corruption is essential. Public rental itself is a welfare cause, almost no profit, who has the enthusiasm to promote it? Rely on the enthusiasm of the revolutionary building

This sentence is difficult to refute, in power in the construction of public rental housing will inevitably rent.
From planning to construction, from construction to subcontracting, from subcontracting to distribution, from distribution to management. Every link if there is no supervision of the rule of law, are rent-seeking corruption, really have cadres can adhere to fair and honest? Do you have anybody else? I would like to have a greater probability of the real cost of these houses will be somehow lower some of it Affordable housing across the country did not become a model of building quality. People really have the courage to live in the quality of the house is not guaranteed it?
Glittering Zhan’an stands among the world’s attention, becoming the ninth wonder in the world.
Is that lucky? Xiong An early economic relies on the relocation of large state-owned enterprises, these countries have to move a move, money who give? Bank loans? Country subsidy Both are possible, in fact, the source is the same, are our deposits and our tax. If only bank loans, is still benign. But now there is no surplus grain bank, a large number of foreign exchange outflow, the decline in domestic GDP, the bank’s monetary policy is not loose. If the bank can not get the money, it can only be the government to pay. GDP decline, so many civil servants to feed, so many state-owned enterprises to subsidize, but also to improve the welfare of foreign residents. Our government will not have surplus.
This view in our reform three decades has been verified many times, this is an exception?
In order to make up for the lack of printing money, most will still flow into the powerful pocket. Embarrassing state-owned enterprises workers dilemma, Hebei native is difficult to stop hometown. Crowded Beijing in the end for the dumping operations to reduce the number of people flow? Lack of migrant workers in Beijing or Beijing? This mind did not shoot their minds, but to show their own ignorance in economics.

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Animated, for all one knows, by mere lust of strife, the men of Waikato
on the west soon after their arrival in New Zealand marched across the
North Island to Maketu on the Bay of Plenty, and burned the Arawa canoe.

From this outrage arose a war, the end of which was not until
generations later, and from which, as a forest conflagration from a
spark, arose other wars between tribe and tribe, until from end to end
of Te Ika A Maui men were in arms against one another.

Peace there was, but more often war; and by the time Captain Cook
visited the Islands the village was deserted and the _pa_ predominant.
Later, peace again prevailed; then wars again; and, as the quarrel with
the Pakeha developed, strife filled the land till matters were adjusted
at the end of the long struggle between Maori and colonist.

The conditions under which the Maori lived furnished them with plenty
of excuses to appeal to arms. There was always that burning question
of animal food, and no more flagrant outrage could be perpetrated by
one tribe than to poach upon the hunting or fishing-grounds of another.

A man might insult one of another tribe by rude word or inconsiderate
deed, and the aggrieved party might wipe out the injury by means of
_utu_–payment or revenge–which was more or less the _lex talionis_ of
the Romans. But the individual usually carried his wrongs to his chief,
when the matter became a tribal affair and, unless compensation were
quickly forthcoming, war resulted between the disputants. Thus, what
originated in a petty difference between two hot-headed fellows, might,
and often did, result in a quarrel which brought hundreds–perhaps
thousands–into the field.

The Maori were a military race in which every able-bodied man became a
warrior because he possessed an arm strong enough to strike. To lack
courage to deliver the blow was to expose himself to the pointing
finger of scorn. The man who shirked his military duties could not
escape exposure. His face betrayed him. If that were bare of designs,
he had small chance to establish his claim to be a man of valour, and
smaller still to live in honour among his fellows.

Few were courageous enough to be cowards in a race so uniformly brave.
Few, however much they might prefer peace, ventured to skulk at home
when the war-gong clattered and the huge trumpet brayed its summons.
The man who remained deaf to the call to arms incurred the contempt
of his fellow-men, and knew that the meanest slave would not change
places with him. A solitary life, an unlamented death, his lonely
passage to Reinga “unwept, unhonoured, and unsung”–such was the lot of
the Maori who dared to be a coward.

The Maori fought with frightful ferocity when once the battle was
joined, but went to work leisurely enough over the preliminaries,
occupying the time with councils, dances, orations and embassies from
one set of contestants to the other.

