Item Specification
Fish oil soft cap DHA+EPA:10%,30%,50%,70%
Garlic oil soft cap Garlic oil
Lecithinc soft cap Acetone
Liquid calcium soft cap CaCO3,VD3
Propolis soft cap propolis
[children]fish oil soft cap DHA:EPA=2:1
DHA+EPA soft cap DHA:EPA=4:1
Ginseng soft cap Panaxoside
Gelatina nigra calcium soft cap Gelaina nigra calcium, VD3
Ca+Fe+Zn soft cap Ca,Fe,Zn
Green tea soft cap Tea polyphenols,VE
Phospholipids+ garlic oil+ fish oil soft cap phospholipids+ garlic oil+ fish oil
Apple soft cap Apple acid, saffloweroil
Yellow Aloes soft cap Aloes
Leaf aloes soft cap Leaf aloes
Green aloes soft cap Aloin
Spirulina soft cap Spirulina powder
Multi-vitamin soft cap Vitamin and minerals
Lady multi-vitamin soft cap Vitamin and minerals
Man multi-vitamin soft cap Vitamin and minerals
Baby multi-vitmin soft cap Vitamin and minerals
Natural VE soft cap Natural VE
Synthesis VE soft cap Synthesis VE
VC soft cap VC
VC+VE soft cap VC,VE
VA+VD soft cap VA,VD
VD soft cap VD
Shark cartilage soft cap Shark cartilage
Β-carrotin soft cap Β-carrotin
Prolycopene soft cap Prolycopene Resin
Wheat embryo soft cap VE,linoleate
Flaxseed oil soft cap Α linoleic acid
Rose beauty body soft cap Rose oil
Squqlene soft cap Squqlene
Nice vinegar soft cap Vinegar,pearl powder,safflower oil
Goat fetus soft cap Goat fetus powder,VE
Embryo cervi soft cap Embryo cervi powder,VE
Ganoderma soft cap Ganodermasporus
American ginseng soft cap American ginseng
Bean isoflavone soft cap Bean isoflavone
Lactobin soft cap Lactobin powder,VE
Grape seed extraction soft cap Procyanidine , VE
Grape seed oil soft cap Grape seed oil
Gingko soft cap Ginaton
Chitin soft cap Chitin
Walnut oil soft cap Walnut oil
Man prolong soft cap Longspur epimedium,radix
Kangaroo soft cap kangaroo
Fructus hippophae soft cap Fructus hippophae oil
Gastrodiae soft cap Gastrodiae oil
Purplecommon perilla seed soft cap Purplecommon perilla seed oil
Seal oil soft cap Seal oil
Pumpkin oil soft cap Pumpkin oil,VE
Elaterin soft cap Elaterin
Propolis +American ginseng soft cap Propolis +American ginseng
Royal jelly soft cap Royal jelly powder
Trip-royal jelly soft cap Propolis+royal jelly +bee powder
Velvet soft cap Velvet powder
Enrich soft cap Medicinal glue,protoheme powder
Ovaries health soft cap Kava,soybean isoflavone
Alleviate a hangover soft cap Radix puerariae, grapeseed
Improving eyesight soft cap Procyanidine,DHA
Keep fit soft cap EPA,DHA,gingko
Cordyceps soft cap Cordyceps powder
Increasingheight soft cap HGH taur, AA
RNA soft cap NA,fish protein
Safflower soft cap Safflower seed
Elimination of toxicant soft cap Bean cellulose,aloes
Trepang soft cap Trepang
Medlar soft cap Medla
Collagen protein soft cap Collagen protein
Amino-acids soft cap AA
Co-Q10 soft cap Co-Q10:30mg,50mg,60mg,100mg,300mg
Pearls soft cap Pearls
Muscle increasing soft cap L-thioserine,vitamin
Bowels open soft cap aloes,golden thread
Conjugate linoleate soft cap Conjugate linoleate
Omega369 soft cap Fish oil,linolic acid,borage oil
Borage oil soft cap Borage oil
Olive oil soft cap Olive oil
Astaxanthin soft cap Astaxanthin,corporin
VB complex soft cap VB group
Carotinoid complex soft cap Carotinoid,corporin,VA
Condense chlorophyl soft cap ondense chlorophy
Codliver oil soft cap Codliver oil
Corporin soft cap Corporin,corn
Trout oil soft cap Trout oil
Extract of sabal serrulatae soft cap Extract of sabal serrulatae s:160mg,320mg
Sunflower oil soft cap Sunflower oil
Beef protocalcium soft cap Beef protocalcium,CaCO3
DHEAsoft cap DHEA
Water solubility dietary fiber oil soft cap Water solubility dietary fiber
Polygluconsansoft cap Polygluconsan
Radix puerariae soft cap Radix puerariae
Essence oil soft cap

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