<Ⅲ> Anticarcinogen (An1000’s/Tineoplastic) & Anti-Hiv

<Ⅲ> Anticarcinogen (An1000’s/Tineoplastic) & Anti-Hiv
Azathiopurine Tablets 50mg 1000’s/Tin
Azathiopurine Tablets 50mg 10×10’blister
Bleomycin A5 Hydrochloride For Inj. 20mg 1vial/Box
Colchicine Tablets 0.5mg 1000’s/Tin
Colchicine Tablets 0.5mg 10×10’blister
Cyclophosphamide Tablets 0.2g 1000’s/Tin
Cyclophosphamide Tablets 0.2g 10×10’blister
Cyclophosphamide Tablets 0.5g 1000’s/Tin
Cyclophosphamide Tablets 0.5g 10×10’blister
Cytarabine Injection 50mg/ml 100amps/Box
Cytarabine Injection 100mg/ml 100amps/Box
Cytarabine For Inj 50mg 1vial/Box
Cytarabine For Inj 100mg 1vial/Box
Daunorubicin For Inj. 20mg 1vial/Box
Doxorubicine For Inj. 10mg 1vial/Box
Doxorubicine For Inj. 50mg 1vial/Box
Docetaxel Oil Inj 80mg+One Ampoule Solvent 1group/Box
Etoposide Injection 100mg/5ml 10vials/Box
Ftorafur Injection 200mg/2ml 100amps/Box
Ftorafur Tablets 50mg 1000’s/Tin
Ftorafur Tablets 50mg 10×10’blister
Ifosfamide Inj 0.5g(Lyophilized Powder) 100vials/Box
Ifosfamide Inj 1.0g (Lyophilized Powder) 100vials/Box
Indinavir Capsules 200mg 1000’s/Tin
Indinavir Capsules 200mg 10×10’blister
Indinavir Capsules 400mg 1000’s/Tin
Indinavir Capsules 400mg 10×10’blister
Mercaptopurine Tablets 50mg 1000’s/Tin
Mercaptopurine Tablets 50mg 10×10’blister
Methotrexate For Inj 5mg (Lyophilized Powder) 50vials/Box
Methotrexate For Inj 10mg (Lyophilized Powder) 50vials/Box
Methotrexate For Inj 50mg (Lyophilized Powder) 50vials/Box
Methotrexate Tablets 2.5mg 1000’s/Tin
Methotrexate Tablets 2.5mg 10×10’blister
Mitomycin For Inj 2mg 5vials/Box
Mitomycin For Inj 2mg
Navirapine (NVP) Tablets 200mg 1000’s/Tin
Navirapine (NVP) Tablets 200mg 10×10’blister
Paclitaxel Injection 100mg/5ml 100amps/Box
Paclitaxel Injection 30mg/5ml 100amps/Box
Stavudine Capsules 20mg 1000’s/Tin
Stavudine Capsules 20mg 10×10’blister
Stavudine Capsules 30mg 1000’s/Tin
Stavudine Capsules 30mg 10×10’blister
Stavudine Capsules 40mg 1000’s/Tin
Stavudine Capsules 40mg 10×10’blister
Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets 10mg(Base) 1000’s/Tin
Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets 10mg(Base) 10×10’blister
Vincris1000’s/Tine For Inj 1mg 1vial/Box
Vincris1000’s/Tine For Inj 2mg 1vial/Box
Zidovudine Tablets 100mg 1000’s/Tin
Zidovudine Tablets 100mg 10×10’blister
Zidovudine Tablets 250mg 1000’s/Tin
Zidovudine Tablets 250mg 10×10’blister
Zidovudine Tablets 300mg 1000’s/Tin
Zidovudine Tablets 300mg 10×10’blister
Gemcitabine powder for injection 0.2g
Gemcitabine powder for injection 1g

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