The council was presided over by the principal chief, or by the
paramount chief when a tribe’s interests were involved. If age or
physical infirmity prevented him from leading in the day of battle, his
place would be filled by one of the “fighting chiefs,” men of little
use in the Maori “War Office,” but terrible in the field.

The council over, the _tohunga_ was sought and requested to ascertain
whether success would attend the arms of the inquirers. As this was
a very important function, the rules of Maori etiquette were rigidly
observed in dress and demeanour.

The high chief was splendidly arrayed. His fine, Roman face, scarred
with records of his daring, was set and stern; his dark hair, combed
and oiled, supported a coronet of _huia_ plumes, and from the lobe of
each ear dangled a gleaming tooth of the tiger-shark. Around his loins
he wore the customary _katika_, or kilt, while a vest of closely woven
flax covered as with mail the upper part of his body.

A collar of sharks’ teeth, or of the teeth of slain foes, encircled
the massive column of his neck, and from the former was suspended his
household _heitiki_,[48] which lay like a locket upon his broad chest.
In his hand he held a long spear, elaborately carved, like the rest
of his wooden weapons, and from his right wrist dangled his favourite
_mere_, or war-club, of purest greenstone. Upon his shoulders, fastened
so as to leave the right arm free, he wore the _kaitaka_, the valuable
robe of flax already referred to.

But no matter how sumptuously garbed before the fight began, every
particle of clothing was usually discarded at the moment of onset, and
the Maori rushed into the fray naked and unashamed.

The war-dance usually followed a favourable augury, and was heralded
by a terrific commotion, which drew every inhabitant of the village to
the _marae_, in the midst of which a cleared space was occupied by a
hundred or more lusty warriors.

Stripped to the skin, their brown, muscular bodies gleaming, their
scarred faces aglow with excitement, the warriors stand in two
long lines awaiting the signal. Suddenly the long-drawn wail of a
_tetere_[49] sounds, and a hush falls upon the crowd. A moment, and
with a wild yell a magnificent savage rushes from the rear of the
column to the front, brandishing his spear and hideously contorting his
face. For a short minute he leaps and capers at the head of the column;
then, abruptly coming to rest, sings in a rich bass the first words of
the war-song.

Another short pause and the warriors behind him leap from the ground
with a pealing shout, flourish their weapons and set off at the double
round the court, while from their open throats comes the roaring chorus
of the chant.

Twice they circle the _marae_; then, forming once more in column, with,
or without, the soloist for fugleman, they dance in perfect time, but
with furious energy, gesticulating, rolling their eyes and protruding
their tongues, while the ground trembles under the heavy tread of so
many strong men.

At last, with a shout so horrible and menacing that the hearts of the
watchers beat faster as they hear it, the dance comes to an end as
abruptly as it began, and on all sides are heard prophecies of success,
since no one among the dancers has fallen under the exhausting strain.

For some time after the opposing forces had come within striking
distance of one another, jeers and insults were freely exchanged. The
chiefs on either side would harangue their men; but rarely were the
initial speeches so inflammatory, the early gibes so stinging as to
precipitate the conflict. It was almost a point of etiquette to measure
the stabbing power of that unruly member, the tongue, before proceeding
to test the keenness of spear-point, the smashing capacity of club.

But the tongue was put to another use; for, while eyes were rolled
and faces contorted in hideous grimaces, _Arero_, The Little, was
poked farther and farther out of the mouth with telescopic power of
elongation, till it rested almost upon the broad, scarred chest below
its proper frontier, the lips. The visage of a Maori at such a moment
was indescribably hideous, and would probably have scared away the
enemy, had it not been that _their_ faces were equally appalling.

_Arero_, the tongue, having played its part in facial distortion,
was now drawn back into its proper territory and again put to its
legitimate use, abuse of the enemy. Once more the wordy war raged,
till some taunt too savage, some sneer too biting, some gesture too
insulting, brought the long preliminaries to a sudden, dreadful close,
and the men of war with startling swiftness broke ranks, and with howls
of fury clashed together in mortal combat.

