<Ⅴ> Antiparasitic & Antimicrotic

<Ⅴ> Antiparasitic & Antimicrotic
Albendazole Tablets 400mg 1000’s/Tin
Albendazole Tablets 400mg 10×10’blister
Amodiaquine Tablets 100mg 1000’s/Tin
Amodiaquine Tablets 100mg 10×10’blister
Amodiaquine For oral suspension 10mg/ml 60ml Bottle
Artemether Injection 80mg/ml 100amps/Box
Artemether Tablets 50mg 1000’s/Tin
Artemether Tablets 50mg 10×10’blister
Artemether Capsules 40mg 1000’s/Tin
Artemether Capsules 40mg 10×10’blister
Artemisinin Tablets 250mg 1000’s/Tin
Artemisinin Tablets 250mg 10×10’blister
Artesunate Tablets 50mg 1000’s/Tin
Artesunate Tablets 50mg 10×10’blister
artemether 20mg+lumefantrin 120mg tab (adult) 20mg/120mg 8tabs/blisterx3/box
Artesunate +amodiaquine tab(adult) 200mg/600mg 3’s+3’s/blister/box
Artesunate +amodiaquine tab(adult) 50MG/153MG 3’s+3’s/blister/box
Artesunate +amodiaquine tab(adult) 50MG/153MG 12’s+12’s/blister/box
Artesunate+mefloquine tab(adult) 200mg/250mg 3’s+3’s/blister/box
Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets 250mg 1000’s/Tin
Chloroquine Phosphate Tablets 250mg 10×10’blister
Chloroquine Phosphate Inj 322.5mg/5ml 100amps/Box
Chloroquine Phosphate Oral Suspension 50mg/5ml 60ml Bottle
Clotrimazole Cream 1% 20g/Tube 30g/Tube
Clotrimazole Cream 2% 20g/Tube 30g/Tube
Fluconazole Capsules or Tablets 100mg 150mg 1000’s/Tin
Fluconazole Capsules or Tablets 100mg 150mg 10×10’blister
Fluconazole Injection 0.2g : 100ml Bottle
Ketoconazole Tablets 0.2g 1000’s/Tin
Ketoconazole Tablets 0.2g 10×10’blister
Ketoconazole Cream 2% 15g Tube/Box
Levamisole HCl Cream 20mg/G 4g 1’S/Box
Levamisole HCl Tablet 50mg 1000’s/Tin
Levamisole HCl Tablet 50mg 10×10’blister
Levamisole HCl Tablet 150mg 1000’s/Tin
Levamisole HCl Tablet 150mg 10×10’blister
Mebendazole Tablet 100mg 1000’s/Tin
Mebendazole Tablet 100mg 10×10’blister
Mebendazole For oral Suspension 100mg/5ml 60ml bottle
Metronidazole Inj 5% 100ml 1bottle/Box(Hanger)
Metronidazole Tablet 0.2g 1000’s/Tin
Metronidazole Tablet 0.2g 10×10’blister
Metronidazole Tablet 0.25g 1000’s/Tin
Metronidazole Tablet 0.25g 10×10’blister
Metronidazole Tablet 0.4g 1000’s/Tin
Metronidazole Tablet 0.4g 10×10’blister
Metronidazole For oral Suspension 200mg/5ml 60ml Bottle
Nitrofurantoin Tablets 100mg 1000’s/Tin
Nitrofurantoin Tablets 100mg 10×10’blister
Miconazole Nitrate Cream 20mg/G 5g tube 1’S/Box
Praziquantel Tablets 600mg 1000’s/Tin
Praziquantel 10×10’blister
Quinine Dihydrochloride Inj. 200mg/2ml 100amps/box
Quinine Dihydrochloride Inj. 400mg/4ml, 100amps/box
Quinine Dihydrochloride Inj. 500mg/2ml 100amps/box
Quinine Dihydrochloride Inj. 600mg/2ml 100amps/box
Sulfadoxine+Pyrimethamine Tablets 500mg + 25mg 1000’s/Tin
Sulfadoxine+Pyrimethamine Tablets 500mg + 25mg 10×10’blister
Tinidazole Tablets 200mg 1000’s/Tin
Tinidazole Tablets 200mg 10×10’blister
Tinidazole Tablets 500mg 1000’s/Tin
Tinidazole Tablets 500mg 10×10’blister
Tinidazole Inj 0.4g: 100ml Bottle
Tinidazole Inj 0.4g: 200ml Bottle

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