For a few moments all other sounds were drowned by the rattle of
spear-shafts and the crash and crack of stone axes and clubs, mingled
with a ferocious roaring; but a yell of triumph soon rang high above
the din, “_Ki au te Mataika! Mataika! Mataika!_”[50] The combatants
for a single instant held back, while hundreds of envious eyes glared
towards the spot whence came the cry. The next, as a huge warrior,
seizing his opponent’s hair with his left hand, dragged back the head
and with one shrewd blow clubbed out the brains, the roar of battle
swelled again, and the fight raged with redoubled fury.

“_Vae victis!_” growled the old Roman, and these brown men with the
stern, Roman faces made good the sinister words. A defeat meant not a
rout, but a slaughter of those who fled and were overtaken, a massacre
of those who lay wounded, awaiting the death-stroke with a composure
not less superb than that of the stricken gladiators in Rome’s arena.

The lives of the wounded were too often taken to the accompaniment of
shocking barbarities and, when the breath was out of their bodies,
their heads were hacked off and borne away in triumph, to grin from
spiked palisades at the foe who refused to respect them even in death.

The victors were careful to decapitate their own dead, whose heads were
carried home with every mark of respect and handed over to the nearest
relatives of the deceased. It was no disgrace to be slain in battle;
but if your head were not returned to the bosom of your family, then
your own, and with it the family _mana_, or honour, was gone.

Were a man forced to flee, it was considered an act of the greatest
friendship if he delayed to decapitate a dead or wounded comrade, so
that, though the latter’s body might be rent in pieces, and very likely
swallowed, his head might suffer no dishonour, and the family _mana_ be

The heads thus rescued were subjected to prolonged exposure to air and
steam and smoke, after which they underwent treatment at the hands of
experts. The final result was that the head retained a wonderfully
lifelike appearance, the _moko_ marks remaining plainly visible. The
heads were set up in places of honour, with that ceremony which these
paladins of the South Seas invariably observed, to be handed down from
generation to generation along with stirring tales of the valorous
warriors upon whose shoulders they had once sat.

We are learning that our brown hero was by no means faultless. He was
not above insulting his vanquished foe, and saw no reason why he should
not do a brave and helpless man to death with revolting tortures. The
extinction of life did not satisfy him; he must mutilate the bodies of
the slain and spurn the dishonoured corpse.

Surely his appetite for revenge must now be glutted; his ingenuity can
suggest nothing more in the way of _utu_; his passion-inflamed mind
devise no further stroke of insolent hate.

Alas! The violent climax is yet to be reached; the abysmal depth of
degradation to be plumbed; the savage nature to be laid bare in all its

The pity of it! This man, so strong, so brave, so keen of intelligence;
this man with brain so clever and hand so deft that he can fashion that
wonderful thing, a war-canoe, with nought but tools wrenched from the
unwilling earth; this man who is a loving husband, a fond father; who
in future years is destined to take his place beside the white invader
of his dominion; this man can sink to the level of the beast, which,
having slain, must fall to and eat. Lower, indeed, he descends; for the
brute kills that it may satisfy its hunger, but the Maori that he may
inflict the crowning dishonour upon his dead foe and upon the children
of the slain.

Cannibalism, if not a respectable, is a very ancient practice, for
Homer and Herodotus mention the _anthropophagi_; but it is impossible
to say when it originated, and the why and wherefore of the horrid
custom can be still less easily come at. Some have argued that it began
in a craving for animal food; but these seem to have lost sight of the
fact that there are in Africa cannibals who live in regions teeming
with game, just as in the South Sea Islands there are cannibals who
till modern times were forced to content themselves with an almost
purely vegetable diet. If the same motive animated both of these in
their adoption of the practice, that motive can obviously not have been
a hankering after animal food.

Neither does the name throw any light upon the origin of the custom;
for the word “cannibal” is presumed to be a corruption of “Caribal,”
that is, “pertaining to the Caribs,” a West Indian tribe of man-eaters,
discovered by Columbus in 1493.

The Malays, or some of them, were cannibals, and the Maori offshoots
of that race indulged in the habit in those far-off days before
they adventured to New Zealand. Their traditions shew that they had
abandoned the practice before, and that they did not resume it for
several generations after their emigration. Even then they were
cannibals side by side with the fact that they were warriors and, in
the beginning at least, consumed their species less from appetite than
from a desire to humiliate the kindred of the vanquished.

The Zulus, who used to eat but little meat, were accustomed when
in view of war to gorge themselves with the flesh of beeves. Then,
intoxicated, as it were, with the unaccustomed nitrogenous food, they
swung into battle, careless of disaster or death. The Maori, on the
other hand, after days of preparation, during which their rule of life
was ascetic, urged on the battle fever by rhetoric and oratory of a
very high order. They showed so far only their intellectual side; when
once the fight was over, cramming themselves with loathsome food, they
sank below the level of the ravening brute.

It must be granted, then, that the Maori did not wholly abstain from
human flesh. Against this–save for some notable exceptions–they were
not habitually cannibals when at peace. After the shock of war they
swallowed portions of their dead foes, as much to incorporate the
others’ courage with their own as from any radical hankering after the
ghastly dish. Let it go at that.

There is at length a lull in the strife. The stronger are weary of
dealing blows, the weaker faint with taking them. The time is come when
both may rest awhile, if only to husband their strength, so that some
day they may fight again. After all, one cannot be for ever upon the
war-path. The fern-root is maturing, the _kumara_ are ripening in the
fields, the eels fattening in the creeks. Home-voices are calling, and
fierce men of war grow sick with longing for sight of wife and child.
Yes; there has been enough of war. Let peace prevail; if not for ever,
at least until rage, cool now, has had time to blaze up once more;
until arms, stiff and sore with hammering skulls and splitting hearts,
again renew their strength. Yes, peace is good. Let us have peace.

So a herald went forth, bearing a leafy bough, a sign that his mission
was _Hohou i te rongo_–to make peace. _Takawaenga_, or “go-betweens,”
had been busily engaged over the matter for some days past, and the
herald’s very presence proved that the result of his visit was a
foregone conclusion.

Still, the Maori must always be dramatic, so the herald was met with
great respect and ceremony, and his argument seriously considered
with much show of dissent. Then, when the orator had listened with
becoming patience to numerous speakers on the other side, and exhausted
every trick of voice and gesture on his own, all opposition suddenly
collapsed, and peace was concluded amid general rejoicing.

Not many captives were taken in war as a general rule; but, if a man’s
life were spared, he became a slave. Save that such a man lost all
social status, and was set to tasks to which he had been unaccustomed,
his lot was not necessarily very hard. He might, perhaps, be exchanged
for some captive taken by his own tribe; but, having once become a
slave, he usually preferred to remain one; for he was treated with
rough kindness and consideration. Curiously enough, if he returned to
his own tribe, he was invariably slighted because of the experience it
had been his misfortune to undergo.

Peace ratified, preparations were made for returning home and, as they
had left their village with ceremony, so the victors marched into it
again with all the pomp and circumstance of war.

Some few paces in front of the column a single Maori banged lustily
with a heavy stick upon a very small drum, while immediately in his
rear another evoked a succession of jerky notes from a flute formed
from a human thigh-bone. Next in order marched a grim company, who bore
aloft upon rough-hewn pikes the severed heads of foemen. Close behind
this grisly vanguard stalked, with heads erect and dignified bearing,
the “Fighting Chiefs,” their stern, Roman faces heavily scored with
records of their valour, and after them strode the Captain-general,
“pride in his port, defiance in his eye,” a very “lord of human-kind”
as he “passed by.” Behind the great leader swaggered the warriors,
marching not in step, but with a firm tread and swinging gait,
impressive enough. Last of all, laden with spoil, or carrying the arms
of their masters, the _tutua_ and slaves brought up the rear.

As the army came within sight of the village, the men broke into a
roaring chorus anent the land of their birth, that dearly loved land
which they fondly prophesied would be theirs till the end of time.

The battle-scarred veteran who has led them in so many victorious
campaigns turns at the sound, and with a single proud gesture indicates
the village. It is enough. The buglers blow discordant blasts, the
garrison yell shrilly, and with a thunderous roar of triumph the
impatient warriors surge forward, breast the slope and charge furiously
into the _marae_. They have returned victorious; they are once more at
peace–and at home.

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The ancients of the most wise ten letters “letter”, write to the moment you … …

The first one: write to meet

Encounter when it is difficult,
Dongfeng powerless flowers disabled.
– Li Shangyin

If life did not meet, he was still their own, day after day to run around, submerged in the hustle and bustle of the world.

Because they met those who are destined to meet, they are no longer the original oneself, because the kind of relaxation and blending, their lives from the more substantial and complete, vibrant and fresh.

All the encounters in life are worthy of gratitude, and all the encounters are worthy of waiting. So, we can be closer to the hearts of others, see their hearts.

The second letter: write to understand

One person knows that he is born.
– Qing Zhao Yi

The world’s most precious is to understand, the world’s most rare is a confidant.

The reason why people want to know, want to have friends, because they do not want to lonely, do not want the chest sinking fresh heart, cold down, dry down, quiet down.

After all, can not be met. So, every minute to understand, are worthy of gratitude; every friend, are worthy of treasure.

This is what we are to others, on their own, to the world, the greatest goodwill and the most beautiful mind.

The third letter: write to the effort

In front of how many difficult to do,
Since the ancient man when the self-improvement.
 – Tang Lee salty use

Do not complain about your current living environment is poor, poor work, not to complain that you are pregnant, no one appreciated.

Even if the reality is no more unhappy, life is the case, no one is the same. The so-called success, but in the dilemma to complete the breakout.

You see all the bright behind, have had been unbearable. You see all the glorious people, but also you do not understand the Hom.

Boil, outstanding; boil, out – this is life.

And efforts is the synonym for this road of life, to take a good, you have to work hard.

Article 4: write to growth

Time, such as death is difficult to recover,
A hundred years old to be happy.
– Ming Lu mining

Unconsciously, we grow up; day after day, we are mature.

Treat people more and more sophisticated, let us calm; some good things gone, but also let us sad.

There are a lot of people, will hate their later look, miss innocent and worrying in the past. But can not do anything, break free, so only as always.

Along the way, accompanied by gains and losses, suddenly sad hi hi. All the way through, the accumulation of more and more, more and more deep feelings and heart taste.

This road stumbled, that is, growth; thousands of taste, it is life.

5: write to loneliness

Gentleman alone,
Keep against.
 – “Han”

In the world, inevitably lonely. The road to earth, most of the time is their own lone. People are not willing to lonely, so easy to indulge, easy to give up, easy to get lost and even confused.

In fact, the test of a person’s texture, the best moment, it is his loneliness; practice a person’s quality, the best way, when he was alone.

Lonely do not deliberately, always free, just when it came, can not afford the waves, let it accompany you go.

Occasionally lively and accompanied, do not have to suffer, only safe to enjoy.

6: write to fate

Make a man,
Listen to fate
 – “mirror flower edge”

What is life? Life is not all well-ordered, but obviously there are thousands of possible, but it happens that kind of one.

Whether it is pre-set good, or just so, they have a common name – helpless.

But we still have to do our best, after all, cause and effect is still, do personnel to increase their weight; after all, people are people, always try to be willing and willing after the heart.

And for that helpless, helpless, that is called God things, we need is to put down, but not give up. There is always something in the world that belongs to “this is life”.

Do the matter, listen to fate This is the world’s largest calm.

Seventh: write to happiness

Juvenile music new knowledge,
I am sorry for old friends.
  – Han Yu

Always thought that happiness in the distance, can chase the future. So eyes have been forward, can not attend to look back.

Until the old age, until you read the world, only to find that those who embraced, holding the hand, singing the song, the tears flow, loved people … …

Those who used to be happy.

In countless nights, said the words, played the phone, seen the film, the tears flow … … see or see the invisible, we have had.

The original through, after, life has no regrets. Then understand that the front is worth cherishing.

8: write to repair for

If the real person,
Not seen in the world too.
 – “Six ancestral altar”

“It is not the wind, not the banner movement, benevolent heart.” This world, never less we can not see people, could not understand things.

Maybe those people and things are really wrong, but you from the heart, moved the idea, they also exposed your inner small and shallow, after all, is not enough cultivation

Red is a confused, life is all the way to practice. This practice of the door, but also nothing more than in front of the mood, more from the accusations of others, turned to the care of the heart.

The world has its own cause and effect, those who can not understand people and things, may wish to go with it.

And their own heart, after years of tempered practice, in order to have a repair, from the world can see the blooming flowers, Yunjuanyunshu.

Article 9: write to the true

Mencius advocates good,
Xunzi advocates sexual evil,
Zhuangzi advocates sex.
– Chen drum should be

Sometimes we will wonder: our heart and innocence, in the end is already lost forever, or just be covered and covered it?

Often hear people say that old people will be like a child – so the truth has never lost, but only by the years of buried, was our anxiety and anxiety forgotten.

We have too many right and wrong, the value of the standard, the interests of consideration, the fall of which only struggling strength, in the panting in the dying.

Only put down these, forget that all kinds of disputes, our true, will naturally evident before. Do not come, do not increase without diminution.

Until then, we can get back to the simple and natural happiness – like a child.

Article 10: write to tomorrow

The afterlife can not wait,
Can not chase the world
– Zhuangzi

People like to look forward to tomorrow, miss yesterday. Because yesterday is our memories, tomorrow we have expectations, they are beautiful.

And only ignored today, it seems that only today is not good.
Can today, is not yesterday’s tomorrow, tomorrow’s yesterday?

Yesterday has not chase back, tomorrow we will never catch up. People caught, but only today.

And everyone is in the next, few people carefully to feel every moment, bent on doing the moment, and wholeheartedly enjoy the current practical.

But only so, when today became yesterday, the memories were more real and moving; when tomorrow has arrived, that result is more substantial and heavy.

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These words, the wealth and human nature through


Something is more important than money – it’s not wrong to be in the absence of your money.

Trouble the money, rest in peace. Modern business community, showing a high degree of openness, and our hearts, always in the pursuit of peace and stability of the years of peace. Only fortune built long embankment, in order to protect our quiet life, happy peace, and simple happiness, not by the clamor of the earthly nuisance – more important than the money, and necessarily need more wealth to protect.

May wish to look at the ancient philosophers of a few words to the hole wealth and human wisdom, let our hearts, get happiness and tranquility.


Wealth of human first sentence, from the Laozi’s “Tao Te Ching”:

Day of the road, loss and more than enough. People of the Road, otherwise, the loss is not enough to have more than one.

How to explain this sentence Nie?

The world is flat and unbalanced – in fact, the Matthew effect in the Bible:

Said the king, to the two servants each 1 gold, so that they both go out to make money. The first to 1 gold as a capital, investment earned 10 spindles. The king rewarded him 10 castles. The second did not dare to invest, carefully put the gold hidden back. The king ordered the gold, and grabbed the first servant, and said, “What is the least, and even his last thing.” Any more, then a lot of to give.

– will make money, people will form a profit inertia, the more earn the more earn, the more money the more. On the contrary, people who do not make money, thinking and thinking of the line, everywhere with the wealth of law against the dry. Some people will even be a very hard life, racking their brains so that they can not make money.

Do not make money, always stressed that the reality of injustice – then goose, I have already said, people of the Road, the loss of less than enough. Not the world is not justice, but the people are not balanced. Is human beings constitute a never-ending world. Choose poverty against the world, is the poor bones. Cognitive human nature learn to adapt, is the wisdom of the rich.


Wealth of human nature of the second sentence: from Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions”:

In the end intended to peace!

– Road is Jinyu Liangyuan, I only read the wood before the League. Empty against the mountains of the gods crystal snow, and finally do not forget the world outside the immortal Shu lonely forest. Sigh between the United States and the lack of this letter. Even if it is a case of Qi Mei, in the end intended to level.

Even if it is Xue Baochai beautiful gentle and smart, but weak water three thousand, Jia Baoyu just want to drink Lin Daiyu that scoop.

As the story of the Buddha, the traveler walking in the desert, seeing to thirsty death, the Buddha pity him, the body of the body to give him a lake. But the visitors refused to drink, said: I just want to drink that one, and ultimately thirsty death in the lake.

Human nature so, do not pay attention to their existing, only concerned about their own lost.

American economist Dan Ereli had an experiment, the same thing, in their own hands to sell, the price will be higher than willing to buy the price of 15 times. It is this natural nature, so many people into the transaction anxiety disorder, always feel that they have suffered a loss in this life – now you know, the transaction so that everyone profit, you did not suffer, just just want, Do not want to lose, the heart is not anger, so it is difficult to level.


Wealth of human nature of the third sentence, from the ancient Greek scholars Protigola:

Man is the scale of all things, is the existence of things there is a scale, there is no thing does not exist on the scale.

If you feel this sentence, sometimes difficult to understand, then coupled with Carnegie’s words:

Respect others, let others feel he is very important.

People are self-centered. Many people are not happy, there is a sense of weak, because others refused to admit that he is the center of the world. The ancients said the believers died, what is the confidant? Confidant is to meet your secret desire to admit that you are the center of the world people. So businessmen pay attention to life and wealth, do not fight, no noise, no trouble, do not yell, as long as you are willing to take out the money, what things are good to discuss.


Wealth of human nature of the fourth sentence, from Machiavelli:

The respect of others is derived from respect for our status, not of respect for us.

This sentence highlights the status level, will make many people resentment – if you are angry, then think about the above sentence, everyone is self-centered. Even if it is a mouth that is equal to the people, inner consciousness, but also the self above others.

Equality is personality.

Unequal, always human heart.

– so many equal people, it is inevitable to exaggerate their own. The reason why a person to win respect for others, must be his own destiny to change their efforts. Everyone will respect an effort and action, but will not respect a person who is not willing to pay.


Wealth of human nature of the fifth sentence: from Taiwan writer Liu Yong:

People are incomplete, but do not accept the slightest flaws.

This sentence is the key to cognitive wealth and humanity:

Liu Yong has an antique: yellow porcelain bowl. He wanted to sell, but because the bowl is slightly flawed, to see the goods have shook his head, or someone to bid, the price is low to Liu Yong want to hit the point of hands.

Finally no way, Liu Yong to find a famous antique dealers.

Antique dealers looked at the goods, smiled, easily thrown the bowl outside the door, which makes Liu Yong surprised, distressed – and then, the antique dealer did not put the bowl out to sell, this time to see the goods, Out of high prices. The last to sell the price, more than Liu Yong psychological expectations several times.

Liu Yong very depressed, but finally understand that this is human nature: human nature itself is incomplete, but only accept the perfect. Would rather be cheated, and do not have a flawed reality.


Wealth of human nature of the sixth sentence, from Baltasar Grazian’s “wisdom book”:

Free things must be trickery. If a friend gives you a benefit but does not ask for a fee, he will ask for something more expensive than you would like to pay for him. This is the bargaining problem, including both material and psychological. Therefore, you have to learn to pay, but also to pay high prices.

For example, we have talked about the story, a person broke into a red light, met the traffic police acquaintance, removed a fine of 50 yuan. The parties are complacent and feel like they have a face. But then, the follow-up effect of free transactions appear, acquaintance traffic police asked his wife, arranged to the parties to the company, and traffic police on a few days on the class, but also can not adapt to the company environment – the result is that the parties in order to save 50 yuan, Forced to bear the loss of tens of thousands of dollars each year, while the other is also angry.

To remember the words of Grazian: expensive to pay, is the cheapest. Buy at high prices is the assets, you can let you take the surplus. Free to get the debt, every day you pay more.


Wealth of human nature of the seventh sentence: from the ancient Greek wise Democritus:

Be cautious and firm.

Caution is to speak to something to be retained, and firm and vice versa. The opposite of the two things, how put into a pot?

In fact, this is the realm of wisdom. Too cautious will lose the opportunity, too firm and will encounter great risks. Must be living in the two, it will not let their own gone.

How to live in the package does not lose the loss of both?

There is a joke, you can give us a little Tip:

Father to educate son: child paper, to remember that success requires honesty and wisdom.

Son: … what is honest?

Father: Honesty is to keep your promise.

Son: … what is wisdom?

Father: wisdom is not promise!

Be careful and stick to it, and do not promise to win your promise. To do this is not difficult, as long as you change the black and white extreme thinking, you can.


Wealth of human nature of the eighth sentence: from Winston Churchill:

Success is constant failure, without loss of enthusiasm.

Understand this sentence, first look at some time ago, pushing the popular American guy Johannes Haushorse. This person posted his resume online:

In 1999, the application for admission to the London School of Economics and Economics was rejected.

In 2003, apply for admission to Cambridge, University of London was rejected.

In the same year, apply for admission to Harvard University, Stanford University both refused.

In 2008, the application was admitted to the Stockholm School of Economics.

In 2014, the job was rejected at Harvard, where Berkeley was dismissed, and MIT was closed to his nose. The three were listed because he went to three sites and asked: I have a chance, I also you a surprise … … was the same as the dog off the dog. And he voted, but no echo of the place more, has been unable to list one by one.

This person is miserable, that he is now … … starved to death?

– he is a well-known professor at Princeton University, published in the United States authoritative science magazine published many articles. Internationally influential.

– People are accustomed to listing their own successful experiences, but Johannes Haushorh has listed his own failure experience, only to be surprised to find that he has more failure than any loser.

So he said: I tried most of the things ended in failure. Can outsiders can only see my success, fresh can see the failure. So some people think that what I do is successful. They are more likely to attribute their failure to their own, rather than the world’s random – in fact, success is a small probability of events, but the interviewer was good mood, let you only.

Repeat the words of Professor Johannes Haushorff: success is a small probability event, and failure is inevitable.

Whether you want to get wealth, or the pursuit of other things, success is the result of many attempts. Some people only see the wolf eat meat, did not see the wolf beaten, mistakenly believe that the success of others easy. So because of fear of failure, fear was ridiculed, and the delay did not dare to act.


Repeat the eight words about the wealth of human nature:

Lao Tzu – days of the Road, loss and more than enough to fill. People of the Road, otherwise, the loss is not enough to have more than one.

This sentence, that is, the integration of people and then, presented by the permanent unjust social laws.

Cao Xueqin – in the end intended to be difficult.

Proitigola – man is the scale of all things, is the existence of the existence of things the scale, but also does not exist things do not exist on the scale.

Machiavelli – the respect of others, from respect for our status, rather than respect for our people.

Liu Yong – people are incomplete, but do not accept the slightest flaws.

Barthesha Grazian’s “Wisdom Book” – something free of charge must be a trick. If a friend gives you a benefit but does not ask for a fee, he will ask for something more expensive than you would like to pay for him. This is the bargaining problem, including both material and psychological. Therefore, you have to learn to pay, but also to pay high prices.

More than five words, that is natural expression of human nature – in line with human nature, is likely to be recognized. But the rhythm of human nature and wealth, all that we have recognized, is the departure from the wealth of the law.

Democritus – be cautious and firm.

This sentence points out the wealth of thinking, but also the wisdom of itself, must be impartial, allow them.

Churchill – success is constant failure, without loss of enthusiasm.

Finally, this sentence is to say that the beginning of the line, the line is known to be. Speaking can not do, actually do not know. True wisdom is unity of knowledge and practice, only its actions themselves, only to reflect the value of life.

The last thing to say is: wise small people can not seek big, funny people can not be high. Your eyes are, is your life realm. Dare to face the inner heart, you will see the real, rich and happy themselves. If you dare not face life, life will face you sooner or later. Everyone has the most difficult moments, embarrassing embarrassing but the normal life. And its fear of failure and regret between the repeated wandering, as brave up, face their own heart, before others ridicule themselves, first self-deprecating. Self-deprecating is the sword and the sword, repeated defeated the most powerful weapons, can give us the ability to continue action, you can, you can, you can. Deliberately try to figure out the wisdom of the first philosophy, determined to do the meat of the wolf, endure the world’s stick stick stick hit weight forward, until completely change their own destiny.

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